Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Organic Pest Control: Eucalyptus against Fleas

Organic Pest Control: Eucalyptus against Fleas


flea extermination 300x225 Organic Pest Control: Eucalyptus against FleasFleas are certainly not a joy to have in one’s house and yard – especially in the presence of pets and/or children. The problem with them is that they spread with relative ease and will jump at every opportunity (pun intended) to ensure their survival. It only takes as much as a walk to the park with the family dog to turn the home into a regular flea colony. And, what’s worse, where fleas live ticks can thrive too – both types of pests will also attack humans, although the effects of ticks and their ability to transmit disease are far more serious.

There are numerous solutions for flea extermination available at the disposal of homeowners; for one thing, if the infestation appears to have gotten out of hand, it’s always best to leave the matter up to the pros. For another, there are numerous solutions commercially available, yet not all of them are equally good. Using a liquid or powder solution means you will have to invest money into it and you always risk not buying the type of solution that is best suited for solving your particular problem. You can also end up buying a substance that is toxic for your pets (though, in earnest, most have been tasted against this in today’s day and age). Last, but certainly not least, there is at least one ‘natural’ remedy that has been known to work in dealing with a flea infestation. Read on to learn more about how eucalyptus trees can help you avoid using chemical pesticides.

Particular species of eucalyptus trees grow very quickly and are also known for being low maintenance. They don’t need to be watered as often as other plants, since they are naturally accustomed to droughty climates and will grow quickly and beautifully. To boot, these trees are also an amazing addition to any garden: not only do they look lovely, but they also exude a wonderful scent, which they also preserve once their leaves have been cut and dried.

The trick with going organic in your fight against fleas (and ticks, too) is that the scent of any part of the eucalyptus tree is detestable to these pests. They react to tree bark, leaves, and any other cuttings, so an area in which a eucalyptus has been planted will soon be vacated by ticks and fleas. If you want to make sure your home is also safe from the damage they cause you can always use them in arrangements around the house, as well as placing them in the area where your pets sleep.


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