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Latest and useful desktop Gadgets for Windows 8

Latest and useful desktop Gadgets for Windows 8


Windows eight is the latest version of Microsoft windows. The Microsoft the leading company to develop softwares has introduced a website which is more user friendly with ultimate features.  The  company does not stress much on the gadgets functioning or significance. But  tech savvy and IT companies, professionals are eager to complement the newly launched windows. Here is a brief description of desktop gadgets for windows eight. Desktop gadgets work on the desktop.

  • Network meter

Network meter is the latest network gadget which would assist the user in providing an informative summary about the network which the system has been used like internal and external IP address, the latest update speed of the internet in every single moment. Users can increase the speed or download the speed of internet. IP address, summary about the usage and the gadget also help to detect the security of internet connection and displays information too.

  • Digital clock

The digital clock functioning is far better than the Microsoft windows clock. This gadget can be the most beneficial for the professions who have to meet the bondage of timings in their profession as the digital display of the window also reveals countdown on the screen. The other salient features of the window are its alarm and uptime of the computer.

  • Battery meter

Battery meter assists the battery. Backup of your computer or laptop. The software developers and maintaining team always recommend to keep the battery affluent for the long life of the computer. This helpful gadget provides a brief summary and information about the current battery and remaining battery, the capacity of the battery, usage of the battery and much more.

  • Earthquake meter

Earthquake meter is very famous in  windows. The gadget keeps on  searching the current location of the earthquake and provides you information faster than the news channels and in a very calculative manner like the affected area. Longitude,density).

Control systems of two types

There are two types of control system with clock and without a clock

  • Control system with clock

Control system with the clock is the simplest and the easiest gadget to use. The user can operate the functions like shut down, hibernate, log off the computer with the clock.

  • Control system without clock

A control system without the clock is almost similar to the traditional system. The user can operate the functions like hibernate the computer, shut down the computer, log off the computer without a clock in a simple old manner.

  • World clock gadget

The world clock gadget is not far different from the previously existing one. The updated version includes date, day with brief description about different nations.

  • Amazon search

Amazon is one of the most explored search engines. This desktop gadget would assist to explore the website just with a click. There is no need to open or find out the link properly. The Amazon would become like the home page of your computer.

  • CPU meter

The CPU meter is one of the most useful gadgets. The gadget updates the information like used RAM, remaining RAM

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windows 8 desktop gadgets Latest and useful desktop Gadgets for Windows 8

Photo Credit: Dell Inc. (CC BY 2.0)


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