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Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone


When was the last time that you actually got surprised and extremely pleased with a gift? Well, that may be too hard to answer if you always end up opening typical gifts that you already expected to get. It is not that these gifts are valued but there are sure kind of gifts that will blow the recipient away with joy and satisfaction. Sometimes, choosing the best gifts are already overlooked especially when there’s no time to go around the mall or browse online. The best gift that you can give to someone is the very thought of his or her genuine happiness when he receives it. This is where unique and unusual gifts come in.

What are unusual gifts? If you consult the dictionary, you will find that this means uncommon, exceptional and not ordinary. This is where you put creativity into play. Since unusual has to be beyond ordinary, why not add up creativity as well.

Gifts for Action-Horror Fanatics

Whether you like it or not, there are certainly people we know who just love the bizarre and action tuff. Add up the zombies on the list and the result is simply astonishing. Why not sign up a friend to a zombie boot camp? If a friend loves to play zombie action games, then he will love the idea of learning how to fight them through a boot camp. Fully-loaded with armor, grenades pistols and rifles, they will learn how to clear living dead enemies in a warehouse. For one day, he can pretend to be a soldier. After all, these are friendly boot camps with superb action and horror experiences.

Supercar Action Gift Experience

Sure, it costs a lot to own a Ferrari or better yet just to give it away as gift. How about treating somebody with a unique driving experience? An expert instructor will be there to fill him on all the techniques and rules, and then gets him on a real track for practice. Then he will have six miles to try this exhilarating supercar experience. After a day of Ferrari action, he will be given certificate and memoirs. Now, that is one great gift guaranteed to make your recipient jumping up and down.

Best Leather Bag for Your Best Bud

Who says leather bag is just for your women friends? Fashionable leather bags for men are becoming a craze. Just check out the designs from totes to hobo-chic and you will understand why they are slowly coming out. If you ask why they seem to resemble some of women’s handbags, that makes them quite unusual for men category. Well, get one now and see the look on your best bud’s face.

The three types are just examples of unusual but great gifts to give to a buddy. That goes to show that giving worthwhile experiences, no matter how bizarre, are the best gifts to give to someone. It is fun and the recipient will totally forget his problems even just for one day. Now that’s a truly memorable gift that lasts a lifetime.

The writer, Danielle Smith, loves to blog about leather bags, clothing and accessories. Read more about her interesting finds in

zombie run Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run1 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run2 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run3 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

zombie run4 Unusual Gifts Not For Everyone

Photo Credit: 316th ESC (CC BY 2.0)

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5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True


Animals are fascinating. It’s hard to comprehend just how many different species there are, especially to those who aren’t zoologists or biologists, which is why there are a lot of myths about certain animals which have stayed within the world’s consciousness over the years.

Here are five myths about animals which everyone thinks are true when, in reality, it’s all rubbish!

Bats are blind

animals myths 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

The saying ‘you’re blind as a bat’ has been around for donkey’s years, but is it actually true? The notion that a bat should be blind because it primarily uses sonar to guide its way round trees and walls is one that’s been perceived common knowledge for ages, but in reality, it’s actually not true. Sure, bats do have very small eyes, but they can actually see pretty well. Sonar is still their preferred vision, but their eyes are definitely in workable condition.

Old dog, new tricks

animals myths1 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

Again, this is another classic saying and another myth which is actually untrue. Saying that you ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is fair enough, but in reality even an dog, with a few weeks training, should be able to pick up the basic tricks of rolling over, sitting and fetching. It’s probably relevant to point out the saying should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it applies more to humans than it does dogs.

You’re never too far away from a spider

animals myths2 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

Many people believe you’re never more than three feet away from a spider. That is, without any question, a scary prospect, and it originally came from Norman Platnick, an arachnologist, who pointed out that, in the realms of probability, you’re ‘probably no more than a few yards away from a spider’. The important word there is ‘probably’. That word changes everything.

Sure, there are shed loads of spiders within every mile of the country, but you’re more likely to within a few feet of a spider if you’re stood in a field than you would be sat at home.

Wait; what’s that on your wall?

Death sex

animals myths3 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

One of the best myths surrounding anything in the world has to be the praying mantis. According to popular belief, after sex, the female praying mantis bites the head off the male – as if to suggest that this will be his first and last time. And she isn’t joking; she’ll then go about his entire caucus, to ensure he actually is dead.

As amazing as this myth is, it’s actually untrue. Sure, scientists found this was occurring when they were watching the insects have sex in a laboratory under high-intensity lights, but when they realised they could be messing up the mantis’ mojo they placed hidden cameras in the tanks instead – and saw some interesting results. Guess what happened? That’s right; they just had sex. No death. No head-biting. Just sex. Lovely.

Goldfish can’t remember

animals myths4 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

It’s one of the most long-standing myths ever and it is just not true. Goldfish do have memory capacity more than three seconds worth – in fact, their memory can stretch quite a lot further than you’d think. Experiments suggest goldfish can remember up to around five months, meaning the myth that’s been around for decades is about anything but factually correct.

So there you have it; some of the most popular myths regarding animals which aren’t actually true. Did you believe any?

Author: This article was compiled by Andy Graven who works for Invisible Fence, providers of invisible pet fences.

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Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone


A Personal Helicopter is something what cannot afford to own everybody. In most cases such property own rich people like actors or business men only. But German company E-Volo came with a new prototype of multicopter powered by sixteen propellers that should fill the gap of an affordable flying transportation device. The weight of this helicopter is 80 kg including lithium batteries and can fly 10 to 30 minutes. Limiting factor is the capacity of the battery, so the development in this area will bring longer flights and forward evolution.

e volo multicopter Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

e volo multicopter1 Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

e volo multicopter2 Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

e volo multicopter3 Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

e volo multicopter4 Affordable Multicopter Alias Personal Helicopter for Everyone

Photo Credit: E-Volo Press Pictures

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