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Explore Your Non-Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern Woman

Explore Your Non-Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern Woman


Though the United States encourages the freedom of expression and the ability to wear whatever you want, in most situations, there has largely been a homogenization of fashion for women in the workplace. One of the reasons for this is that fashion companies tell women what they should want to wear, no very few women want to be ostracized for dressing in clothes that look dated or inelegant. Unfortunately this can rob women of their ability to express personality and personal taste, so there is a growing movement to bring unique styles and colors back to a woman’s wardrobe. If you are looking for something new and exciting to wear at work there are three outfit ideas that will make you look very unique.

Tunic Dresses

A tunic dress is a long sleeved top that is designed to cover the entire torso and extend past the waist to cover the buttocks. Most tunic dresses have a loose fit, so that there is plenty of room to move around while you are in them and to make sure that you do not overheat from the extra material. This style comes from traditional dress of the Middle East and Arab nations and has been a staple of women in these areas for centuries. In the United States they have not been as popular because American fashion has trended towards sexualization and exposure of a woman’s breasts, belly and hips, things that a tunic dress covers. With a tunic dress is that you can decide how formal or casual that you want to be based on the bottoms that you wear with it, and the numerous styles available at sites like Fashion Undercover provide plenty of tops to start with.


The South Asian variation of the tunic dress is called a kurti, and they can add color and sophistication to your wardrobe, all while making you stand out from the crowd. Most kurtis are made from a rectangular cut of fabric and the garment is draped over the body, with a slightly loose fit. The front and the sides can extend as low as mid-thigh, though most modern women will want to wear them cut a little higher. To give you some extra movement while you are wearing the kurti you can purchase one that has slits on the sides that allow the legs to move more freely and gives a wide range of motion. Kurtis typically come in vibrant colors and elegant styles that are perfect for the office or for going out with your friends. Must like the tunic dress, the ability to mix and match styles with different bottoms adds great versatility to the garment.

Palazzo Pants

explore nonwestern clothing choices three Explore Your Non Western Clothing Choices: Three Unique Outfit Ideas For The Modern WomanTo complete your ensemble you will need some bottoms to go with your new tops and palazzo pants are a throwback to an older style that is making a comeback. Palazzo pants have wide, flared legs that resemble the bellbottoms of the 1970s. The fabrics are usually exceptionally soft and flowing, so that you have the greatest range of motion, but the materials are so lightweight that you might even forget that you are wearing pants altogether. The design of the pants has a slimming effect and you will find that the pants really enhance your profile when you have them on.

A unique style helps to make you stand out from those around you and helps people to remember who you are. When you add some clothing options that pull from non-Western sources you can help to find more choices that highlight your special personality.

I am Melanie Al Hamir and I have been a fashion advisor for ten years. When women come to me for advice I like to recommend that they explore Eastern fashions to find styles and colors that they might like, because these designs are likely to be more unique than something we would find at a mainstream department store.

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Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen

Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen


Kitchen remodeling or renovation is a highly skilled task. It asks people to be more patient and willing to consider clients’ needs and wants. You may also get a professional if you have to get the task done immediately and successfully. Now, there are several services that can help you remodel or you may personally take a look at the existing styles online or at magazines to get some great concepts. Some of the areas in your home where you would be doing several remodeling techniques is the kitchen.

improvement choices for more beautiful Improvement Choices For A More Beautiful and Fully Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is not just the place where food is being prepared and cooked. It is an area where you get creative with what you eat an appealing kitchen just adds to the flavors. If you have any plans of doing kitchen improvements now would be the perfect time. Why? You’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Custom cabinetry can be a great choice to begin with. You may use an extended arched platform where your family can enjoy fresh early morning meals while you prepare and cook them on the side. This is a layout that majority of kitchens uses nowadays. It makes your cooking and dining corner a pleasant one!

Cabinets and countertops

You can pick from various types of woods for your cabinets or stone as countertops. Your kitchen improvement task must be able to give you not just an aesthetically appealing kitchen but also a fully functional one. The wood and the countertop normally will be among the few things that will add a good contrast to your kitchen. Log online to find the best countertop replacement materials or services.

Utensils and appliances

Renovation or improvements would never be complete without investing in high quality and good looking utensils or appliances.Get a refrigerator that has the right size and place it to a corner that is very much accessible to both guests and cooks. Toasters, microwaves, blenders, and more are perfect additions to good looking countertops.

Your utensils and dining table accessories should also match the newly renovated area. Make sure that the materials and colors you used will compliment the theme of your kitchen. Many companies, both local and online, are offering high quality utensils or appliances at reasonable costs. Look for them.

Remodeling is an excellent idea as it helps you in keeping a great ambiance in your place and also include new concepts in your home. You can pick from several different styles that are available today. Many services that exist now are all contractors and provide you with top quality kitchen décor choices. All of these will help you get a better and more functional cooking and dining area.

About the Author:

Linda Rosario is based in New York and currently works at – Quality equipment, at the best prices for the restaurant or home kitchen. Aside from blogging about delicious recipes and interesting ways on how to renovate the kitchen, Linda is also fond of painting and photography.

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