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How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business


An office is the face of a business. It is often the first introduction clients, customers, and even prospective employees will get to your company. So it is tremendously important that your offices reflect the type of business and level of professionalism you strive for. No matter what you’re selling, your office space is inevitably selling you, and it is important to approach your office design as a marketing strategy.

office space How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

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Who Are You Trying to Impress?

Between business meetings, sales pitches, and conferences, the office is your hub for hosting clients, colleagues, and customers. A thoughtfully designed office conveys success, competence, and experience. But on an even more basic level, it will make the people you work with want to come back.

Yet even more importantly, your office is the place where your employees are stuck 40-50 hours a week. An attractive workplace boosts moral, promotes company pride, and establishes a sense of privilege and prestige that will no-doubt be reflected in the work they do.

Aesthetic Before Everything Else

There are a thousand sleek and fancy features you can add to spruce up the office, but without a cohesive and comprehensive aesthetic to bring it all together, your design will fall flat. Invest time in developing a style and pervasive look that reflects your company’s core values and working habits. But no matter the business, keep things spare, simple, and elegant. Avoid ostentation and over-decoration. Your office design needs to be as efficient and businesslike as your company.

The Elements of Elegance

office space1 How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

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The front door is the first and last thing everyone who visits your office will see. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently overlooked aspect of office design. Ditch the hard-to-open, tinted-glass, push/pull door with the bell glued to it immediately! Depending on your industry, the two best options are to either go with a tall, sturdy hardwood door outfitted with classic knobs and hardware or a sleek motion sensing slider.

Windows are the second most important aspect to consider. Even if you don’t have a particularly good view, be sure to fill the space with natural light (this will also cut down on electricity costs), and keep the office open and breathable.

Next, consider floors and furniture. Hardwood or tile is preferable for the former. Unless you are a therapist, avoid plush carpets and keep it sleek and spare. As for furniture, have a comfortable couch that lends itself to sitting upright. Most businesses will want to avoid lamps in favor of inset ceiling lights. A low coffee table is also important, but aside from that, keep furniture spare.

Wall hangings and plants are also important, but again, keep them spare and tasteful (especially the plants). But try nonetheless to have at least one large impressive painting to serve as a focal point in the lobby and conference room.

Ultimately, the physical space in which your organization does business plays a significant role in shaping many aspects of the work itself. Conscientious office design isn’t about wowing everyone who walks through the doors with an ostentatious display of wealth. Rather, it is about demonstrating that your company is dedicated to the details, that your business ethos pervades everything you do, and that you have the values and resources to build something beautiful.

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