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Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids? – Frame It!

Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids? – Frame It!


Framing kid’s artwork is a great way to decorate while validating a child’s artistic expressions. There are a number of ways to creatively frame this art that characteristically displays a cheerful simplicity along with bright colors and strong lines.

Choosing Frames

While there are many frames to choose from for framed art pictures that are suitable, some are more interesting than others. Floating frames are available most everywhere and costs range from inexpensive to moderately priced. Some feature metal strips clenched by plastic while others include wood and glass.

These frames offer a contemporary look that seems to go well with children’s art. They are also very easy to assemble and offer a variety of colors. The mat for these frames is provided by the wall where they are hung.

Irregular Shapes

Many pieces of children’s art tend to include odd shapes and sizes. This can make it challenging to frame in a traditional way. However, many frames can accommodate irregularities with a little creativity. For example, floating frames adapt to shape for a visual advantage.

To account for various sizes of art, consider asking your child to trim the sides. Rather than doing this yourself, having them do this makes it easier to retain the artistic integrity of the art. Another way to frame it is to use pieces in a collage or separate the pieces into different frames. This can make it fun to create interesting arrangements.


Grouping similar pieces together offers each piece more impact. Also use colors to showcase each child’s artwork. In addition to providing a way to easily identify each child’s art, he or she can enjoy a sense of pride whenever they spot their work on the wall.

Children’s framed art that is grouped well can be displayed just about anywhere so consider various places throughout your home. In addition children’s framed art is also suitable for display in office environments. It can be used to instantly perk up an otherwise drab office or cubicle.

Anything Can be Art

In addition to children’s art it is also interesting to frame doodles and non-traditional work such as a written assignment, certificate or other achievement. When framed among art pieces it provides an interesting contrast and validates other school work. This can add to a unique artistic vibe in an otherwise one-dimensional collection.


It could be a good idea to scan the art into a computer program. This makes it easier to share and arrange it in different interesting ways. It can also help in the framing process from a visual perspective. Using programs designed to add backgrounds can also clean up deficiencies while preserving the original artwork.

Framing art also has the advantage of making it suitable to present as a gift. Every family member, particularly grandparents will find their grandchildren’s artwork touching. In addition there is no better gift than those that are heartfelt. It also serves as a way to preserve the art in another locale.

As the school season gets underway it is a good time to gather artwork that is on the fridge or languishing in keepsake boxes to put into frames where it can be admired by all. will also do much to boost the esteem of the children who worked so hard to express their artistic side.

Nadine Swayne is a contributing freelance writer and editor for, a leading provider of framed art pictures and frames. With a large and appealing selection from which to order online, Artismo is a great choice when budget makes a difference.

artwork kids Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids?   Frame It!

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