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Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile


Everyone wants to better themselves.  From small little changes in your routine to entire wardrobe changes, we all like to make a difference in our appearance that makes us look and feel better.  People can diet and exercise to get that body shape they want.  People with skin conditions and acne problems can have medical grade treatments to clear up their pores.  However often times many people believe they are at a loss when it comes to issues they are having with their teeth and smile.

common cosmetic dental practices for Common Cosmetic Dental Practices For A Better Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly more popular and accessible for people all over the world within the last decade.  While most people envision their dentist as just a twice-a-year visit that tells you you’re not brushing enough and that they know when you forget to floss, there are actually many more functions of your oral hygienists.  Most dental practices these days perform corrective procedures that can help teeth return back to a good looking model and shine bright and full.  Even those with some seemingly irreversible tooth growths and conditions have been amazed at what the common procedures of cosmetic dentistry can do for their smile, teeth, and overall appearance and confidence.

The root of many dental rearrangements is obviously braces.  We’ve all either had or known someone growing up who has had brace; the large bulky array of glue and wires that sealed your teeth inside a cage of transformation for 2, sometimes 3 years while you’re trying your hardest to get recognized at your new high school.  While these practices still exist, many adults who are seeking beauty tips and a better look for their smile tend to shy away from the standard practice of metal-mouth.  Instead many cosmetic dental practices offer either Invisalign or a variant.  These products are essentially molded braces that help re-shift your smile back to the model form without being visible.  Made of a strong clear plastic they just slide over your teeth and do the work of brackets and rubber bands without being visible in your day to day life.

Often times the color or condition of each individual teeth is just as big an issue for people’s overall appearance as their actual crooked smile is.  Discolored, sometimes dark yellow teeth, can cause even the most confident of beauty queens tighten their lips a bit.  That is why cosmetic dental practices usually offer serious deep cleaning to teeth to restore their white shine and kill off dead bacteria and rotting parts of enamel that cause issues in your oral hygiene.  These stained teeth have most likely been suppressed by many months of wine or soda consumption and are having a hard time bouncing back for a great smile from simply brushing them every night.  If you’re looking for more self confidence and beauty in your smile, then you should discuss a whitening procedure with a cosmetic dentist.

Although straight white teeth are key components to a great smile, sometimes you might feel like there is something missing; literally.  People suffer from damage to their teeth all the time.  From chipped teeth to entirely lost teeth, it is possible that there isn’t enough coverage in your smile which could leave you tight lipped when you are meeting people for the first time.  As much as you may think your teeth are the only oddballs out there, you’re not alone at all.

A common procedure that people get to aid their smile in the event of a shaved or chipped tooth is the installment of something called a veneer. While it may seem like an undefined word that requires a lot of work to achieve, getting veneers is most times an outpatient single visit procedure.  In the installment of a veneer, a fake molding of your tooth is grafted out of various integral compounds to form a shiny and strong cap to fit over the tooth.  This way when you smile it looks like a totally natural and healthy tooth.  However it is actually just a type of hood or helmet fitting snug over your existing tooth to help fill out where it lacks.

One problem that many smile-conscious people are aware of but fear there is nothing that can be done about it is having a gummy smile.  Sometimes people’s teeth aren’t as filling or big as they would like and as a result their gums compensate the space and tend to overpower a smile.  WHile you might think that it is just something to learn to live with, it can actually be taken care of in a few visits to a cosmetic dentist.  The ability to care for gums is just as important for the beauty and health of a smile as taking care of the teeth are.

People all over the world are looking for ways to diet, live healthy, and have an overall more attractive appearance.  Reflection of one’s inner self through the way they present themselves is a serious indicator as to their level of self confidence.  Interacting with people and just giving off a good vibe in general all starts with communication and presentation, both of which incorporate your smile.  If you have been feeling iffy or shy about the look of your teeth or gums, don’t shame your smile any longer.  Some of the most crooked teeth and mangled smiles have been easily redeemed through some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer for Lifetime Smiles, an Austin dental practice. Zane thinks cosmetic dentistry can really help some people with low self-esteem.

