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Breastfeeding: Why It’s Simply the Best

Breastfeeding: Why It’s Simply the Best


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Breastfeeding: Why It’s Simply the Best

If you’re about to have a baby and are still on the fence about breastfeeding, it’s time to consider the facts. It is now well-known in the scientific community that breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby.

Research has shown that breastfeeding creates an emotional bond between you and your child, sets your baby up for a healthier life and benefits your health as well.

Important for Mothers

If the benefits for your baby are not enough to convince you, consider your own health. Breastfeeding is an important part of your reproductive cycle, and when women choose not to breastfeed, they break the cycle in a way that is very jarring on the body.

Women who choose to breastfeed have less incidents of cancer and early menopause, and they also save a great deal of money on formula. It has even been shown that breastfeeding can help new mothers lose the weight they packed on during pregnancy.

Creating a Bond

The bond that is created during breastfeeding is powerful and unbreakable, and if you choose to feed your baby formula, you will miss out on experiencing this tremendous wonder.

When you breastfeed your baby, hormones are released that create calm feelings in both of you. Aside from the chemical aspects, breastfeeding creates a bond simply by giving you the opportunity to hold your child for longer periods of time.

Studies have shown that babies need to be held, stroked and talked to, and those that are not are more likely to experience adverse effects.

Calm Environment

The hormones released during breastfeeding naturally produce a calming effect in both you and your baby, but it’s still a good idea to create a peaceful space in your home for the purposes of feeding.

Dim lighting, soft music and a nice rocking chair will all go a long way in making you feel happy and relaxed while you are feeding your baby. For extra support, consider getting a nursing pillow, which will help you hold your baby in the correct position, leading to less gas.

Healthy Life

Breastfeeding does a lot more than emotionally connect you to your child. It is what nature intended for babies, and it can benefit them in so many ways that it would nearly be impossible to list them all.

Research has shown that breastfeeding can lead to fewer diseases, such as asthma, respiratory infections, allergies, cancer, meningitis, blood infections and even diabetes.

It has also been shown that breastfeeding can reduce your chances of losing your baby to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Although the exact causes of SIDS are unknown, it is thought that breastfeeding reduces this risks.

This may be due to its ability to strengthen immunity and fight against breathing-related problems.The proteins in breast milk are easier to break down than those found in formula, which can help your baby avoid allergies that could potentially complicate breathing.

There is no doubt about it, breastfeeding is simply the best. There is a general consensus that breastfed babies fare better than their bottle-fed counterparts in early development. When you breastfeed your baby, you are providing the healthiest food available and creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and breastfeeding advocate. She contributes this article to highlight the benefits of nursing. During her research, the Comfort and Harmony’s website provided helpful tips regarding the importance of comfortability and nursing.

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Breastfeeding: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important For Your Baby

Breastfeeding: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important For Your Baby


BABY Breastfeeding: 4 Reasons Why Its Important For Your Baby

Breastfeeding: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important For Your Baby

The benefits of breastfeeding for your infant are endless and can exceed past nutrition. In addition to the many nutritional supplements and vitamins that are important to the first six months of your infant’s life, breast milk is full of disease fighting antibodies that protect them from falling ill. The following are the top four reasons why it’s important to breastfeed your infant.

1. Protects Your Baby From Getting Sick

Breastfed children have a 25 percent lower risk of dying during the first year of their life. Studies have also proven that infants who are nourished by breast milk have a significant lower chance of coming down with stomach ailments, ear infections, viruses, meningitis and respiratory infections. The benefits of breastfeeding are far reaching and can help protect your child later in life against a host of other illnesses that includes diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Research has also shown that children who were breastfed during the first month, cut their rate of experiencing SIDs in half.

2. Boosts Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Studies have found a connection between breastfeeding and your children’s ability to retain information. In addition to learning at an earlier age, children who were breastfed also had higher IQ’s, reading and vocabulary scores. The fatty acids in breast milk and the emotional bonding that occurs when using a nursing pillow for infants during breastfeeding has a lot to do with the brain boosting benefits.

3. Helps Reduce Obesity

Breastfeeding has been recommended as a way to help children reduce their risk of obesity and gaining weight. It also helped prevent children from becoming overweight during their teen years and into adulthood. The longer the infant was fed breast milk, the stronger the link. Because breastfed babies are better at satisfying their hunger, they are bound to develop healthier eating habits as they mature. Infants who are breastfed also have significantly more lepitin in their body. This hormone has been shown to play a key role in controlling the appetite and fat in humans. Babies who are bottle fed can gain weight quickly throughout the first couple of weeks of their life and this form of quick weight gain has been shown to increase obesity later on in life.

4. Protection Against Allergies

Babies who are breastfed have a lower chance of developing allergies throughout their lives. Secretory IgA is available only in breast milk and scientists believe that this important immune factor can protect children from experiencing allergic reactions to foods. The secretory IgA forms a layer of protection around the infant’s intestinal tract and those who are bottle fed are left vulnerable to stomach upset, allergies and other illnesses.

When first born, babies are fragile and susceptible to a number of illnesses and diseases. Because their body has yet to develop and mature fully, they need all of the nutrients and benefits they can get to protect their tiny and vulnerable lives. Breast milk is the only unique blend of nursing nutrients that remains far superior for your infant today, and the benefits are numerous for your child’s health, wellness and cognitive development.

Nadine Swayne presents this information to all new mothers. The benefits of breastfeeding are important to the physical and mental development of your baby. Using a nursing pillow for infants can ensure the proper elevation and enhanced back support for those precious bonding moments with your infant.
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