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Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time

Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time


If you want to capture truly moving and memorable photographs, you can learn something through studying the pictures taken by famous photographers. Some of the beloved artists have passed away, but some are still pleasing people with their photographs. Here are some of the most famous photographers of all time.

  • Robert Capa –Robert Capa was just the name placed to the photos taken by Endre Friedman, who has taken lots of famous war-time photographs and felt that if one were not close enough to object, then they would not get a good photograph. Friedman was often in the trenches with the soldiers when he took photos, while other war photographers took photos from a safe distance.
  • Ansel Adams – His landscapes are eye-catching and he attains an unmatched level of contrast utilizing creative darkroom work.
  • Yousef Karsh – He has taken photos that tell a story and are more easily understood by people. Every portrait made by him tells you about the subject. Karsh felt as if there was a secret concealed behind every man and woman. Whether he captures a gesture done unconsciously or a gleaming eye, these are times when a person loses his or her mask. His portraits also communicate with people.
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson – His style has definitely influenced photography and he was one of the first photographers to use 35mm film. Fearless and daring, he captured images from some of the volatile environments in history such as the Spanish Civil War, the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and the liberation of Paris in World War II. Cartier-Bresson normally shot in black and white.
  • Dorothea Lange – She took photos during the Great Depression. Lange took a photo of a migrant mother which is also titled by that name. This photo is said to be one of the most famous photographs in history.
  • Annie Liebovitz – Her photos describe the subject and are intimate. She does excellent photographic portraits and is famous for her work with Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazine.
  • Jerry Uelsman – He created unique photos with composite photographs. Being well-versed in the darkroom, he employed this skill in the composites he made. Uelsman never utilized digital cameras as he felt that his creative process was more matched to the darkroom.
  • Larry Burrows – Best known for his photo coverage of the Vietnam War, his photos were some of the most emotionally charged and iconic images to emerge of the region as well as gave the public a sight into the conflict.

Famous photographers are well known as they have made an amazing shot of a remarkable or bizarre moment that can only occur in a millisecond. Lots of people admire how in very little time, these individuals have captured astonishing happenings or events. These photographers are not only popular for their works, but also for the eagerness and passion they have shown in every photo they take. They have impressed people not only with their technical skills, but also with the emotions, social message and awareness their photos bring.

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ansel adams Some of the Most Famous Photographers of All Time

Photo Credit: Ansel Edwards Photography (CC BY 2.0)


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