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A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think

A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think


Every bride is looking for the perfect wedding.  A beautiful ceremony, lovely arrangements, and things to look perfect and breathtaking.  Looking amazing on your wedding day is what every bride hopes for.  That is why everything is usually carefully selected; from the food to the table arrangements, the cake and especially the gown.  If making everything in a bride’s wedding dream come true, why ignore your smile when it comes time for wedding photos?

brides beautiful smile easier achieve A Brides Beautiful Smile Is Easier To Achieve Than You Might Think

It is not uncommon to hear the term ‘bridezilla’ be thrown around the closer and closer a wedding comes to fruition.  This is because there is so much pressure to do so much for the perfect ceremony and as the days fade away there is less and less time.  While spending time on floral arrangements and seating arrangements, you may also be worrying about the smile you have that will be seen in all the wedding photos.  Unwanted gaps and chips in teeth can be detected easily in the high-end photos you’re paying for.  Even though you might be worried about the things you don’t like in your smile, theres no need to be upset thinking nothing can be done.  In fact, many smile restorative procedures can be done fairly quick and simple from a dentist.

“Where Can I Go For Help?”

Your normal dentist may not be the best suit for fixing your smile last minute.  Although they are great for oral hygiene and long term maintenance on your teeth and gums, the purpose of preparing your mouth in time for the wedding is cosmetic.  That is why you should look for a well recommended cosmetic dentist in your area.  Their experience with focusing on physical appearance of teeth and gums will put your mind to rest as they assess what needs to be done to achieve the ultimate white and brite smile.  It is important to see a cosmetic dentistry specialist so that they can establish what all can be done to fix the problems you’re having with your smile within the time leading up to your wedding.

Often times people are mistaken on what all can be done to fix a smile.  This is because the common notion is that dental correction takes years, which is why so many teenages suffered through high school with years of braces and food restrictions.  However, all those years of dental equipment and glue-to-tooth methods were specific for the developmental stages.  Many influences to your teeth and gums throughout your young-adult lives could have shifted and chipped the smile you spent time creating.  Some of the issues are probably more minor than you think and can be filled or fixed through a simple outpatient procedure.

“My Teeth Are Pretty Bad…”

Sometimes even the seemingly worst chips and gaps can be fixed easily with simple cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Brides to be often go into practices assuming their cracked molars or dullened canine’s are unfixable and they will just have to settle for a close-lipped smile in the photos on their big day.  Often times veneers are a very plausible and affordable procedure to cover up and replace the problem teeth you’re having.  Adult teeth can often grown in slim, thus causing an apparently large gap between one another.  With the help of casting and fillers added onto teeth, which cosmetic dentists perform every day, a bride can have a full smile for her wedding day photos.

Coloration of a bride’s smile is also another huge concern.  With such a beautiful white dress and veil, it is a shame to not have a matching bright white smile to compliment the photos and be the absolute star of your wedding.  However often times brides find themselves with tainted teeth that concern them for their photo opp.  Whether it’s from celebratory wine or stress-induced coffee consumption, a yellow smile can make brides frown at the thought of capturing their big day.  Over the counter whiteners may not work or seem to be sluggish in their results and often times excessive toothpaste use just leads to bigger mouth and gum problems.  Scheduling an intensive cleaning and bleaching with a cosmetic dentist can give a bride to be the white smile she’s always dreamed of in just a couple visits, leaving plenty of time for bridal shower indulgence and bachelorette party behavior before the big day.

Concerning yourself with your smile when planning your wedding should be one of the less pressing issues.  Handling problems with your teeth can be handleded alot easier than many people think.  If you’re a bride and hoping for a beautiful smile to last a lifetime for your a wedding photo, make sure you look into cosmetic dentistry as a quick fix.  A simple visit can fill gaps, implant veneers, whiten your teeth, and give you the proper oral look you wished for.  On your wedding day you deserve to feel royal because every princess deserves a crown, even if it comes from your cosmetic dentist.

