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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney


Those who have gotten into an auto accident may have trouble deciding what their next steps should be. After a possibly injury it can be frustrating; having people all around them trying to tell them what to do. In some circumstances, the other party may be trying to save some money by pressuring a victim into a deal that isn’t in their best interest. With all of the confusion going on after the accident, it is no wonder that many people will not know or understand their options afterwards. In the event of an auto accident, there are three main reasons why you should retain a personal injury attorney. Here are some tips to better understand your rights after an accident.

reasons why you should hire 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Sustaining an Injury

After you have been in an accident, and before hiring an attorney, you need to figure out the extent of your injuries as a result of the accident. In an event like this it is important to visit a professional medical consultant to examine the seriousness of your bodily damage. Depending on how severely you have been hurt, and if others have been injured as well in the accident, then it is important to take the time to talk to a personal injury attorney to figure out what will happen next in your case. If you sustained a little injury in the case, the attorney will be able to help you out fairly quickly. On the other hand, if you suffered a major injury then you must have an attorney to help you with all of the difficulties and details that come with these kinds of cases.

Someone Got Hurt in Accident

Whether or not you have been hurt in the auto accident, if someone else was hurt then you should hire a personal injury attorney right away to deal with any issues that may arise if you are taken to court. You may not end up needing them in the long run, or you may be able to settle things outside of court, but having this attorney available right away can save you a lot of hassle in the event that you become stuck in the middle of an injury countersue.

Insurance Claims

Sometimes the most difficult thing to deal with after an accident is the insurance claim. Insurance companies do not want to shell out more money than they have to for your accident because it ends up cutting into their profits. They would be happy if all of their customers never got into an accident and they could keep all of the money that they are making each month, but as reality has it accidents to occur and damages need to be recovered. Because of all this, most insurance companies will try to convince you that you do not need an attorney and then offer you much less money than you deserve.

Instead of getting taken advantage of by your insurance company, hiring a personal injury attorney can help you get the money that you deserve. They have the experience necessary to know when the insurance companies are lowballing you and they can go to court with you to get the amounts that you need to pay for the injuries and other medical bills that result from the accident.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at the Loewy Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane is glad he’s never had to hire a personal injury attorney.

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Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?

Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?


Walking can be a very pleasurable and leisurely activity. The only issue with this is that this means we don’t take our safety into account when walking around. This might not be an issue once or twice, but if you make it a habit a serious injury could result down the road. Even when you’re walking around it’s incredibly important that you do whatever you can to minimize your distractions; that’s the only true way you’ll ensure that you remain injury free.

can wearing headphones increase risk Can Wearing Headphones Increase Your Risk Of Injury?

In this article we’re going to cover if something as simple as wearing headphones can increase your risk of injury, as well as what you can do to minimize your distractions as a pedestrian.

It’s important to always be aware in this age of distraction. It can be tempting to continually gaze down at your phone or device, but doing so will increase your risk of injury greatly.

Can wearing headphones increase my risk of getting in an accident?

There has been a steady increase of pedestrians who get injured when they’re wearing headphones. When your driving listening to music and other distractions are huge contributors to accidents, and now this extends to pedestrians as well.

When you can’t hear everything that’s going on around you you’re more likely to be involved in an accident. It’s possible, that you’ll step out in front of a care, because you won’t be able to hear it coming. Or, in some cases you could even step out in front of a train, while staring down at your phone and listening to music.

When you’re walking you should have all your senses aware to what’s going on around you, this is the only true way to prevent any accidents from occurring.

How can I minimize distractions while walking?

The main things you’ll need to know in order to stay safe when walking are to do whatever you can to increase your awareness of what’s going on around you. This means to take out your headphones, and turn off your phone if you’re tempted to look at it. As an added bonus, this will force you to be present with whatever is going on around you. Which could make walking an enjoyable part of your life.

Also, it can help to wear sunglasses to minimize the glare from the sun if need be. This can be a huge distraction and can be minimized by wearing the correct kind of glasses. Think of walking as any other form of transportation, and think what you’ll need to remain safe throughout the duration.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a greater idea of how you can minimize your distractions when deciding to walk around. As a pedestrian it’s important to do whatever you can to ensure that you remain safe, as you don’t have vehicle or anything else separating your from direct contact. Your health and safety are your responsibility, become more aware and you’ll decrease your chances of sustaining an injury. However, if you do happen to get injured it can always help to consult with a personal injury lawyer as you may have the ability to move forward with a claim.


Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Colley and Colley, LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane will be wary when using his headphones.

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Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights


courthouse Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

Failed Hip Replacement? Know Your Rights

With more than 800,000 people aged 50 and over having hip replacements each year in this country, it is generally assumed that this surgery is safe and effective. Indeed, most patients enjoy renewed energy and better movement after their surgeries are completed and they are fully recovered. However, as with any major surgery, hip replacement operations are not without their risks. In fact, one popular model of hip replacement equipment came under scrutiny among the healthcare community and is now being actively recalled by the manufacturer.

If you were a recipient of hip replacement equipment manufactured by Stryker, you are encouraged to find out if your particular model has been recalled and what your rights are in the aftermath of this event. To get more details about the recall, search the internet for terms like Stryker hip recall.

Voluntary Recall

Stryker has voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate and ABG II models, both of which have been frequently used in hip replacement surgeries across the country. This equipment has been found to corrode easily inside the body and potentially damage tissues and the blood supply. Along with tissue and blood infections, people who have been adversely affected by this equipment also have suffered extensive pain and swelling in their hips. If you have suffered unusual pain, swelling, or other symptoms after your surgery, you are encouraged to speak with your doctor right away.

Blood Tests and X-Rays

Even if your doctor thinks that you are fine and that your surgery was a success, you are entitled as a patient to insist on having blood tests done to determine if you have contracted a blood or tissue infection around your incision. Doctors have no way of knowing for sure if your replacement has caused an infection other than to do blood tests on patients. Along with a blood test, you are encouraged to have x-rays done on your hip replacement to determine if it has corroded and become damaged in any way. If your doctor is reluctant to pursue these tests, you should seek a second opinion or even pursue the matter with your doctor’s superiors.

Contact a Legal Professional

Many patients take for granted their right to legal representation when their medical treatments go awry. If you have fallen victim to a hip replacement gone wrong, you would be well advised to hire a medical attorney right away to represent you in this matter. Your doctor has several attorneys ready to represent him or her in a medical malpractice action; it is only right that you should have the same rights if you have suffered because of your faulty hip replacement equipment.

Your attorney can get all of your medical records, serial numbers to your hip replacement devices, blood and x-ray test results, and other medical information that will bolster your case in court. Your attorney can also take action against the manufacturer if necessary. Rather than submit to being a victim of this recalled hip replacement equipment, you can hire an attorney and fight for the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

Many people in this country each year undergo hip replacement operations. While most equipment is safe, other models of replacement devices have been recalled. If you are the victim of recalled devices, you can secure your rights by taking these suggestions and hiring an attorney.

Writing about well-being is one of Teresa Stewart’s interests. While browsing topics about mobility, she found that attorneys for the Stryker hip recall believe victims should be compensated for any pain and suffering experienced from the faulty implant.

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Brain Injury In High School Football

Brain Injury In High School Football


Brain Injury in High School Football – Who is Responsible?

Football may be America’s favorite past time but that doesn’t mean it is in anyway a safe activity. Full body tackles, multiple player on player dog piles, and intense practices can lead to some serious brain injuries. However, to be fair any sport that involves contact between players has the potential for serious injuries. If you’re a coach, parent or player it is important to take extra precautions when it comes to playing any high risk sport.

brain injury high school football Brain Injury In High School Football

Recently the NFL has paid out a $765 million settlement to the families and players who have suffered from brain trauma while playing football in the NFL. This has sparked a lot of conversation about brain injury trauma in general and especially for those that play football in lower leagues like college, high-school and youth leagues. Can schools get sued if their students suffer brain trauma during high-school games?

Responsibility of School

Repeated hits to the head and consistent body tackles does affect the brain. The occurrence of a previous concussion also increases the risk of another concussion and further increases the player’s risk of brain trauma. Basically if you are getting seriously hit in the head repeatedly you will most likely suffer brain injury. This is a huge problem because later in life, players may develop parkinson’s disease or have brain damage effects. Many may not consider high-school football as dangerous as playing in college or in the NFL but brain injury occurs at this level too. The younger the players the less trainers and medical personnel are on hand. Players are at the mercy of their coaches so they’ll go back out even after a bad hit if the coach thinks they are okay.

