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Marilyn came to the perfect with chops and cakes

Marilyn came to the perfect with chops and cakes


marilyn Marilyn came to the perfect with chops and cakes

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Ex “Playboy” Bunny eated a lot of salads, meat, a variety of jams and cakes …

Sexypile film diva with lush figure Marilyn Monroe did not taking any modern diet, she has enjoyed in salads, lamb chops and mufine jam.

Dietary habits of legendary Monro, whose death is mysterious after 46 years, have come out to light when they recently found her bills from Butcher’s shop and shops with food.

Seven bills from May 1962. year – the month in which Merilyn singed “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to the John Kennedy, and only three months before she was found dead in bed – showed what the film diva kept in her fridge.

According to bills founded, Merilyn was bought artichokes, cucumbers, radish, corn, fresh strawberries, and lamb chops, chicken, milk, Cheddar cheese, but also strawberry and mufine jam.

According to the list of bought food, nutritionist conclude that the Merilyn meals are mostly salads, fruits and meat, which means that her received enough vitamins and proteins. But equally obvious that she had small and sweet satisfactions like mufine jam.

Bills at the auction

Bills of Merilyn Monroe will be putted for sale at the auction in Los Angeles 21 December. With them there will be incomplet letter to her ex husband , and two tickets from 1960. for her and her husband at that time, writer Arthur Miller.


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