Monday, May 20, 2019

Japanese Robot Woman


She know to say 13,000 sentences in English and Japanese,she is very patiently, and never murmur against …

Inventor Le Trung, 33-year old from Ontario in Canada, is constructed Aiko, a woman in the twenties, with perfect ratio, great hair and sophisticated features.She’s even remembered his favorite drink and she also cleaning and doing housework.

Building a female robot for now costed 1.600 euros.He had to raise a loan, sell the car, and he even experienced slight heart attack due to stress, but, he says,that his very pleased with this work. He had no time to find an ideal partner for himself, so he constructed one that helps him even in computable. Although Aiko was not designed to be his sexual partner, software can be adapted.

His aim for her is to feel, looks and behaves like a woman. He regularly leads her for a walk in the countryside, and even at dinners in restaurants, but Aiko never ordered anything.

She know to say 13,000 sentences in English and Japanese, and Li says that is extremely patient and never murmur against. Her entire body and face are sensitive to touch.

– Like every woman, Aiko reacts to the touch. If you excessively click or grab her,she will try to slap you.She have all senses except smell – says proud Li, who is on Aiko began work two years ago.

Peoples on the street to act differently Aiko. Or love or hate. Women always want to talk with her, and men to touch her.

– She do not need food or rest, can work almost 24 hours a day. The perfect woman – said Li.


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