Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bizarre Deaths


FBI each year after investigation of the killings, bringing to the public most bizarre cases of the year.

Here are 12 most bizarrely deaths:

1. 36-year old Alexa Mijtust was killed by his wife armed with a chopper long 50 centimeters. Mrs. Mijtust was bored with bizarre sexual desires of her husband, and she putted this half metric tool entire in his buttocks, thus causing deadly internal injuries…

2. 99-year old Debby Mills-Newbroughton lost her life crossing the street. This older Mrs. following day is supposed to fill one hundred years of life, was on its way to her celebration, in the carriage in the company of his daughter, when it struck a truck that was driving her birthday cake ..

3. Death of Peter Stone (42) caused the 8-year daughter, which is without a dinner because of punishment sent in her room. Young Samantha Stone thought that to her, no one can do with impunity, than she putted in father’s coffee immediately 72 tablets of rats-bane. The victim was later after first draft fell from the chair and died. Girl has received conditional sentence, because according to the opinion of judge, was not aware of her act. Judge was later probably seen a mistake, when a month after Samantha in the same way tried to poison her mother.

4. 17-year old David Danilt killed his girlfriend when the boy after date sought something more. On his proposal answered a double-barreled gun for hunting. Carla (girlfriend) got a gun from her father: “For every case” …

5. End of Javier Halos (27) caused by his land-lord. Kirk Weston was so angry because of the fact that he’s a subtenant already eight years does not pay rent, he beated subtenant to death with board for toilet …

6. 44-year Megan Fry shooted by 14 policemen, when unfortunate woman stray in a shooting range for police training. When she noticed that on the street several policemen, she jumped out and yelled “Bu!”. Policemen, thought that is a target, immediately opened fire on it, and 67 of the 40 bullets hit ” the targeted target.” According to the policeman opinion, women functioned very real.

7. The 20-year Julia Smeeth killed by her elder brother with one mobile phone, because the girl talked too much. The death of the victims was caused by broken antenna.

8. Well-known U.S. atomic scientist Harold Simms killed his wife because she cheated him with neighbor. He replaced woman’s sun visor for the eyes with uranium mixture, which is within three months killed Helena Simms. Although the victim had all signs of radiation sickness (her hair fallen, her vision dimmed), was never gone to see a doctor.

9. Sergeant John Joe Winter installed in woman’s car Trintynitrate explosive (similar to C4), and detonated it. Her Ford Taurus contained 750 kg of explosives, which is almost double the amount from the one which was used in a terrorist attack in Oklahoma with 168 victims. An explosion could be heard and to the distance of 14 kilometers. Car parts and the remains of the victims are never found, but they found a 55-meter crater. Of the road is missing about 500 meters.

10. 35-years-old Patty Winter killed by neighbor. Hame (neighbor) has for years built winded F6 Phantom aircraft in his garden, which is why the neighbor was very angry, because of huge noise and danger of fire. After report to police by woman, one Sunday morning Hame called neighbor to the cup of coffee, to debate the issue. The woman did not know that her neighbor has changed the status of the facility. When she went home, Hame launched air facility, which was immediately killed neighbor, and its outlines remain stamped in concrete.

11. Gay Michael Lewis was boosted by film “Die Hard-Life is always a set of” decided to get rid of his lover. He stunted Tony Berry, bring on on a bilateral advertising billboard, which was written, on the one hand, “Death to Niggers!”, On the other, “God loves Klu clux clan!”. Lewis made driven in Harlem with the victim and left him in misery on the street. Berry was within two minutes dead.

12. 26-year old Conrad Middleton killed his twin brother, after the issue that they couldn’t agree on ownership of the house, which they inherited after the death of their father …


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