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5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast


Chances are you have an outdoor enthusiast on your Christmas list this year. Here are some gift ideas sure to delight any adventurous wilderness lover.

1. National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – $80

Our national parks encompass some of the most beautiful, rugged, awe-inspiring terrain our country has to offer, and there’s no doubt the outdoor enthusiast in your life has a deep and abiding love for these areas of wild splendor. The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands annual pass offered by the National Parks Service allows the holder and everyone in their vehicle access to any of the 2,000 federal recreation sites in the United States, including national wildlife refuges, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation lands, and, of course, national parks.

2. SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Water Purifier – $89.95

Getting enough water can be a constant challenge for outdoor enthusiasts. You generally have to carry your own water out into the wilderness, the weight and bulkiness of which adds up quickly. Help ease this burden with the gift of this portable water purifier, which uses the power of ultra-violet light to zap viruses, bacteria and protozoa, rendering the water safe to drink. This magic wand doesn’t alter the taste of the water either, which means your outdoor enthusiast will be able to drink from crystal clear mountain streams and savor its refreshing taste.

3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 – $249

Regular digital cameras are just too fragile for the rigors of outdoor adventuring. This is where rugged waterproof and shockproof cameras come in. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 is waterproof up to 40 feet below the surface and shockproof from a height of 6.6 feet. It also resists fine dust particles, which can accumulate fast when spending time outdoors, and performs in temperatures all the way down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. As a bonus, the camera features GPS, a compass, an altimeter, and an underwater depth indicator, all features sure to get any outdoor enthusiast salivating with delight.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army “Camper” Knife – $34

A Swiss Army knife is the quintessential multi-purpose tool, and for outdoor enthusiasts their compact versatility makes them indispensible. The “Camper” model Swiss Army knife features tools specifically geared toward outdoor enthusiast, including two blades, can and bottle openers, and a wood saw. All Swiss Army knives offer a lifetime warranty and stainless steel implements, both of which are sure to keep the outdoor enthusiast on your list well equipped for a very long time.

5. Petzl E97 Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp – $39.95

Headlamps, with their ability to provide a portable light source while allowing for full use of both hands, are an essential tool in any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. The Petzl 197 Tkka Plus 2 Headlamp is an impressive option, featuring an LED light with three white and two red lighting modes, between 55 and 140 hours of light, a comfortable headband, and an easy-to-use battery pack requiring AAA batteries. The light beam can also be aimed, which will prevent the wearer from temporarily blinding the people around them.

To get the best deal on these or any other gifts you buy online this holiday season, make sure to do some price comparisons before you hit “Buy” on that shopping cart software platform. Your pocketbook will thank you, and your gift recipient will never know the difference!

Born and raised in the northern Sierra Nevadas, Madeline Marshall is an avid outdoor enthusiast who also happens to do freelance writing.

national park 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park1 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park2 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park3 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

national park4 5 Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast

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