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11 phenomenal images of earth

11 phenomenal images of earth


below are 11 incredible photos taken from space which illustrate just a few of earth’s fascinating geographical features and nature’s frightening unpredictability.

click on all pictures for humongous versions.

1. sri lankan coast, 26th december 2004

phenomenal images earth 1 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) the ocean rapidly retreats 400 metres on the south-western coast of sri lanka, just 5 minutes prior to the arrival of a devastating tsunami.

phenomenal images earth 2 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) the swirling waters continue to batter the coast just moments after the main wall of water has hit.

2. an alluvial fan, xinjiang province, china

phenomenal images earth 3 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) covering an area 56.6 x 61.3 km and taken on may 2nd, 2002, this photo shows an alluvial fan that formed on the southern border of the taklimakan desert in china. an alluvial fan usually forms as water leaves a canyon, each new stream eventually closing up due to sediment – the result being a triangle of active and inactive channels. the blue ones on the left are currently active.

3. retreating glaciers in the bhutan-himalaya

phenomenal images earth 4 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) a beautiful but clear sign that glaciers are slowly melting due to global warming. easily visible are the ends of most of these glacial valleys’ surfaces turning to water to form lakes, a trend which has been noticed only in the last few decades.

4. hurricane isabel, 2003

phenomenal images earth 5 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) this terrifying photo of hurricane isabel was taken on the international space station in 2003 and illustrates the immense size of the hurricane’s eye. this particular hurricane was the deadliest of 2003 and winds reached 165 mph at its peak.

5. greenland’s eastern coast, august 21st, 2003

phenomenal images earth 6 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) the fractal coastline of greenland and its numerous fjords as seen from space.

‘little spots of white in the water seem to be ice originating from the deeper fjords that reach all the way to the icecap covering most of the island.’ link

6. aurora borealis

phenomenal images earth 7 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) an astounding and spooky photo of the natural phenomenon known as aurora borealis, taken on-board space shuttle atlantis during the sts-117 mission.

7. a total solar eclipse from space, 1999

phenomenal images earth 8 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) the shadow of the moon covers part of earth on august 11th, 1999 in this photo taken from mir space station. this shadow raced across earth at 2000 km/h, all areas under the centre of it plunged into darkness during a total solar eclipse. this was apparently one the final photos taken from mir.

8. egmont national park, new zealand

phenomenal images earth 9 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) mt. egmont volcano last erupted in 1755 and is now situated at the centre of egmont national park. park regulations have ensured the survival of a forest which extends at a 9.5 km radius from the summit of the volcano, the result of which can be seen from space in the form of huge dark green disc. this photo was taken during the sts-110 mission, april 2002.

9. mt. etna eruption, october 2001

phenomenal images earth 10 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) taken from the international space station in 2001, this is a photo of a particularly violent eruption on the island of sicily which produced a cloud of ash that travelled as far as libya. on the humongous version of the photo lighter coloured smoke can be seen near the volcano – this was caused by lava igniting nearby forests.

10. richat structure, mauritania

phenomenal images earth 11 11 phenomenal images of earth

(above) the cause of the richat structure in the sahara desert of mauritania has been debated for many years. at first it was thought to be a meteor impact crater due to its circularity but this has since been disproven due to the lack of shock-altered rock in its vicinity. this massive (30 mile diameter) oddity is now believed to have been a rock dome sculpted over time by erosion. this incredible image was taken by the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (aster) on october 7th, 2000.


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  • first!

  • Absolutely gorgeous and stunning pictures…

  • #3’s retreating glaciers have been retreating for millions of years… I don’t believe you @ all that “it’s only been noticed in the last few decades”. Noticed by you? Since that’s how old you are or something? Don’t sully these image with your global warning propaganda.

  • #3’s retreating glaciers have been retreating for millions of years… I don’t believe you @ all that “it’s only been noticed in the last few decades”. Noticed by you? Since that’s how old you are or something? Don’t sully these image with your global warning propaganda.

  • first!!!!(and prolly only)……

  • Just another doom and gloom post by yet another “global warming” devotee. Disasters happen and always will. Climates change and they always will. If man is causing global warming, then all mankind will die as a result. The planet will continue and your problem is solved.

  • cool

  • wow some people that actually have sense. global warming is just a new fad that will pass as all fads do. global warming is bullshit if u ask me cuz here in canada its still cold as fuck in the winter…… now that i mention it i wouldnt mind the world to warm up a little 😛

  • “global Warming propaganda” Oh! yeah! RIGHT! Like, that whole Theory of Evolution b.s, too? Blue, is your last name flintstone? Are you stuck in the stone age?

  • totally agree with “blue”

  • The ice caps have grown 30% in the last year. Yeah, global warming is a devastating trend. :rolls eyes:

  • Hmm, seem to only be 10 pictures…

  • Hmm, seem to only be 10 pictures…

  • number 1 has 2 pictures you muppet

  • 13th!!!!

  • 13th!

  • You gotta love these pictures. Doom? Fuck yeah we´re living on borrowed time

  • I gotta say the aurora borealis one is beautiful though

  • Ok blue, really. This is not a post about global warming. He is merely stating that the fact that the longer arms of the glaciers are turning into lakes, and not just melting, is a trend that has been noticed in the last couple of decades. Do you know why it has only been noticed in the last couple decades? Because we have only been able to take pictures of the Earth from space for the last couple of decades. You dickhead.

  • i believe in global warming, but i dont think mankind is the only cause of it, yea we make it worse, but the earth natrually goest thru heating and cooling cycles and were just speeding it up. and all the water formed from the melting glaciers willl eventually cool the planet drastically(ice age) and the cycl;e will begin again. but what do i no im only a 16 yr old boy.

  • I cannot even believe that there are still people out there who truly think this global warming thing is just “propaganda” or a “fad.”

    I am sorry you all missed the memo, but it isn’t theory anymore, it is scientifically proven fact, and even the most adament of previous skeptics are admitting it now.

    Please do your research before posting non-valid opinions.

    Oh an one more thing, there are 11 pictures posted here… and only 1 of them very briefly mentions global warming in passing.

  • Global Warming and Evolution are both poorly formed theories that cannot be proven true or false. Just because they are popular does not mean they are right. Scientists used to think that the earth was flat and situated at the center of the Universe. Think for yourself every once in a while.

  • #8, Evolution actually is bullshit. So yes, exactly like that.

  • #8, Evolution actually is bullshit. So yes, exactly like that.

  • it’s sad that there’s so much immaturity around..grow up people…if you have nothing positive to say shut up.
    global warming propaganda?? riiiight…none of this is happening it’s all make believe (muttered sarcastically)
    thanks for taking the trouble to put this up…

  • Don’t suppose #9, Mt. Etna, et al, could have anything to do with this global climate cycle, eh?

  • GLO

  • I want to listen good music!

  • Although we use to see earth from our eyes while standing on its surface. But taking a look at it from the above is something very different and it gives another perspective about it. I am sure that the beautiful images of the earth that you have shared with us through your post are making many people to think over the earth’s beauty. Thanks for sharing it…

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