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Happy New Years! How to Ring in a Safe 2013

Happy New Years! How to Ring in a Safe 2013


It’s countdown time again, and the biggest party of the year is almost here. This is the only celebration that rings out the old and promises a fresh start. The final days are flying off the calendar with reminders to make reservations, check with friends and make sure that your plans are perfect. You have so much to do, but think about including something special for this holiday. Add a few simple strategies that will keep you safe on the road this New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate With a Plan

While you’re getting ready for this exciting evening, think ahead. If you know that you’ll be driving, plan on taking it easy. Instead of a drink before you head out, have a small meal. It really will make a big difference when you enjoy that first cocktail, and your hostess will never know. Nibbling snacks and sipping water in between highballs are great strategies for staying sober. They work in any party setting from clubs to your best friend’s house. Remember that you’re not the only one on the road, so pace yourself. A few beers or a glass of wine will ring in your New Year with more clarity than the hard stuff. You’ll be safer on your way home, and you’ll share that with everyone else sharing the road.

Always Have a Backup

Now that you have a good plan, add another layer of safety. You don’t intend to overindulge, but being prepared can make the difference between a safe ride home or a DUI. You’ll be out with friends, so why not start with them? For instance, the information at agrees that a designated driver is your best strategy for a safe New Year’s Eve. Celebrating with the group is always fun and everybody watches out for each other. Take advantage of the safety in your numbers. If you’re flying solo, check local programs before you head out. Many communities have armies of volunteer drivers dedicated to getting you home safely. Keep the phone number of a local taxi service in your pocket; this is a backup plan that works all year long.

Navigate the Evening

The roads are always crowded on New Year’s Eve, and not everyone has your strategy for staying safe. Knowing this gives you another advantage. Before you leave the house, make sure that your car is ready for the drive. Check your turn signals and brake lights. Consider this a defensive move against folks who might otherwise miss your moves in traffic. Take your time and take it easy through intersections. If you find yourself behind a car that’s weaving all over the road, don’t try to pass. Slowing down might make you a few minutes late, but it can save you much more than time. Don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians. They’re enjoying the excitement too, and they might miss a step. Don’t let it happen in front of your car.

The holidays are a special time for joy and celebration, but the number of DUI accidents and arrests always spikes between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Public awareness campaigns help, but it’s up to you to take care of yourself and the people around you. Planning a safe New Year’s Eve does more than guarantee you the best night of the year. It guarantees that you’ll be around to celebrate for many more years to come.

Having celebrated many New Years Eve’s in Times Square, freelance writer Nadine Swayne offers this advice to safely ring in 2013!  The law offices of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene know that this is the biggest party night of the year and some might not be as responsible.   If you are injured in an accident due to an impaired driver, the help you’ll find at will offer the right representation to fight for your best interests.

happy new year 2013 Happy New Years! How to Ring in a Safe 2013

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