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Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect Tattoo

Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect Tattoo


tattoo Be Prepared: Planning For The Perfect TattooPrepare your mind, body and skin before getting a tattoo.

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Before you sit down in the artist’s chair, make sure you’ve carefully planned it. Getting a tattoo on a whim is a bad idea. Like any major decisions in life, forward thinking is essential before permanently placing a major piece of art on your body.

Research First

A few weeks before you plan to get a tattoo, do extensive research on a variety of designs. Decide which one is best for you and do some more thinking. It’s very important for you to be absolutely sure about the type of tattoo you’re going to get.

Once you’ve found your ideal tattoo design, choose a sample rendition that the tattoo artist can easily copy. If you cannot find a suitable one, visit the tattoo parlor a few days ahead of your scheduled appointment to let him know about your ideal tattoo design. This will give him ample time to draw up a sample for you to inspect.

The quality of the sample is very important when planning for the perfect tattoo. A poorly drawn sample will lead to a poorly designed tattoo.

Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

While many folks may not realize it, being ready mentally and physically for your tattoo appointment is very important. Follow these guidelines the day before your tattoo appointment:

  • If you’re sick or recovering from any type of illness, wait to get a tattoo until you feel at your peak.
  • Don’t get a tattoo if you’re pregnant.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on the night before to your tattoo appointment. Drinking can thin your blood, leading to excessive bleeding during the tattoo process and a prolonged healing period. Some medications can cause this problem as well. Common medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin can make you bleed too much.
  • The night before your tattoo appointment is very important. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat a healthy, balanced meal for dinner and for breakfast the following morning.
  • Increased sleep means less stress. Stress can lead to complications during the tattooing process. Besides getting enough sleep during the previous night, make sure you don’t over-exert yourself on the day of your appointment. Come into the tattoo parlor as relaxed as possible.

Prepare Your Skin

Most people don’t think about the importance of having healthy, prepared skin before getting a tattoo. By taking good care of your skin ahead of time, you set yourself up for a faster healing process:

Two weeks before your tattoo appointment, use an organic body scrub product to remove any dead skin cells that may cause complications during the tattooing session.

Keep yourself hydrated during the days leading up to your tattoo appointment. Drink plenty of water every day and avoid large amounts of alcohol. Body lotion will also help you keep skin hydrated. This makes the process easier for both you and the tattoo artist.

Jessica Bosari writes about skin care and tattoo topics for New Look Tattoo Removal in Houston, Tx.

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