Zach C. writes for Lifetime Smiles in Austin, Texas. Zach never plans on being a bride, but finds these tips interesting.

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In the dating world, there is definitely some truth to ‘love at first site’.  Whether you’d like to admit it or not, first impressions are very important.  The first time you see someone depicts a lot about your next reaction in regards to their presence.  Do you approach them and strike conversation?  Do you admire from a distance and play shy? Or do you just walk away and think about what was lost and never was?

smile Smile!

The feeling you get when you meet someone special is unparalleled.  The first time you see that crush, the way you notice their actions and aspects, it’s very exciting.  Upon first encounter it is always important to leave the impression that you are a definite possibility for a second encounter.  Since we are all evolved and civilized we most likely communicate through conversation to introduce ourselves.  One of the biggest parts of this first impression is your physical appearance.

A lot of times you may feel like your clothes are what they’re noticing; do you have style? Do you look wealthy or intelligent?  As much time as people put into their outfits they’re more than likely focusing on the wrong aspect of physical appearance.  Clothes can be changed, but physical attributes relating to hygiene are a bit more impressionable.  This is because hygiene is a strong reflection of self.  Not only does it represent one’s health and concern for their being but it is something we actually have control of.  That significant other is sure to pick up on negligence to one’s well-being.

As mentioned earlier, it’s most likely through striking up conversation that you will begin talking to that long time crush.  How other do we converse than through our mouths?  Not only are you using it to talk to that cute girl at the coffee shop or the boy at the bookstore, but you’re also using it to make a lasting physical impression.  Many people are very conscious of the appearance of teeth and smile when they see someone.  Thus, things that are ignored like bad breath or yellow grimy teeth will be remembered after your brief and possibly sole encounter has come to an end.

Simple oral hygiene can make a big difference in whether or not that quick meet-and-greet turns into a date.  Dating someone with great hygiene habits is always a relief and attractive.  Just as your may have a routine to meeting people while out on a friday night, it is important to have a routine for handling your smile.  Brushing regularly every morning and night will obviously help fight discolored teeth as well as bad breath.  The fluoride in your toothpaste will kill the bacteria that grows on those hard to reach spots which makes you have bad breath.

To take it one step further, as you would like to with someone you are interested in, you should consider coming up with a flossing schedule.  Many dentists have found that flossing just twice a week can dramatically improve the overall health and appearance of a patient’s gums.  By wiping out the rotting food particles that get stuck in between your teeth you can rid yourself of bad breath as well as stop the inflammation to your gums, thus creating a great smile to flash when you hold the door open for that unsuspecting person.

If you’re concerned with bigger issues that can’t necessarily be fixed in your bathroom then you should consider seeking the help of your dentist.  Often times you may think there is no help for that gapped tooth or chipped molar.  However, cosmetic dentistry is becoming an easily attainable service that can help even the most self-conscious smiles find their way to shine.  Simple fillings and crowns will make sure that your not so presentable teeth can have a chance to make an appearance.  It is often a matter of a few visits to fix even the most unorthodox teeth arrangements back to a proud smile where you can shine as bright as your pearly whites.

Dating isn’t all about looks.  In fact many people in true love and that find appreciation for their significant other will be the first to admit that it’s what is on the inside that they want.  Although this is completely true, there is also a human nature aspect to being attracted physically to something that you appreciate which someone else possesses.  Taking pride in your smile and overall hygiene and appearance is a great tip that people should consider when they enter the dating world.  You never know when you’re going to strike up a conversation with that special someone and they eyes will catch a glimpse of the confidence behind your lips.

Zane Schwarzlose writes for Lifetime Smiles, an Austin dentistry practice.

Photo Credit: Moyan_Brenn


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