To avoid a lawsuit, the school and coaches need to take some responsibility for their players and students. If a coach forces a player to go back out on the field despite the fact that the kid has been hit four times in the head and can’t see straight, there is a problem. There needs to be someone medically trained on hand during practices and games. This way any player that gets hit can be checked out before any more tackles or concussions can occur. You don’t want negligence due to a coach, ruin a player’s life by giving them brain injury. The parents also need to be held responsible and talk with their child about the signs of a concussion. Help your child to figure out when they need to take a break and make sure the coach honors that.

Brain Injury Prevention in High School Football

To prevent the risk of brain injury and to best protect the players there is a number of things that coaches can teach to their players. You don’t want to get slapped with a lawsuit for being negligent and not protecting the players

  • Safe tackle techniques should be practiced regularly. During practice all players should learn how to tackle with their head being engaged in any physical contact. That means chest to chest or shoulder to shoulder contact should be used.
  • Most concussions happen during practice and not the game because plays are being repeated. To prevent injury during practices, players should be instructed to not hit as hard.
  • Learn the “when in doubt, sit it out” rule. If a player or coach thinks there is a risk of concussion or chance of brain injury, then you need to stop. If a player is trying to impress a recruiter or play through the pain, parents or the coach needs to intervene to protect that player.

Sometimes you won’t be able to tell if a player has suffered a concussion until it is too late. If you notice any blurred vision, head pounding pain, unconsciousness or anything out of the norm, that player needs to sit out. Football is great sport to watch and a fun game to play. Let’s try to make it as safe as possible by taking a couple extra precautions to help those that play it out.

Victoria Cairo is a blogger for Loewy Law Firm in Austin, Texas. As a football fan and safety advocate she loves finding ways to play football without the risk of brain injury.

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Is Mediation Right For Your Personal Injury Case?

Is Mediation Right For Your Personal Injury Case?


Litigation can be really expensive. Especially if you are involved in a personal injury case and you’re having to worry about medical bills, getting back to work, and winning a case. One option you have that can save time and money is mediation.

mediation right for personal injury Is Mediation Right For Your Personal Injury Case?

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is used for a variety of conflicts: divorce, neighborly disputes, property damage, and can be used for most civil lawsuits. In personal injury, the plaintiff will almost always be negotiating with an insurance company. The mediation allows the plaintiff to pin down how much the insurance company is willing to give before going to full on litigation. Many time mediation won’t end up in a settlement or agreement that is sufficient for the plaintiff in personal injury cases. The prime benefit is that the plaintiff can at least find out how much the company was willing to give instead of just heading straight to court.

Another benefit is that both parties have more control over the procedures and issues that get talked about. It is less of a yes or no, guilty or innocent, situation than in court which allows for more to be addressed in the process. Usually this means better future relations between the parties instead of any heated emotions that might result from an undesirable verdict. Also, in personal injury cases, the insurance adjuster will see be in the same room with you looking your face and you will see his or hers. Instead of being an email folder or a slot in a filing cabinet, you’re a human in the same room.

The Process of Mediation

Mediations are ran by a mediator and generally it follows a six step process (although different mediators have different processes:

  1. Introductory Remarks – Mediator introduces him/her self and lays down the rules for procedure, the general guideline he/she wants it iterate, and a summary of what he or she knows about the case.
  2. Statement of Problem – Each side has a designated turn to explain their conceived side of the problem and how it has affected them.
  3. Information Gathering – The mediator goes back and forth asking open ended questions to find the emotional undertones and identify the facts surrounding the case.
  4. Identification of problems – Mediator identifies the common goals of each party—settle, to receive a certain amount of money, to not lose a certain amount of money, etc.
  5. Bargaining and Generating Options – Usually performed using caucus, where each party goes into a separate room and the mediator might draw up a proposal and have each modify it back and forth.
  6. Reach an Agreement or Not – Either parties will come to an agreement through the bargaining process or decide to go to court.

The Settlement

After an agreement is made the two parties will have settlement-agreement in writing and submit it a final proposed consent order to the court for approval. If there is no possible settlement, then it’s time to look at your other options and decide if more time developing a case and pursuing litigation might be necessary.

Jeremy Smith writes for the McMinn Law Firm in Austin, Texas. He believe mediation is always a better option before going to court.

