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Best ways to Hide a Spy Camera

Best ways to Hide a Spy Camera


The reasons connected with the installation of spy cameras are threefold. The first is connected with the increasing number of crimes in domestic environments and private offices, while the other relates to the security and safety of children, senior citizens and invalids in unattended environments. The most important reason is however linked to the increasing availability of private information regarding social net workers and individuals. Floating around in cyber space, this free information helps intruders/thieves and other miscreants keep track of an individual’s movements and make their personal space all the more vulnerable to the incidence of crime.

Under the circumstances, a well placed spy camera or a spy video camera serves to provide surveillance of mischief makers in the guise of babysitters, caretakers, house staff or nurses. Oft referred to as a nanny cam, hidden camera, home video surveillance camera or a keychain spy camera; these small video cameras are guised as other objects and placed at strategic locations around the house, office, garage or car to act as a “hidden eye” for the owner. Read on for some valuable insights into how to hide a spy camera—the right way.

camera video mp3 Best ways to Hide a Spy Camera

Hiding Spy Camera Keychain in the bedroom

If the issue on hand is regarding the spouse committing adultery or cheating ; then the obvious place to hide the camera is near the television, behind the wall clock or any other object facing the bed or couch in the bedroom. An alarm clock, radio or book on the nightstand can also act as an appropriate cover for a spy video camera. Another place worth looking into is the curtain rod. Placed at a distance of almost ten feet above the head, this is the perfect location for hiding a spy camera and recording the going-ons in the room.

Most bedrooms have speakers attached to music systems, home theater systems or laptops. One of the speakers can contain a carefully installed camera within it—offering the best secret surveillance possible. Spy video camera in the form of a book can be placed along with others on a wall mounted bookshelf.

Placing hidden cameras in the living room or kitchen

These areas of the house are most accessible to outsiders like babysitters and caretakers. The camera can be hidden inside a plush teddy/ soft toy or placed behind a mantel piece over the fireplace. Lamp shades also act as safe havens for spy video setups along with flower pots on the center table or window sill.

Placing a camera in the kitchen requires a bit of caution. Coffee mugs or clocks with built in spy cams can be placed at least noticeable places. Crockery items which are used only on special occasions can also act as a shield for these cameras.

Most spy cameras come with excellent resolution and compatible features and are tiny enough to install in smoke detectors, mirrors, toys, music systems or other general articles around a room. Hidden cameras can be used commercially or industrially as security cameras as well. Spy video cameras can also be used to monitor activities in small cottage industries, stores and other commercial establishments—but within the fringes of the law of privacy!

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