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5 Reasons Why You Should Still Go To The Spa

5 Reasons Why You Should Still Go To The Spa


There is no question about it.  Stress is proven to have significant negative effects on both the physical body and the mind.  In fact, untreated stress can cause heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and depression.  One of the ways to relieve your built up stress is to take some time to relax at a luxurious destination spa.  All inclusive destination spas offer various services that cater to your comfort and your health.  Whether you want to purge your body of unwanted chemical s and toxins, lose weight, or simply relax, there is a destination spa that is customized to your specific needs.  Most spas encompass a sophisticated elegance that will pamper you the moment you walk in the door.  Here are just a few of the amazing services these spas offer to their exclusive clientele.

wellness spa 5 Reasons Why You Should Still Go To The Spa

Massage and Bodywork

Who doesn’t want to indulge in an hour long full-body massage every morning during their spa vacation?  You can choose from several different massage techniques and services.  There are also hot rock massages, body wraps, hair and scalp treatments, pedicures and manicures, and aromatherapy, all designed to have you feeling marvelous.  By the end of your stay, you’ll be relaxed and ready to take on the world.


Treat your body to a week of fitness.  You’ll return home feeling like a new person after giving your body a fitness makeover.  It will even give you the motivation to continue on your fitness regimen once you return home.  A week of spa fitness may just be the jumpstart you need to get back on track.  Fitness classes that are offered may include:

  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Taekwondo
  • Circuit Training
  • Spinning
  • Water Aerobics

Relaxation Techniques

Not only do spas pamper you while you are staying there, but they teach you various relaxation techniques that you can take home with you.

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation:  This relaxation technique focuses on slowly tightening and then releasing each muscle group.  As you release, you relax the muscle and relieve the tension.
  • Visualization:  Transport yourself into your own personal stress-free zone.  Whether it is on the beach or in the mountains, you can instantly become peaceful.  Try to use all of your senses while you’re there.  Feel the soft sand with your feet, and listen to the breaking of the waves.  You will feel your anxiety melt away.


One of the reasons that people retreat to destination spa resorts is to participate in activities that they don’t have time for at home.  These activities will vary depending on where the spa is located.  You can do a spa searchto find activities like horseback riding, hiking, swimming, surfing, skiing, and bike riding, just to name a few examples.

Delicious Decadence

Imagine having all of your nutritious meals catered and served to you in a picturesque location.  World renowned chefs create health inspired menus to tempt even the most discerning tastes.  Not only do they teach you the proper nutrition that the body needs to feel great, but they can teach you delicious meals that are easy to prepare at home.  Don’t forget to spoil yourself with the decadent desserts that are offered.  After all, it is a vacation.

Just a week in a peaceful spa paradise will do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit.  Whether you use the time for a couple’s retreat or a trip with your girlfriends, amazing vacation spas are waiting for you.

Sarah Trell is a writer and blogger and likes to keep her readers informed on how to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


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