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Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Treatment: Good News at Last?

Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Treatment: Good News at Last?


Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Treatment: Good News at Last?

There are few injuries out there that bring with them the fear that’s associated with spinal cord injuries. The simple thought of suffering a severe spinal injury is enough to scare anyone, but sadly, these accidents still occur to people on a daily basis.

Understanding these injuries is imperative for those who want to avoid them or any further potential damage after an accident; but for those who have already sustained an injury of this seriousness, there may be hope on the horizon.

Common Accidents Leading to Spinal Injuries
There are various ways that a person could experience a spinal cord injury. In fact, some of these causes, such as cancer and arthritis, aren’t even related to serious accidents. When high-impact accidents do occur, however, the risk of spinal injury is great.
Motor Vehicle Collisions - Vehicular accidents account for over 40 percent of all spinal cord injuries every single year. This is by far the most common cause of spinal cord injuries.
Violence- Sadly, around 15 percent of spinal cord injuries are not caused by accidents. Many of these injuries result from violent events such as shootings or stabbings.
Falling – Falls can also easily lead to spinal cord injuries. In fact, in individuals over the age of 65, falling is the most common cause of these injuries. A full 25 percent of all of these injuries are also caused by falls.
Regardless of cause of these traumatic injuries, patients who will need to have competent support on their side are on the rise. This may lead them to research resources to help them obtain this support. It is important to start with a consultation with a legal professional that is well versed in state laws regarding accidents and personal injury.
For example, injured parties that reside in Florida might contact a personal injury attorney like Williams Law Association, P.A., a Tampa injury law firm, or a community advocacy group, such as the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center.
4493709294 b2514ea6c7 n 300x199 Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Treatment: Good News at Last?
Common Results of Spinal Injuries

 There are various common results that can occur after a spinal cord injury. The most detrimental is obviously paralysis. Just one quick accident can turn an otherwise healthy individual into a prisoner within their own body.

While less severe injuries may simply lead to the loss of sensation or movement in certain appendages, a serious enough injury can lead to full paraplegia or quadriplegia.

The long term effects of these injuries are numerous and often disastrous. In many cases, individuals are unable to walk or move certain parts of their bodies ever again. Another terrible outcome is the financial loss that occurs.

A person who suffers an accident leading to paraplegia at the age of 25, for instance, is expected to need $428,000 to care for their injury over their lifetime. When it comes to quadriplegics, this number jumps to $1.35 million.
A Brighter Future?
Luckily, medical science takes spinal cord injuries very seriously, and this means that there is constant research being performed on the problem.There are of course surgical and pharmaceutical options that work well for some, but these treatments don’t always work for everyone. Fortunately for those who don’t see benefits from these treatments, new options are coming to light.

 Researchers at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, for instance, have found a type of treatment that makes use of a person’s own stem cells. When combined with physical therapy, patients redeveloped some of their sensitivity and were even able to be taken off of catheters.

Even more promising is the report released in April 2013 that showed scientists had been able to allow a partially paralyzed monkey to control his own arm through external electrical signals.There’s no doubt that spinal cord injuries are especially detrimental, but as seen in modern research and constant stories of miraculous recoveries, there is still hope.
It’s an unfortunate fact that absolutely anyone can experience a spinal cord injury in one way or another, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a lifelong condition.
As modern medicine progresses, so too will knowledge related to spinal injuries; and at the rate scientists are going, an amazing treatment may be right over the horizon.
Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and blogger who contributes this article as a means of spreading the word about the good news regarding spinal cord injuries. Williams Law Association, P.A. is a Tampa attorney whose years of experience and knowledge has brought peace of mind to countless individuals seeking justice for the trauma they endured which resulted in paralysis or spinal cord injury.

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How to Recover Mentally and Physically After a Serious Injury

How to Recover Mentally and Physically After a Serious Injury


AOE RUNNER How to Recover Mentally and Physically After a Serious Injury

How To Recover Mentally And Physically After A Serious Injury

Serious injuries are often some of the most unpleasant and traumatic experiences of anyone’s life. People who are injured have a number of very pressing and immediate issues to deal with. For example, recovering physically involves a certain amount of mental and spiritual healing as well. In fact, the mental toll that an injury takes on a person is often worse than the physical issues because they cause anxiety. Below are some methods that people may use to recover physically and mentally after they incur a serious injury.

