Saturday, May 25, 2019

He learned to read and write in 101 year


It is never too late for man to learn reading and writing, which testifies the case of Brazilian Sebastijao Oliveira, 101 years old, who will next week be given a confirmation of literacy, says Brazilian daily Estado de Sao Paulo. In recent months, Oliveira is, despite his age, each day crossed 800 meters from his home to school in the town of Ampereu, in southern Brazil, where he monitored the literacy rate for adults with other students whose average age was 20 years. “There are still small difficulties in complex words, but it is normally given to the problem of vision. He is a real example for all, “said to newspapers by his teacher. Oliveira, who has decided to rapidly complete primary school, said that his very satisfied because his a more independent and that his life is much more improved.

“To buy something, before I always had to ask for someone’s help, I didn’t know even to sign,” he said. As a child he could not training, because in the end there was no school, and later had to work up for children. There are a total of 12, but they are unlike him, all attended.

Oliveira has more than 80 grandchildren and grand-grandchildren which says that they are all happy to learn. He said to newspapers that he reading regularlywith his wife Karmelinda which is 74 years old.


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