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Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day


Photography is a crucial feature of any wedding and something that you absolutely can’t do without. This is an occasion that should only happen once in a lifetime, but more to the point it’s one where you will have managed to assemble a full foster of your friends and family and where you will all be looking the best you’ve ever looked. Even the venue and the cake will be extraordinary and the whole occasion will be incredibly photogenic for these reasons.

But just snapping happily won’t do. In order to do justice to the proceedings you need a professional photographer and you need some good direction in terms of the photos you’re going to take. The photography isn’t just here to capture the big day, it’s also part of the fun in itself and you will find that you aren’t satisfied until you have each of the classic wedding shots that we expect to get. It’s great fun taking them, it’s your only opportunity to do so, and everyone else will have them at their wedding, so make sure you don’t miss these ‘classic’ photo ops. Here are some you have to get…

The Bride

A lot of time and money will have gone into the bride’s dress, hair and makeup so a few posed photos are a necessity. Good ones to take include the bride floating down a flight of stairs, the bride applying her makeup or fixing her hair, the bride gazing wistfully out the window and perhaps some of her walking around outside.

The Groom

Many of these photos can also work for the groom though to a lesser extent. A groom’s suit is a little less impressive than the bride’s dress, but a few portraits before the wedding is also a good idea.

The Event

Of course there should also be photos of the event itself and this includes all the key moments – the bride coming down the isle, the groom waiting at the end, both parties saying their vows and the kiss at the end. Other little traditions and elements also make great photo ops too – such as the bride tossing the bouquet, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the first dance.


After the first dance your wedding photographer should also get many other couples dancing – the best man and maid of honour, the father and the bride, the groom and the mother etc. Likewise you should also get a photo of all the guests, most likely outside on the steps into the church and there should be photos of particular combinations too – all the men for instance, all the women and the bride and groom’s guests separately.

The Venue

A good photographer will also take a few photos on the event itself and the venue that you laboured and stressed so long over. This includes shots of the food, of the rooms before you enter them and ruin them, of the guestbook with signatures, of the cake and of the centrepieces. Getting photos of the wedding transport too is a good idea if you have a limo or classic car.

Get all this as well as your ‘natural’ pictures of the occasion and you should have a complete photographic overview of the most special day of your life to date.

Laura Jones is a passionate photographer. She loves watching the world through her camera lens. She says photography is nothing but a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

groom Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

groom1 Top Photos That You Need To Take On Your Big Day

Photo Credit: Lori (CC BY 2.0)


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