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Don’ts in betting

Don’ts in betting


craps bet on dont pass bar Don’ts in betting

Betting – the most time consuming process of doubling your money, even without any kind of hard work. But you are always depended on your luck and destiny while you are betting. This is why you often lose the bet as well as your precious money. Whenever you are getting into betting you should always avoid some mistakes to be successful. is the best site that help you do a successful betting. Here are some tips for a successful betting.

Failure of using betting banks

The most common mistake a person do during gambling is they bet on with their single source of finance and often unfortunately they end up with nill balance or some loans. You should always set aside a bank commonly known as betting bank that has the great advantage for you as it is independent of your personal finance. A professional punter will always have a backup plan other than the amount of money he can afford to invest.

Chasing loses

Chasing loses might give you a feeling of a great profit at first sight but it is just a way of getting you in a trap of eventual losses. A professional punter never plays this foolish bet. It is advisable to you if you loses one bet at a time in this chasing loses then don’t continue to play, because it is most probably not your day but of bookmarker’s, who wants you to lose the bet. Rather you should try your bet in the ‘the last race’ as it gives you better chances to win. As bookmakers didn’t get indulge in making your day and organising more races the next day or the other. And so you should always remember that there is nothing like ‘the last race’.

Greed of instant getting richer

Many of you have greed of becoming richer and richer with just one bet. And as a result you lose a large amount of money. Professional punters always use to choose multiple bets of small amount of money. There is nothing like getting rich instantly. It mostly results in a very big loses.

Lack of discipline

Many punters usually lose a bet just because of indiscipline. It takes a big deal to play with discipline, but it is the key to become a successful gambler. It takes discipline to deny a bet having money in your pocket, it takes discipline to deny small bets for fun, it also takes discipline move away from a race when you feel that the price of bet is not right


Emotion is one of the reasons of an unsuccessful bet. The professional punters never take any bet in any kind of flow of emotions. Mostly the bookmakers try to make you emotional by their bets and you are in their trap and on the verge of losing your bet

Thus for a successful betting you should always be conscious, disciplined and most importantly emotionless. can guide you more about this.


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