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John Studzinski

John Studzinski


One of the most interesting things about investing is that it can be influenced by the investor’s knowledge of the arts and the rest of the world, outside of just the business sphere. For example, John Studzinski is a committed patron of many forms of art, but he has also risen through the ranks of investment banking, something that does not seem to be connected to the arts at all. If you are thinking about becoming an investor yourself, you know that this is very academic work that requires a precise understanding of how investing works, how to manage risk, and things of this nature. In order to have success, you may assume that you have to dedicate your life to nothing else.

JStudzinski John Studzinski
However, the fact of the matter is that it may help you to graduate with a pair of arts degrees that are more closely related to the things that you are passionate about. In the fashion of liberal studies, you could take many classes related to the arts and humanities that are not even reflected in those degrees. From a very young age, have these been the types of things that you have cared about, and do they still resonate with you today?

Of course, an art degree alone will not get you a job as an investment banker. It does seem like a large step to take in a very different direction, but you can plan things out to push yourself to this end. You should start by getting an advanced degree in finance after you graduate from college. With a total of three degrees, you will now have a very well-rounded education that will allow you to pursue whatever career you chose. Since your financial background will be the most recent – and because you will be able to see that this career path leads to the chance for the most financial success – that is the direction that you can select. You need the advanced degree in most cases to get a job, but you can study almost anything that you like in undergrad.

All in all, having so many different educational opportunities could really help. Investing is about more than just looking for trends and being good with numbers. You also have to understand society. You have to know what people care about and what they think. This changes the way that they invest and the way that they purchase goods and services, which can have a huge impact on the markets. If you can analyze these things, you can predict changes and then invest accordingly. You will not be limited to just understanding one aspect of society. You will have a wider view that gives you the edge.

If you are successful financially, your love for the arts will be able to flourish all through your life. You could collect art for the home. You could give money to charities that support the arts and you could support the work of art museums. Your patronage will make it possible for the arts to stay strong. By supporting this field, you will still be involved with the things that you love, even if you did not decide to make a career out of them, so you will enjoy your hobbies and your career in equal parts.

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