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3 Tips to Stay Safe in a NYC Subway

3 Tips to Stay Safe in a NYC Subway


Subway Station at Night

3 Tips to Stay Safe In a NYC Subway

The New York subway system is one of the most convenient modes of transit in the world. People of all ages and economic status ride the trains to and from work and recreational activities every minute of every day. However, the New York City subway system has also been featured in the media and in a number of films – and not always in a positive manner. Unfortunately, though it is an affordable and efficient method of transportation for the public, it has also had its share of accidents and fights for passengers to contend with.

Subway Safety

To fight subway crime, various methods have been used by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Despite the increase in police force assigned, criminals continue to find ways to harm passengers. According to the personal injury attorneys New York NY employs, they will inform that statistics show many thefts and attacks generally occur more frequently between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

However, an altercation can occur any time of day, as evidenced by a man who was recently shoved onto the train tracks, falling to his death in the middle of the afternoon. Apparently, the man charged with murder made the decision to push the victim after he accidentally bumped into him. Passengers have also fallen onto the tracks and between train ramps after losing their balance.

Subway fights also break out for a number of reasons – whether it is rival gangs or an attempt to steal from someone. Popular thefts involve high priced cell phone devices, jewelry and cash. Despite the fact that the MTA has added to the police force in the subway system, it is impossible for them to monitor every ramp and train care. Therefore, below are some safety tips that can help make riding the New York City subway less dangerous and more pleasant.


NYC Subway

1. Plan the trip ahead of time.
One method that thieves and other criminals use is targeting people who do not appear to know where they are going. Therefore, if you plan the trip beforehand – it is less likely that you will become a target. Part of this process is planning the time of day for travel. Try to travel with a companion during evening hours. If absolutely necessary, stand near others on the platform and choose a well populated car, the first car with the operator or the middle car where the conductor is located.
2. Always keep your belongings close.
Valuables like expensive cell phones and other devices should be tucked away. Wait until you reach a safe destination off the train and out of the station before using cell phones. Keep all bags closed. Men should keep valuables in their front pockets only.
3. Be aware at all times.
Stand as far away from the tracks as possible. Watch the gaps when boarding and exiting trains. Keep away from doors after the sound that occurs before the doors close, otherwise, you risk an injury or worse. If you use a headset, keep the volume very low and sit in a side area so that no one can come up from behind. Do not sleep on the train at any time.
The most important safety tip for riding the New York City subway is using common sense. Always be aware of your surroundings. Much of the time, it is those who are caught unawares who become victims of subway crime and accidents.
Having traveled on the NYC subway system for college and knowing ‘the ropes’ gives Nadine Swayne the background for contributing this article. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. haveĀ attorneys New York NY residents employ and trust when they are facing an injury from public transportation. If you get hurt while utilizing a massive subway system, contacting an attorney will help to ensure your rights and to recover the damages you deserve.
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