Support Systems

1. Medical Care

Medical care is essential in order to heal from any injury. Therefore, it is important to keep all doctor visits and follow recommendations. Seeing therapists on a regular basis is also key at certain stages of recovery. Keep in mind that all of these professionals have years of experience dealing with serious injuries. Therefore, the recommendations they make are usually valid and will prove to be extremely helpful for the recovery process.

When it comes to pain, however, there are also a number of natural remedies to consider in order to refrain from developing an unhealthy reliance upon pain medicine.

2. Families And Friends

An injured person can benefit greatly by having the support of family and friends. Not only is emotional support important, but family and friends can also help interpret the medical aspects of the care that is required. Unfortunately, the pain from injuries often requires medicines that can alter mental capacity. Therefore, having loved ones around to help in this regard is very beneficial.

Also, family and friends can assist with setting realistic goals toward recovery. As noted by one New Hampshire personal injury lawyer, “Placing a value on human pain and suffering is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks.” Being there for your injured loved one can help bridge the gap between the injury and the worry of recovery, finances and quality of life issues.

This is also key to having the necessary positive attitude and mental focus. Setting goals also is important for maintaining a positive mental state, especially when things don’t go according to plan. Recovery needs to be a flexible process, so engaging a full support system can assist with confronting new issues as they arise.

3. Specialized Groups

Support groups are also very beneficial for those recovering from a serious injury. Aside from friends and family and the best medical care possible, people who have experienced similar injuries can offer personal insight that only people who have gone through it can provide. Much like psychological therapy, support groups encourage injured parties to discuss how they feel and what they are doing to aid in their recovery.

Networking with others in similar situations also connects injured parties with other resources that they might not have known exist. For instance, those in similar circumstances could share some very specific and helpful remedies that are working for them.

Also, having a serious injury can be a very isolating experience. Therefore, it is harder to feel comfortable discussing the aspects that relate to mental and emotional recovery. Just having a connection with a support group can provide relief. There is nothing like talking to a person who has gone or is going through it since the level of empathy far exceeds that of the average person who has limited experience with similar situations.

Ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the financial compensation you are entitled to under the law. This will greatly help in relieving anxiety about covering medical expenses, income loss and pain and suffering.

Nadine Swayne forwards this article for those who suffer with serious injuries to help them to do everything possible to keep a positive mental attitude. Tenn And Tenn, PA, a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer firm, helps their clients get back on track by getting the fair compensation they deserve, enabling them and their families a brighter future.

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Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take


ITALY TOURIST Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Injured While Traveling Abroad? 4 Steps You Should Take

Many people never get to travel abroad, so when they do, it’s an amazing experience that most people absolutely enjoy. Unfortunately, just like anywhere in America, the possibility will exist that a person could be injured. In America, even the most out-of-touch citizen travelers could likely figure out what to do if injured while in a different state, but this is completely different in a foreign country. Luckily, handling these situations isn’t rocket science; it just takes a little forethought and knowledge.

1. Be Prepared

Though being prepared isn’t a step that could be taken after an injury, it definitely is one that can make the occurrence much easier to deal with. An individual should check with their health insurance company to ensure that they’ll be covered in the event of an injury abroad. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look into traveler’s and medical evacuation insurance. Both of these will help cover costs related to medical emergencies and the altered travel plans that occur because of them.

2. Keep Receipts

This holds true of absolutely any injury that’s sustained anywhere: a person should always keep their receipts. This is regardless of whether the bills have been paid or not. Additionally, documentation of changed flights, altered travel plans and the costs related to these should be held onto safely. The preparation mentioned in the previous step will ensure that these documents go a long way in helping a person cover the costs of their injury suffered abroad.

As noted by the law firm of Doyle Raizner,”When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved.  If you have a suffered an injury while traveling on a cruise ship, you may have a claim for damages. When catastrophic accidents occur, they can cause significant injuries to those involved. If you have a suffered an injury while traveling, you may have a claim for damages.”

3. Contact The Embassy

A majority of countries, especially the ones that America has good relations with, have an American embassy locally. This can help a great deal, and those at the embassy can even alert loved ones of the situation if necessary. It’s important, especially in an emergency, for U.S. officials to know where their citizens are and their condition. Additionally, embassy personnel may be able to act as liaisons between an injured traveler and their insurance companies.

