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Help your small business grow faster

Help your small business grow faster


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Making a small business grow need much strategic thinking than initiating a new business.   Initiating the business just needs funding from different sources but, growing your business needs strategic thinking.  As business owner, it is imperative for you to spend some quality time in developing business strategies for navigating your small business towards the defined set of goals and objectives.  The current article details sharp tips for small business growth.

Growth cannot be expected by the small business owner as soon as it is initiated. However, it takes some time to show up the results. You should to patient enough wait for the fruitful results to come and work towards it in the mean time by applying some strategies.  When you have started a new small business, you might have an expectation about the time period it takes for your business to grow further. If it does not happen in the mean time, you should consider looking into the following aspects to help your business grow further.

images 2 Help your small business grow faster

Know the reasons behind the failure

It is very important for the small business owner to know the reasons behind the failure. It might be lack of planning, ineffective leadership, lack of execution and marketing sales effectiveness. You have to dig down the reason behind the failure of the growth of the business and take an action accordingly.

When you fail to plan your regular business activities, you cannot expect the business to grow further. Having good strategic not plan will not help your business to grow faster; you should have effective leadership skills to distribute the task among the employees and get it done effectively. As a business owner, you should never wear two hats in the business; this ultimately will result in confusion and will not let you focus on the single work.

Another big reason for the failure in the business growth is most of the business owners will neglect the execution of the strategic plans that they have developed. These plans are moved to the dust bin before the employees of the organization know them. Apart from all, marketing and sales of your business remain crucial in helping the growth of the business. The sales you make in the year should be enough to cover the cost and make profit.

Help business grow

To help your business grow faster, you have to fallow current business trends.

Value preposition

As I said sales of your business should be good enough to cover cost and increase sales. To convert the well informed purchaser in your customer, you should quantify your value to them by having personal meeting with the purchaser before the sale.

download 21 Help your small business grow faster

Attention to customer needs

It is important for you to change your short term business plans from time to time with changing needs of the customer. You can easily get to know the interest of the customer by new avenues of communication like Emails, social networking sites, face to face feedback and surveys.

Capitalize emerging markets  

Look for new places to promote your product before your competitor does that. Check if there is chance to promote your business nationally or internationally because you will never know where you can get your next big customer  

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5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners

5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners


Small business owners know that a nine-to-five job is just an illusion if they want to grow their business. That is why it is essential to cut down on time wasters that eat away precious productive minutes during the work day. Because small business owners are required to manage a wide spectrum of tasks in their companies, managing their time is critical. If you seem to always be running out of time in your business, consider the following time wasters:

team 123085 640 5 Time Wasters for Small Business Owners

Too Many Unscheduled Meetings

With the availability of texting, FaceTime, and Skype, it’s easy to have continual unscheduled meetings. These meetings interrupt valuable concentration time for productive projects. In order to balance meeting time with project time, schedule your meetings in advance and include time on your daily schedule for closed door time when you can’t be interrupted.

Refusing to Delegate

Entrepreneurs are used to doing everything themselves. When their companies first get off the ground, they may be the only person working for the company. However, as a company grows, it is no longer necessary for the owner to have their fingers in every piece of the pie. It is much more productive to hire competent workers, train them well and then let them take charge of their part of the business. For instance, paperwork such as invoices can be handled by a bookkeeper who is trained in an accounting program such as Quickbooks, so that you can use your time on tasks that require your expertise.

Checking Email

Most business owners get hundreds of emails each day, and it is easy to get bogged down in answering them. Unfortunately, the majority of these emails are time wasters that will not lead to future income for your company. A smart practice is to schedule time to review your emails daily, and send routine inquiries to subordinates, personally answering only the emails that need your attention. Another solution is to set up a program that will filter your email into folders, allowing you to focus your attention on the ones you need to answer immediately.


While it is true that some people thrive on a cluttered environment for creative thinking, that is no excuse for a cluttered office setting. If you are wasting time constantly searching for documents, it’s time to get some expert help organizing your office and your files. Removing clutter and being able to put your hands on crucial documents in minutes will improve your confidence, reduce time in preparation for meetings, and make you look good in the eyes of your clients. There are many consultants that can be hired on an hourly basis to help you initially improve your organization, and then pitch in to maintain it afterwards.


Small business owners can save time by improving communication with their employees. Often miscommunication leads to wasted time and disappointment both for managers and workers. Time used to correct mistakes can cost a company money that could have been used for other resources. If you find that miscommunication is a problem in your business, daily morning meetings or emailed communication for your staff can clarify and correct issues before they waste productive time.

