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Six Must-See Memphis Attractions

Six Must-See Memphis Attractions


Whether you are visiting Memphis or just getting to know the town better, there are loads of spectacular attractions that will definitely leave you asking for more.

You can never run out of activities to take part in: the list of Memphis attractions is simply endless. With every visit to these attractions, you are guaranteed of nothing short of amazing. This piece of writing will provide the best attraction sites Memphis has to offer.

The Mississippi River

The Mississippi river enjoys a handful of tourists each year as they come to have a piece of this breathtaking site. The river is the longest and the largest in terms of volume in the United States and serves as the western border of Mississippi. The Mississippi banks offer over 4 miles of parks which provide an amazing site for outdoor activities. Additionally, you can indulge in fun filled activities such as canoeing, riverboat cruises and a whole lot more of other water activities

The Beale Street

Beale Street is probably the most famous street in Memphis. With over twenty five clubs, the Beale Street boasts of always offering the time of a lifetime to any visitor. Whether you are dying for authentic Memphis soul food, need to find yourself some Memphis souvenirs, listen to live music or just party all night long, Beale Street has everything you require. To top it all up, the nightlife here will make you wish morning never checks in.


It goes without saying, Graceland is among the most popular Memphis attractions. Any visitor to the Graceland is offered the chance to visit Elvis’ grave, tour his mansion and even view his collection of planes and automobiles. Whether or not you are Elvis’ fan, the Graceland is a musr visit whilst in Memphis.

The Pink Palace Museum

This is yet another chain of museums to add to the list of Memphis Attractions. If you need a quick glimpse of the history of Memphis, then the Pink Palace is the place to be. It is among the biggest museums of its type in the southern east. Here, you will find a remarkable exhibit collection for the purpose of enlightening visitors of the natural and cultural history of Memphis as well as the mid south. Additionally, the Pink Palace hosts planetarium and a 4-storey IMAX theater.

The Memphis Zoo

For the last one hundred years, the Memphis zoo has been among the city’s most renowned attractions. Its numerous and incredible refurbishments over the years have greatly improved the zoo. On  its seventy acre land, you will find over three thousand animals including elephants, lion, giant pandas and much more.

The National Civil Rights Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, you will find lots of pleasure here. The National Civil Rights Museum is indeed a unique facility which showcases the fight for civil rights in United States. The museum is housed in the refurbished Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated back in 1968. The unique focus  on the civil rights has been the major attraction to thousands of visitors each year from all around the world.

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