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Giving Back This Holiday Season

Giving Back This Holiday Season


Giving Back This Holiday Season – How Dentist’s Are Giving Back

Whether you have a million extra dollars or a simple hug to share with a stranger, everybody has the ability to give back. Of course, like every year the holiday season becomes extremely hectic for everyone. Children and teenagers are turning in their last assignments to school, parents might be working overtime to provide for their families. Everybody else is either traveling, shopping or welcoming guests. It’s easy to forget the real meaning of the holidays and how you can help your community.

giving back this holiday season Giving Back This Holiday Season

In my opinion, the best part of the holidays is being able to give to others. Giving somebody a present or even donating your unused things to those in need, are the things I look forward to the most. If you want to give back to your community, just do it. You don’t even have to have a lot of money or even tons of extra time, just a desire to give back.

Giving Back Through Dental Services

A lot of business’ especially dental offices are using their expertise to provide services to those in need. By doing what they love, they are figuring out ways to give back to those in their community, by providing services to people who may not be able to normally afford it. General, cosmetic and restorative dental services are quite expensive, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. A new set of dentures or repairing a broken tooth might not be plausible for many, especially if they have other financial burdens to worry about.

Although dental services, especially cosmetic dental services may seem like a luxury service, having the ability to smile again, or have teeth to eat with, are things we all deserve. Cosmetic dentistry can provide dental implants to replace important teeth that many have lost. Many older individuals, or individuals who have gone through an illness, experience tooth loss. Having a cosmetic dentist who is willing to give you your smile and teeth back for free is something that will last you a life-time.

These dentists are also able to help children and individuals who have cavities or decayed teeth that need to be replaced with a filling or requires the placement of a bridge or crown. These services can be extremely costly and because of generous dentists, these individuals will have their oral health and smiled improved.

These are just some of the small ways that dentists are giving back to the community. Many dentists are providing free dental exams, teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings. By doing what they do best, they are helping out their community and providing services that are vital to our oral health.

If you have a business, whether it is a dental practice or not, you can provide free services to the members of your community. It doesn’t matter if you provide free meals to the homeless or donate the extra items you have in stock at your retail store. Do what you can and spread joy this holiday season.

Victoria is a blogger for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. She loves volunteering and finding new ways she can give back to her community.

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I’ve Got Your Back – Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

I’ve Got Your Back – Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!


Before a funeral, the bereaved is distraught and disturbed. While reeling in the sense of loss, one cannot expect them to be up to the job of planning the funeral. If you are close friends with the bereaved and you want to make them feel better, this is the time to step up. At such times, any help is welcome. So instead of offering help and telling them you are there for them, come up with specific ideas to help before the funeral. Here are some ways you can do so –

Coordinate with visiting guests

ive got back say gestures Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

At funerals, there are many guests coming from out of town and need to be cared for. Their accommodation, food, transport etc. are some things that need to be looked after. Offer to pick up the guests at the airport or the railway station or the bus station. Make sure there is enough reservation of accommodation. Offer for the guests to stay over at your house or call up a hotel to reserve a few rooms. By handling the visiting guests, you are taking up a big chunk of the responsibility.

Coordinate the food

ive got back say gestures1 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

Being the most common gift, food is something that the bereaved is going to get amply. Many guests will be bringing in homemade food or from the restaurant or deli. You can take over the responsibility of managing the food. The track needs to be kept of who has brought what and off the dishes and containers too. Homemade food is brought in personal dishes and containers which need to be returned to the owners.  You need to make sure the food is stocked properly in the fridge. Failure to track will make it impossible to differentiate between the fresh and stale.

Prepare the house for guests

ive got back say gestures2 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

If the grieving family is expecting guests at the funeral, then the house must be prepared for them. You could take that responsibility on your shoulders. The house must be cleaned, the fridge must be stocked, beds need to be arranged, etc. You must also check up on the toiletries so that when the guests are here, there is no discomfort. Make sure you have paper napkins and plates for everyone.

Take care of the kids

ive got back say gestures3 Ive Got Your Back   Say It With Gestures By Helping The Bereaved Before A Funeral!