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Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run

Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run


The man who betrayed the sixties most notorious gangsters comes back from the dead after spending over 40 years on the run and lives to tell the story of how he finally brought down the Kray’s. Bobby Teale was a former henchman of the Kray’s but after the pair crossed the line with his younger brother, he knew their reign of terror had to be ended and fast.

Kray Twins Ronald and Reginald went home yesterday after long efforts to help police inquiries into the Blind Beggar Pub shooting in 1966 839254 300x199 Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run

The evidence that Bobby provided was largely incorporated in putting the twins behind bars and the Kray’s were sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison however Bobby’s betrayal led to a life sentence of another sort for the former henchmen and forced him to flee the country in fear of his and his family’s life.

Scarred by witnessing the sadistic and merciless killings and tortures that happened at the hand of the twins, Bobby bravely set into motion the string of events that eventually led to the arrest of the Kray twins. Using the false name, Frosty, to protect his identity Bobby leaked information to the police however underestimated the Kray’s power over several crooked policemen in the force. Putting his faith in one particular policeman, Bobby pleaded the policeman to leak false information to the Kray’s on who was providing the Scotland Yard with the evidence leading to the murder of a fellow criminal who the Kray’s believed to have betrayed them.

Until now, the 70 year old lived in secret, terrified that his random appearance one day in Britain would result in his brutal murder. In an exclusive interview, Bobby reveals how he first got involved with the twins and how their chain of horrifying murders marked him for life.

In the 60’s, Bobby’s mother ran a small club in Islington, North London. During this time, the Kray’s had been at their peak and took control over London’s entire criminal underworld and it was understandable why Bobby questioned his brother’s actions that night.

Like his mother, Ronnie Kray also ran a club known as the Two R’s Club located in Bethnal Green with his twin brother Reggie. One night Ronnie showed his face at Bobby’s mother’s club only to be turned away by David. Horrified by David’s actions, Bobby asked him ‘don’t you know who that is? You can’t ever do that to Ronnie Kray’.

This was only the beginning for the Teale boys. Though the brothers stand by their word in insisting that they had never been on the payroll of the Kray’s firm they revealed that they were all soon required to humour the twins and run various errands for them. During their time in business with the Kray twins, all three brothers witnessed vicious beatings and the ghastly, violent results of Ronnie Kray’s irrepressible mood swings.

Following his 40 year escape from the hands of many who wished to bring Bobby down, he went on to write a book detailing his gruesome experiences with the twins and the shocking horrors he had to face to bring the twins down.

To find out more about the Kray’s frightening reign, join us on the East End of London’s Kray’s Tour for a full experience of life in the sixties during their criminal supremacy.

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Advertising Your Business with Flyers

Advertising Your Business with Flyers


The most important part of any business is advertising. If you are a new business owner, then you would definitely have to advertise your products and services in order to make people aware of your existence.  A strategic advertising of any company is outlined with its marketing plan. Usually the large business organizations focus on this thing.  The small businesses often hesitate in making massive strategies because this requires a large portion of the organization’s budget.

Advertise your local business with flyers Advertising Your Business with Flyers

Cost benefits of flyers

Cost is a major hurdle in any type of advertising. A good thing is that you can start your basic advertising campaign in a simple way by distributing flyers in various communities to increase the awareness of your products or services.

Whether it is the small business or the large businesses, all need flyers for advertising. Distributing flyers certainly is a common marketing practice, which can fit for all types of industries, these days. Some people think that flyers are not much useful nowadays. However, it is important to understand that flyers are universal and their charm is never going to end. Even a number of ways of advertising have been introduced and the marketing industry has been revolutionized with the advent of information technology but still flyers are being used widely in all around the world for the marketing of the business different products and services.

When are flyers useful?

Flyer is an inexpensive and simple approach for spreading good words. Most of the businesses don’t have much financial resources to start with huge marketing campaigns in the beginning. For such individuals, flyers do much of the work. They are less costly and effective in promoting your business too.

It is not necessary that you use flyers in the start when you don’t have many financial resources. You can use flyers for promotion anytime. Sometimes, you don’t have much time to produce a big marketing campaign and here flyers prove to be much useful.

When you are advertising your business through flyers, then the most important thing you need to focus is to get your information in the hands of those, who would be your potential customers. The flyers should provide relevant information to the individuals out there.


