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Larger Than Life Travel Destinations

Larger Than Life Travel Destinations


Some places are simply marvels of the power of human ingenuity, perseverance, and engineering. These are the monuments that you can stare at with awe. These places let you know that humanity can overcome even the most difficult obstacles, once minds are set to accomplishing the goal. It’s simply mind-boggling to look at these wonders, proof that mind can certainly triumph over matter.

The Pyramids of Giza

Located at the west bank of the Nile River, the Pyramids of Giza are defiant, symmetrical monster structures that rise up out of the sea of sand all around them. The Great Pyramid, which is probably the oldest of the grouping, is the last Ancient Wonder of the World that is still standing. And if you think they are impressive now, imagine how they would have been at the apex of their beauty, encased in limestone plates. The real mystery, though, is how the Egyptians actually built them, as it would have required mastery over many scientific and construction disciplines, and to have the project laid out as practically a multi-generational goal. Think of them as among the grandest public works projects ever made in the ancient world.

larger than life travel destinations Larger Than Life Travel Destinations

The Taj Mahal

Built by the Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died trying to give birth to their child in 1631, the Taj Mahal has become a symbol of romantic love. Located by the Yamuna River, this remarkable edifice is visited by three million or so visitors a year – and unfortunately, the site did deteriorate over time. Thankfully, restoration efforts are being done, and the plans include the restoration of the original hardens in full. Access is now given through timed tickets.

Easter Island

Fourteen miles long and seven miles wide, Easter Island was, until recently, a mystery in terms of history. It’s now known that the creation of the famous megalithic statues probably contributed the how barren the island is today, as many of the island’s resources were used for the creation and transportation of the large stone statues to various parts of the island.

But even then, many mysteries remain. How did 10 or 12 tribal groups work in unity to move each statue, given that each statue was around thirteen feet tall and weighed about fourteen tons? And why make them at all? Although some researchers say that these statues represented ancestral tribal chiefs, the excessive production of these statues – nearly 1,000 statues – stripped the island of many of its natural and renewable resources. Still, the sight of a line of these statues looking out to sea is still breathtaking.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a 4,500-mile long network of walls that served to define the border of ancient China. But the truth is, it isn’t just one Great Wall. It’s a network of many walls, some of which date back to the 7th century. Other parts of the Great Wall, on the other hand, have been built as recently as the 17th Century. In all one great way to appreciate the Wall is to go to one of the tourist-accessible segments, and walk a little, to appreciate just how big this construction project was.

Jordan loves to travel and has been to over 15 countries worldwide, and has seen every state in the USA. Much of his travel is thanks to Sundance Vacations. Visit Sundance’s twitter!

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A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think

A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think


Every bride is looking for the perfect wedding.  A beautiful ceremony, lovely arrangements, and things to look perfect and breathtaking.  Looking amazing on your wedding day is what every bride hopes for.  That is why everything is usually carefully selected; from the food to the table arrangements, the cake and especially the gown.  If making everything in a bride’s wedding dream come true, why ignore your smile when it comes time for wedding photos?

brides beautiful smile easier achieve A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think

It is not uncommon to hear the term ‘bridezilla’ be thrown around the closer and closer a wedding comes to fruition.  This is because there is so much pressure to do so much for the perfect ceremony and as the days fade away there is less and less time.  While spending time on floral arrangements and seating arrangements, you may also be worrying about the smile you have that will be seen in all the wedding photos.  Unwanted gaps and chips in teeth can be detected easily in the high-end photos you’re paying for.  Even though you might be worried about the things you don’t like in your smile, theres no need to be upset thinking nothing can be done.  In fact, many smile restorative procedures can be done fairly quick and simple from a dentist.

“Where Can I Go For Help?”

Your normal dentist may not be the best suit for fixing your smile last minute.  Although they are great for oral hygiene and long term maintenance on your teeth and gums, the purpose of preparing your mouth in time for the wedding is cosmetic.  That is why you should look for a well recommended cosmetic dentist in your area.  Their experience with focusing on physical appearance of teeth and gums will put your mind to rest as they assess what needs to be done to achieve the ultimate white and brite smile.  It is important to see a cosmetic dentistry specialist so that they can establish what all can be done to fix the problems you’re having with your smile within the time leading up to your wedding.

Often times people are mistaken on what all can be done to fix a smile.  This is because the common notion is that dental correction takes years, which is why so many teenages suffered through high school with years of braces and food restrictions.  However, all those years of dental equipment and glue-to-tooth methods were specific for the developmental stages.  Many influences to your teeth and gums throughout your young-adult lives could have shifted and chipped the smile you spent time creating.  Some of the issues are probably more minor than you think and can be filled or fixed through a simple outpatient procedure.