Deaths leave behind an emotionally tumultuous environment in the house. Seeing grieve stricken parents can be disturbing to the kids. Besides, the parents won’t be able to look after the kids as much as they usually do. You could take on the responsibility of the kids at such a time. Really small kids don’t need to be in such an environment and so you can babysit until the funeral. Many times parents find themselves with a lot of responsibilities to handle and can miss out the food timing of the kids. Make sure the kids are well fed and play at their usual time. You can also offer to take them to the park or the museum to keep them off the hands of their parents.

These are just some things that can share do to share some responsibility with the grieving in such a difficult time. It’s comforting to have someone show “I have got your back” with gestures!

Keith Dunham is a writer by profession and a frequent blogger. He works for and has recently started focusing on developing a caring and kind nature so that he can be helpful to others in bad times.

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8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors


If you’re trying to restore your home’s freshness, here are eight options for getting rid of just about any type of nasty smell that may be bothering you:

Find the Source

As you’ll see throughout the rest of this list, some odors are simply the result of an accumulation or buildup that occurs in a space that hasn’t received the attention it needs. However, if you start to notice an especially bad smell around your house, there may be something that requires removal. For an item that’s rotting away or going through a similar process, no amount of air freshener is going to be able to actually eliminate its odor. Instead, each time a temporary fix wears off, the smell will be worse than before.

Clean on a Regular Basis

This may sound too obvious to be helpful. But the reason it’s a tip worth mentioning is many people underestimate just how important it is to pay attention to small details. If you’re simply going through the motions and not taking an active approach to your cleaning, chances are you’re going to miss at least one area that may be contributing to a smell that you want to eliminate. By just going a little slower and staying truly focused on what you’re cleaning, you’ll find that you’re able to get rid of many odors without even making any changes to your cleaning routine.

Create a Different Scent

One option for dealing with a smell you don’t like is to create something different to enjoy. The simplest example of how you can do that is with a portable vaporizer. Because options like the Pax vaporizer by ploom easily fit in your pocket, you won’t have any trouble keeping it with you. Then whenever you want to smell something different, you’ll be able to load it with the aromatic material of your choice, and then use it to create a smell you will definitely enjoy. If you want to learn more about how the pax vaporizer works, you can read its full details and specs.

bad odors 8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

Bake Something

You don’t even have to fire up your stove in order to overpower any less than ideal smells that may be lingering in your kitchen. Instead, you can simply pop a sheet of cookies in the oven, and your kitchen will once again smell inviting in no time.

Eliminate Odors from Your Dishwasher

If you notice that your dishwasher has an unpleasant smell, there’s an easy way to get rid of it. You can either put white vinegar in a cup on the dishwasher’s top rack, or simply pour it into the bottom of the dishwasher. Then run your machine without loading anything else into it. Once it’s done, it won’t take long for the vinegar smell to disappear, and then you’ll be left with a dishwasher that’s free of any odors.

Use Activated Charcoal

This is something you’ll want to keep a supply of around your house. The main reason is it has a wide range of uses. While it’s especially useful for pet odors, even if your home doesn’t have any furry inhabitants, you’ll find that it’s handy for absorbing other smells. And if you do have any cats or dogs in your house, you can put it by their litter box or where they sleep to help control the odors they create.

Stop Smoking

bad odors1 8 Ways To Fight Back Against Bad Odors

Cigarette smoke is one of the hardest odors to eliminate. And unlike many other home odors, it’s not just an annoyance. Instead, it can create serious health problems for you and everyone else who lives in your home. Additionally, even if you don’t smoke directly in your house, it can still get on clothes and cause bad odors in areas like your closet. Even though it’s not easy to do, quitting will significantly improve your home’s air quality.

Don’t Forget About the Fan

While a solution like a candle or plug-in air freshener can work well in the bathroom, don’t forget that running its fan for even a short amount of time will also help to pull out any unwanted odors.