Designing business flyers

Here are some tips on designing your business flyers:

  • In order to make sure that your flyers get maximum attention, you need to make sure that there is some informative content there. Customers don’t care what you call yourself, as the only thing they care about is how you can help them in solving their problem.
  • If your flyer does not include any call to action then it will be discarded. You need to encourage the users to take some action. You must give them something special so that even if they think that they don’t need your services at the moment, they must keep your flyer safe to use in future.
  • The flyer should have print on both sides. The front page can be used to grab the attention of the audience through some promotional message whereas the back side can be used to tell about your products and services.
  • The flyer’s content should be free of errors. Nothing can be worse than getting 5000 flyers printed and then finding some missing or incorrect printed contents.
  • The design of the flyer matters a lot. It should be clear and uncluttered. You need to make sure that it stays simple so that your clients may get your message without any confusion.
  • Include something worthy in the flyer.  Tell how much experienced you are or for how many years you have been in business.
  • Don’t just follow the traditional way of making a flyer.  You can include a discount coupon with the flyer to make it worthy. A customer will think twice before throwing such a flyer.

You will find a number of uses of flyers. The best thing is that you can distribute them from door to door.  Some people even have the habit of saving the flyers even if they don’t need them. Make sure that they do so by getting the best business flyers printed for them. Customized flyers will prove to be an effective marketing tool for your business.


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Smart Business Branding Tips To Adopt Today

Smart Business Branding Tips To Adopt Today


If you want your brand to be described by your customers in a specific way, you must use smart business branding strategies. A number of tips can help you do this.

running clocks 300x225 Smart Business Branding Tips To Adopt Today

Brand Definition

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have defined your brand. This will help your customers to describe it better. You must have that one single thing you would love your brand either to be remembered or known for. There must be something that clearly differentiates the brand you are trying to define and other similar ones also competing with yours. This should help you to identify the value proposition, purpose and vision of your brand.

Coherent Simple Branding Message

Not every person you find on the street will understand the complexities of your service or product with very of really understanding or grasping all the specifications that come with the product.  However, to 99 percent of all the customers, the product must meet certain needs they have and all the complexities that come with a product could make them move to another simple service or product. Get the point across and skip the technology and features.

Consistent Voice Adoption

Having a consistent voice defining your brand is very helpful. All the copy appearing in print and video adverts should support this voice and persona of your brand, showing the cutting-edge and simplicity of the technology. Such same message should appear in all levels of customer-product interaction. Consistent voice of your brand will set it apart from any other outside there through the creation of a personality ideal for individuals who want to connect with the service or product.

Brand Reminder

It is important to make sure the customer is always reminded as much as possible about the brand. It is not right to assume users of your products will always remember your products, image or brand. There are no brands out there built in a day; some take decades to arrive at the level of success they are today. For your brand to stick in the mind of customers and to be remembered for something, it must be run over and over again for customers to always recall it.

To make sure customers are reminded of the brand as much as possible without doing it too much, ensure the logo of your company including the slogan is added to the email signature of your employees include all the business cards and other promotional materials. Keep sending customers relevant content and blogging about your company to strengthen the brand. Even normal offline mail should be used, whether it takes longer to arrive or not.

Small Big Thinking Brand

If your company is a small business now, it hardly means it is small and insignificant. Your brand is important if your business is to be seen as a serious competitor or player in a versatile industry. Your brand should be thought of as big and used in capturing potential customers by winning their trust.

You might have a wonderful service or product but if the brand is not strong enough, it will be lost in the mind of consumers out there.

Author Bio

Amber Lee is a freelance writer, marketing consultant, musician and cooking enthusiast. With a background in promotional marketing, Amber utilizes LovePromos for custom Koozies for her clients. Follow Amber on Twitter at


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Prefer Small Business Start Up Loans for Best Performance

Prefer Small Business Start Up Loans for Best Performance


Reputed lending firms are known to offer small business start up loans to the business owners and young entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Maintaining an improved organizational performance is best possible in this regard for sure. The idea of offering startup loans on small businesses has got clicked heavily in recent times because of which best results are obtained on an overall. New business offers too are explored because of the maximum benefits offered in an extensive manner. Eventually, this will lead towards experiencing better performance in the long run.

startup guys happy workers friends1 Prefer Small Business Start Up Loans for Best Performance

Some of the best benefits regarding the startup loans are as given below.

  • Lower interest rates
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Improve credit score
  • Manage credit history

Obtaining small business start up loans is no big deal these days because of the fact that more number of loanees look forward to offer them with attractive features. Business heads tend to choose depending upon their situational requirements. However, you need to take greater care regarding the choice of business made in an extensive manner.

Manage your business better

Most of the entrepreneurs feel the dearth of cash in a greater depth because of which the business comes to a standstill. Seeking loans from a reputed firm for a lower interest rate will be helpful for them in generating more business through which better performance could be experienced in an eventual manner for sure.

