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Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride


Don’t Tell the Bride is an international program with a simple premise. Here a couple who are struggling to afford their wedding get the show to pay for their expenses in exchange for agreeing to one simple term – the groom organizes the entire thing, and the woman doesn’t know anything about her big day until she arrives at the venue.

Of course this is somewhat nerve wracking for the woman who has no doubt been dreaming of getting married since she was a little girl – and even more nerve wracking for the groom who has no idea about how to organize a wedding and knows he’s going to be in for serious trouble if he gets it wrong.

The only winners then in this situation are the audience – because the results are usually hilarious, bizarre and fascinating. What’s more though is that it can also be quite educational – and when you see it all go so horribly wrong it reminds you exactly what not to do when you arrange your own celebrations. Here we’ll look at some of the most important lessons from the show to help you avoid catastrophe.


This is the first thing you should do before you even begin planning a wedding. Make sure you’re both on the same page and make sure you both know what the other one wants from the day. It always shocks me that this the man doesn’t already know what his fianc√© wants in terms of venue and theme – so make sure you’re not going after two different things.

Start Early

Due to the nature of the show, the guys have to contend with a very short deadline when they’re planning their celebrations which often means they don’t get the guests they want or the venue. Make sure that you avoid this problem then by starting to arrange your wedding as early as humanly possible. Sending out ‘save the date’ invitations can also help a great deal, as it means your guests can book time off and make arrangements even before you have a .

Find Ways to Save

The budget is always another common issue on DTTB, and this is usually because the guy foolishly blows it all on the stag party or on flying everyone out to a foreign country. Look at ways you can save money on your honeymoon or on your pre-wedding celebrations and you’ll be able to spend much more on the actual wedding itself.

The Devil is in the Detail

While most guys on the show seem to get the big things right – like the wedding venue and the dress – it’s often the small factors they forget and by focussing on the bigger picture they often forget the flowers, or the shoes or the¬†wedding limoand then have no budget left for them. Don’t make this mistake – because missing the small details can actually ruin the whole day even when everything else comes together nicely.

Heather Jefferson is a successful wedding planner. She believes that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

wedding Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

wedding1 Top Lessons For Wedding Planning From Dont Tell The Bride

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