“My Teeth Are Pretty Bad…”

Sometimes even the seemingly worst chips and gaps can be fixed easily with simple cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Brides to be often go into practices assuming their cracked molars or dullened canine’s are unfixable and they will just have to settle for a close-lipped smile in the photos on their big day.  Often times veneers are a very plausible and affordable procedure to cover up and replace the problem teeth you’re having.  Adult teeth can often grown in slim, thus causing an apparently large gap between one another.  With the help of casting and fillers added onto teeth, which cosmetic dentists perform every day, a bride can have a full smile for her wedding day photos.

Coloration of a bride’s smile is also another huge concern.  With such a beautiful white dress and veil, it is a shame to not have a matching bright white smile to compliment the photos and be the absolute star of your wedding.  However often times brides find themselves with tainted teeth that concern them for their photo opp.  Whether it’s from celebratory wine or stress-induced coffee consumption, a yellow smile can make brides frown at the thought of capturing their big day.  Over the counter whiteners may not work or seem to be sluggish in their results and often times excessive toothpaste use just leads to bigger mouth and gum problems.  Scheduling an intensive cleaning and bleaching with a cosmetic dentist can give a bride to be the white smile she’s always dreamed of in just a couple visits, leaving plenty of time for bridal shower indulgence and bachelorette party behavior before the big day.

Concerning yourself with your smile when planning your wedding should be one of the less pressing issues.  Handling problems with your teeth can be handleded alot easier than many people think.  If you’re a bride and hoping for a beautiful smile to last a lifetime for your a wedding photo, make sure you look into cosmetic dentistry as a quick fix.  A simple visit can fill gaps, implant veneers, whiten your teeth, and give you the proper oral look you wished for.  On your wedding day you deserve to feel royal because every princess deserves a crown, even if it comes from your cosmetic dentist.

Zach C. writes for Lifetime Smiles in Austin, Texas. Zach never plans on being a bride, but finds these tips interesting.

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Financial Stress – Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?

Financial Stress – Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?


If you are currently losing sleep over the amount of debt you have accumulated, and if you dread the sound of the phone or the mailbox because you are being constantly badgered by your creditors, then you may have come to the conclusion that it is time to do something drastic about your money worries. Of course, for some people, bankruptcy can be a very helpful way out of financial stress, but it does come at a price – both in terms of legal costs and its impact on your current and future financial status. Bankruptcy has its place, but should only ever be seen as the final option when nothing else will help ease the pressure.

bankruptcy Financial Stress   Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?

If you are trying to find answers to your debt problem, here are a few things to rule out before you consider filing for bankruptcy:

Are There Any Assets You Can Sell Yourself?

bankruptcy1 Financial Stress   Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?

Under the most extreme type of bankruptcy, chapter 7, your assets will be taken from you and sold to help pay off some of what you owe. While some assets are exempt (and these will vary depending on where you live), you will need to be prepared to lose a lot of what you own if you go for this option. It may therefore be better to instead consider selling your assets to pay your debts instead, if you have things of significant value. You could perhaps sell your car and use public transport or buy a cheaper one, or you could sacrifice other valuables like jewelry, firearms, musical instruments or collections. Even clothes and other simple items can have some value on things like eBay, so you don’t need to have a house full of treasures to raise money in this way. If you own your home, you could also consider downsizing to a smaller or rented property.

Can You Borrow Money?

bankruptcy2 Financial Stress   Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?

Obviously borrowing money was part of the problem, so you don’t want to get into more official debt, however there may be friends, family or even your employers who can offer you a better loan with more time to pay and no interest. Nobody likes approaching people they know for money, but equally, a lot of people would rather help out a family member than see them face bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation

bankruptcy3 Financial Stress   Is There Any Other Option Than Bankruptcy?

Some companies offer debt consolidation – where they combine everything you owe into one sum you pay off monthly, usually significantly reducing your outgoings. They will also deal with your creditors so you won’t have the stress of constant calls and letters. This is in some ways similar to what will happen if you contact a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer and go through the chapter 13 rather than chapter 7 process (in that you’ll still have to make monthly payments), but if you do it privately like this you won’t have to deal with legal fees or going to court, and it can be less damaging to your credit rating. Of course, debt consolidation is only really useful if you have multiple creditors and can afford the monthly repayments, whereas chapter 13 will also help you reduce monthly payments if you only owe to one creditor.

Monica Smith is a financial consultant at the GoldBach Law group, a firm that offers effective solutions for resolving debt situations. She enjoys sharing her ideas regarding finance and debt solutions via blogging.

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