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Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?


In the past, people regarded a car accident as a blunder and something to progress from fast by fixing the damage. Today, this is not the case because other individuals might regard a person’s bad luck as their advantage. This is mostly accurate if the person has assets like money or property. If an individual is involved in a car accident, his or her assets are positively endangered.

are assets safe car accident Are Assets Safe In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

In the Wrong

Just because a person has a car accident does not imply that he or she will lose assets to others who were involved. The individual must be liable, or the accident must have been his or her fault. The police officer at the accident scene does not specify who is in the wrong. Liability is decided in a court, eventually, or by the insurance companies involved with the drivers if they arrive at an agreement. From time to time, liability is obvious. However, laws do not decide it since it is a civil matter. If a person is sued, he or she must defend him or herself, or the court will suppose that the individual is in the wrong. As a result, the court could issue a decision to the other party.

Exempt Assets

A few assets that a person might possess cannot be obtained in a lawsuit. Most frequently, retirement assets kept in an employer-sponsored retirement plan might not be obtained to fulfill a lawsuit. An employer-sponsored plan contains a 401k or 403b plan. These plans are provided protection from lawsuits under federal law. A few states might also permit identical protections to assets kept in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). If an individual’s salary or bank accounts is garnished because of a car accident lawsuit, his or her disability or any other federal benefit cannot be garnished.


If person owns assets, generally a home, and his or her state provides substantial homestead exemptions in a bankruptcy, he or she could dismiss his or her judgment by filing for bankruptcy. Every nonexempt asset will be obtained to pay a bankrupt individual’s bills. However, he or she could retain the exempt assets like huge quantities of home equity if appropriate, while the plaintiff in the car accident lawsuit must wait like everyone else. In addition, IRA accounts benefit from at most $1 million in bankruptcy protection. If an accident originates from drunk driving, or maybe other types of negligence, the decision is not fulfilled in the bankruptcy and must be paid.


A driver must safeguard his or her personal assets. About every state insists on drivers buying liability insurance at an extremely reduced level. Any driver should have automotive liability insurance of more than equal to the value of his or her net worth. It might be an excellent suggestion, conditional on the situation, for a driver to have more. If the individual cannot buy automotive liability coverage that is adequate for his or her needs, he or she can buy umbrella liability coverage for a greater amount. Equal to $1 million in umbrella coverage can normally be bought for between $200 to $300 a year.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at The Law Offices of WT Johnson, a personal injury law firm in Dallas, Texas. Zane hopes he’s never sued in a personal injury claim.


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