No one wants their house to smell bad. The good news is while it’s normal to be grossed out upon discovering a bad smell, chances are it actually won’t be that hard for you to get rid of it.

Billy Smitherman is a 1st year college student that is currently studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree. When he is not writiing about fine are to holistic healing he enjoys meditation, yoga and aromatherapy.

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Getting Back in the Playing Field and Getting It Right

Getting Back in the Playing Field and Getting It Right


Getting back in the dating world after a break-up or divorce might seem like the world’s most difficult thing to do. The longer your previous relationship was, the more complicated the return seems to be, and the longer are you prone to postponing it. Months or even years spent in the comfort of a stable relationship might put a guy under the impression that everything in the dating world has changed, no rules apply any longer, and, generally speaking, you are never getting another date again. However, we’re here to help with some dating tipsthat are meant to prove that nothing is ever as difficult as it seems. All you need to do, in order to get back in that proverbial saddle is to take it easy on yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Identify those coping mechanisms that are particular to your personality and situation. Yes, boys cry, too. So do full-grown men, for that matter. Maybe ending your last relationship was your fault, maybe it wasn’t. In the wake of it, it doesn’t really matter. Feel free to go on a bender or two, work out like mad, or renew your wardrobe, if that floats your boat. Grieving is fine—as long as it doesn’t come to negatively affect your life and work.
  2. Age ain’tnothin’ but a number.You might be a fresh-faced college graduate, a man in his prime, or a man whom society expects to be going full-throttle through his midlife crisis. Remember that your age does not define you, nor does it reveal anything else about you but the number of years you’ve been around on the planet. Cliché as it may sound, with the right mind frame, it’s never too late to start over.
  3. Socialize, socialize, socialize! Then socialize some more. Not only will putting yourself out there statistically improve your odds at meeting someone you hit it off with. Keeping an open mind and attitude and getting to know as many women as possible will also directly impact your appeal in a positive manner. That might seem counter-intuitive to some, especially to those men of the shy variety. However, visualize yourself at your favorite watering hole, club, or bar. You’re casually making conversation with as many women as you can. You’re not being pushy, but relaxed and sociable, cracking the occasional joke. Other women witnessing this display of social behavior will automatically perceive you as open, fun to hang out with, and all the more alluring for it.
  4. Understand that trends come and go, but self-confidence is always appreciated. No one is saying that renewing your subscription to Esquire, FHM, or Men’s Health is wrong. Actually, if anything, checking out current fashion trends, trendy gadgets, and the latest babes to have popped up on the scene might work wonders on your self-esteem. It might even prompt you to renew your gym subscription, while you’re at it. However, remember that fashions (in matter of clothes, accessories, and women) will come and go. The one timeless trait that you need to be working on is your self-confidence.
  5. Forgive yourself. There is a tremendous amount of guilt being doled out in the Western world at any given time. We are taught that there is always someone to blame. Perhaps you were mostly at fault for the break-up of your previous relationship and you now understand and regret it. Holding on to those regrets, however, will only make it more difficult for you to let go and move on. The sooner you can accept your part of the blame, acknowledge it, and own it, the sooner you’ll be back to your former self-confident self.

If you’re interested in learning practical & effective dating tips, along with many different ways to build your self-confidence, visit our friends over at the

relationship dating Getting Back in the Playing Field and Getting It Right

Photo Credit: Life Mental Health (CC BY 2.0)

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Back to Our Home in Congo

Back to Our Home in Congo


Somewhere, deep in the Congolese jungle, the ancestor of current human species was evolved. Today is this place called Democratic Republic of Congo. What is especially sad, is the devastation and never-ending fight on this piece of planet. Second Congo War, which started in 1998, resulted in 5,4 million of dead people until the end in 2003. Through this so called peace, fighting still continues in the east of country and violence is significant part of this country. But what is alarming even today is the dying rate of 45 000 people per month.

congo Back to Our Home in Congo

congo1 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo2 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo3 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo4 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo5 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo6 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo7 Back to Our Home in Congo

congo8 Back to Our Home in Congo

Photo Credit: Society of the Sacred Heart

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