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How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos


When it comes to your wedding it’s important to take the best pictures and to be able to capture the big day in a way that’s pleasant to look back on for years to come. This is something that will only happen once, and it’s something that you will have spent an awful lot of money and time preparing.

If you’re considering leaving this to your guests though and keeping the photos that people just so happen to take themselves while they’re there, then you’re making a big mistake. Most people it seems have little to no idea how to go about taking a good picture and are in fact liabilities when let loose with a camera. Most of us have no idea how to take a photo it seems, and many of the people I know are so bad that I almost suspect they’ve been taking lessons in how to take ugly pictures. Let’s have a look then at how you go about taking a terrible wedding photo, as there’s clearly an art to it.

Give People No Warning

Among your guests will be at least one person who is trigger happy with their camera. These people will walk around and claim they’re trying to get ‘natural photos’ of people, meaning they’ll blind you with the flash when you least expect it and get pictures of you with your mouth stuffed full of food or sitting awkwardly at the table with a double chin.

Get the Lighting Wrong

That flash really can be a pain too. Not only is it rather in your face and likely to startle anyone who’s in range, but it also has the rather unpleasant impact of washing faces out and making eyes look like they’re glowing. The best photos will have been set up in order to take advantage of the best possible lighting that flatters the subject.

Make Every Picture Look the Same

I find it rather amusing how looking through holiday photos on Facebook is normally so boring and predictable. It seems that for most of us holiday photos can only have one design – people standing face on smiling in front of a random piece of scenery or landmark. There’s not framing, no variation and no reason to look at the end result more than once. Many wedding photos are the same – people around tables with their arms around each other smiling blankly into the camera. What’s the point?

Get People to do Something Cringe Worthy

Worse though is when your over eager friend or family member tells everyone to ‘pull a stupid face’ or ‘look thoughtful’. Most people are uncomfortable with performing on demand and the result is normally as awkward to look at as it is to take.

Take Photos at Arm’s Length

Then there are those people who will take lots of photos of themselves by holding their cameras/camera phones out at arms’ length meaning you get lots of pictures of their chin and of the people they invited in on the pictures at strange angles.

So leave your wedding photos to your friends and attendees and this is what you’ll end up with. The moral of the story? Use professional wedding photographers!

Martha Taylor is a professional photographer. She enjoys giving photography tips, tricks and advice on her blogs.

terrible wedding photos How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos1 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

terrible wedding photos2 How to Take Terrible Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Katherine McAdoo (CC BY 2.0)


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