4. Alert Travel Agency

A person should never be afraid to contact their travel agency when they have suffered an injury. These people are meant to help those who are paying customers. There’s no need for an individual to have to go through all of the aforementioned travel plan changes on their own. Traveler’s agencies are quite adept at doing this since Americans can get injured abroad just as easily as they can in America.

It’s important to have all information, including whether or not a physician has cleared the injured party for travel, before contacting the agency. This will help them to make manageable plans to assist the injured individual in getting home safely. Prepared travelers will have already obtained travel insurance, so speaking with the travel agency should be a smooth endeavor.

Being injured anywhere is definitely a hassle, but when an accident occurs in a different country, the outcome can be outright disheartening. Luckily, anyone can handle these situations with the right preparation. The main goal is for a person to receive treatment and get home. After this has occurred, all of the other technicalities, like bills and compensation, can be handled from the comfort of the States. Foreign countries have tort laws as well, and this means that an injured American does have the right to compensation for negligent acts.

Having vacationed abroad gives Nadine Swayne the insight to present these tips to fellow travelers. Doyle Raizner has experience in a wide range of cases and will aggressively fight for clients who have sustained injuries while on vacation.

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Personal Injury Law: A Brief History

Personal Injury Law: A Brief History


Many people today believe the history of personal injury law and claims must be a fairly short and modern one. After all, claims against drunk drivers, faulty appliances, and medical malpractice must be fairly modern occurrences, right?  Well, actually, personal injury law and lawyers have roots stretching back much farther than our parent’s generation. In fact, the origins of personal injury law can be traced all the way back to the first civilizations.

mesopotamia Personal Injury Law: A Brief History

Simple Beginnings

The famed decree of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” was popularly practiced in Ancient Mesopotamia and was a law outlined by the Code of Hammurabi. Though often brutal in its execution and less civilized than most modern laws — this law offering reciprocity to the perpetrators of crimes was among the first personal injury laws in human civilization. The law emerged as a means of dealing with negligence or wrongdoing by one party against another — a primitive form of today’s system.

Later, in Ancient Greece and Rome, the role of lawyers in the process of aiding those suffering personal injury expanded. Traditionally, plaintiffs in a case were allowed to bring a companion to to trial to help them plead their grievances against another party. These companions often had familiarity with legal proceedings and the laws of their civilization, and thus served as valuable aids to plaintiffs. Though these companions were forbidden from accepting monetary compensation for their services, the rule was rarely enforced, and thus the profession of lawyers began to emerge. By the middle of the 1st century AD, the Emperor had officially abolished this law, and Lawyers expanded even further.

Evolution of the Field

By the fall of the Roman Empire, lawyers had become amongst the most respected, educated and well-paid members of society, cementing their role as we know them today. In the sphere of personal injury law, by the 17th century, most plaintiffs could receive compensation in a court of law for any wages lost by personal injury. The growth of the Industrial Revolution and Progressive movements in the early 20th century, such as the one led by Theodore Roosevelt, led to more expansion and more action taken to protect individuals from negligent corporations and industries. Personal injury lawyers eventually sparked the passage of reforms such as Worker’s Compensation in the United States, expanding individual’s rights even further.

Contemporary Innovations & The Future

Personal injury law has not overwhelmingly changed since the mid 20th century. Nevertheless, alterations allow plaintiffs to now receive damages for “pain and suffering” as a result of personal injury. And while the modern field of personal injury lawyers has sometimes been seen as sparking frivolous lawsuits, many personal injury suits have caused marked reform by companies to enact new safety protocols to protect consumers. As a result of many lawsuits resulting from deficient car designs or unanticipated side effects of medications, companies have taken drastic steps to improve air bag standards or testing procedures for drugs before products can enter the marketplace.

The future of personal injury law is less clear than our past, but despite its sometimes less than stellar perception, the future of the profession promises to continue to protect individuals and promote the safety and prosperity of our society.

Matt Kyle is an attorney at Kyle Law Firm based in the New Braunfels, Texas area. Receiving his training at the University of Texas School of Law, Kyle has been named a Texas “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly Magazine, and voted “Best Attorney” in New Braunfels, TX and San Marcos, TX.

Photo Credit: edenpictures (CC BY 2.0)

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