Expand business with consistent profits

Established businesses will be able to make more money in case they are able to generate more benefits in the long run. However, it is necessary to obtain the right kind of loan to secure the finances as per the situation. It is because of this reason that some firms are known to offer exclusive loans for this purpose.

Greater flexibility to repay back the loans

Aimed at obtaining strategic returns, these loans are available with a lot of flexible options. Business owners will be able to secure enough time in repaying back in accordance with the latest business needs. The idea of setting an emerging firm is not possible without a small business start up loans offering you best advantages on an overall. Most startups consider the flexibility through which maintaining best business features is ideally possible.

Apart from the above discussed benefits, there are several others that could be considered with the choice of right startup loan. Flexible loan repayment options too are provided in an extensive way in this regard.

Research and Assess Before Choosing a Loan

Deciding upon the latest financial requirements is easily possible in case you have a better overview of the exiting situation. Spend your finances carefully in order to generate more profits because of which you will be able to resolve your situational monetary issues in a perfect manner. Perhaps, there have been several instances during which the customers have been able to consider the perfect quality standards by going through the information available online. Repaying your loan comfortably on time too is something that is needed the most on an overall.

Rakesh is an expert in Noble Loans and start up business loan Visit her site at


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Should Your Small Business Have a DUI Policy?

Should Your Small Business Have a DUI Policy?


BOTTLES OF LIQUOR Should Your Small Business Have a DUI Policy?

Should Your Small Business Have a DUI Policy?

Small businesses can be very fragile, particularly when it comes to their resources and risks. While many events can happen that may not impact a large corporation significantly, in a smaller operation, they can be devastating. 


Any company is only as good as its staff from the bottom up. For a small service, every employee is critical. In larger firms, people can tend to fall through the cracks unless they make a public display or do something outrageous. Because staff for a smaller firm is so much more immediately and readily identified, their reputation is every bit as important as that of the business, in fact, even more so.


One of the ways that staff and business reputations can really suffer is if the employee happens to get a DUI. Orlando DUI lawyers say that an arrest can be processed not just for alcohol, but also for prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and other illegal substances.  It only takes a small amount of alcohol to be considered “under the influence,” so many people are unaware of just how easy it is to be stopped and cited. Many states have increased law enforcement on roads to bring awareness to, and combat, the ever increasing DUI problem.

When a small business staff member gets arrested for driving under the influence, a number of disruptions for the business can occur. First, depending upon the severity of the offense, the staff member may be unavailable for quite some time. In states like Florida, severe penalties and fines can include jail time and license suspension. When this occurs, the employee’s ability to get to work could be severely hampered. In many regions, there are little if any alternatives to driving.

Customer Service

Customer service is a number one concern in particular for smaller companies, so it is critical that their service levels are always higher than average. Staff is not always so easily replaced, if at all at some companies, so a staff DUI could cause financial hardship for the company. When adequate staff is unavailable to service customers properly, small businesses in particular will take losses that a larger firm may not experience.

Business Reputation

In addition to financial losses caused by a decrease in service levels, an employee DUI could cost a company its good reputation.  In some instances, it could become so severe that it is unlikely that the business will ever recover fully. Also, if, and once, word gets out about an employee’s arrest, some customers may be reluctant to continue to do business with the company. Prospects may also decide not to pursue a relationship with the company.

Other Costs

As if the prospect of business loss weren’t enough, an employee DUI can cost the company higher insurance premiums as their risks are perceived to rise. This is a cost that may increase more over time. Again, this is something from which a business may never recover.

DUI Employment Policies

All of the above reasons are more than enough to consider the benefits of having a DUI policy in place. Below are some steps to take:

1. Institute a zero tolerance policy on DUI that begins on the first day of employment.

2. Add a clause that covers public morality to the employee handbook.

3. Specify in the clause that arrests for driving under the influence and public intoxication will not be tolerated because it reflects badly upon the company.

4. Review the handbook section with each employee. Explain the rules and ensure that they understand the repercussions, including employment termination.

5. Have each employee sign a statement saying that they were informed of the rules and understand them.

6. Keep a copy of the signed document in each employee file.

In today’s competitive business climate, company reputation is everything. Therefore, anything that has the potential to sully the way that the public may perceive a small company is potentially harmful to its existence. Establishing a zero tolerance DUI policy for a small business is one of the easiest and best available protections.

Teresa Stewart ran a small business that incorporated auto rides in the service, and she wants to raise awareness in other sba’s for the need of a DUI policy, even if it’s simply a two person business. If arrested for DUI, it is critical to have a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney to represent you. Katz & Phillips, P.A. can do just that as they have a team of Orlando DUI lawyers that are board certified in DUI.

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