Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo

Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo


The brilliant act of this dog will only make us think that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. Rex, the 10 year old German cross breed, was with its owner when they found this baby kangaroo lost on a motorway near Victoria, Australia. The dog had found this four month old joey in the pouch of a dead Kangaroo. By sensing that the joey could be still alive in the pouch, the dog gently pulled it by the neck and took it to the owner. Here are some snaps of Rex bonding with the baby kangaroo. Doesn’t it simply make you go awwwwwwww!
WhatAPicture Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo
dog and little kangaroo02 Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo
dog and little kangaroo03 Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo


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  • what a fantastic story ,
    makes a nice change to see nice news

  • haha

    “thousands murdered in Darfur over the last couple of weeks” “typhoon hits Myanmar, more than a hundred thousand bodies found”

    “on other news, BABY KANGAROO GETS SAVED BY DOG”

    ha, sorry dont mean to be cynical i just find it funny. its quite sad actually… when are we gonna read in the news: “World debt dropped, nuclear bombs dismantled, corporate system and world elites exposed, consumerist age coming to end” among other FEASIBLE things.

  • Maybe people like to focus on the nice stories mate. If that is your outlook on life maybe you should try commenting on a different website

  • how long before the dog ate the joey

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