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Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run

Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run


The man who betrayed the sixties most notorious gangsters comes back from the dead after spending over 40 years on the run and lives to tell the story of how he finally brought down the Kray’s. Bobby Teale was a former henchman of the Kray’s but after the pair crossed the line with his younger brother, he knew their reign of terror had to be ended and fast.

Kray Twins Ronald and Reginald went home yesterday after long efforts to help police inquiries into the Blind Beggar Pub shooting in 1966 839254 300x199 Former Henchmen, Bobby Teale, Is Resurrected After 40 Years On The Run

The evidence that Bobby provided was largely incorporated in putting the twins behind bars and the Kray’s were sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison however Bobby’s betrayal led to a life sentence of another sort for the former henchmen and forced him to flee the country in fear of his and his family’s life.

Scarred by witnessing the sadistic and merciless killings and tortures that happened at the hand of the twins, Bobby bravely set into motion the string of events that eventually led to the arrest of the Kray twins. Using the false name, Frosty, to protect his identity Bobby leaked information to the police however underestimated the Kray’s power over several crooked policemen in the force. Putting his faith in one particular policeman, Bobby pleaded the policeman to leak false information to the Kray’s on who was providing the Scotland Yard with the evidence leading to the murder of a fellow criminal who the Kray’s believed to have betrayed them.

Until now, the 70 year old lived in secret, terrified that his random appearance one day in Britain would result in his brutal murder. In an exclusive interview, Bobby reveals how he first got involved with the twins and how their chain of horrifying murders marked him for life.

In the 60’s, Bobby’s mother ran a small club in Islington, North London. During this time, the Kray’s had been at their peak and took control over London’s entire criminal underworld and it was understandable why Bobby questioned his brother’s actions that night.

Like his mother, Ronnie Kray also ran a club known as the Two R’s Club located in Bethnal Green with his twin brother Reggie. One night Ronnie showed his face at Bobby’s mother’s club only to be turned away by David. Horrified by David’s actions, Bobby asked him ‘don’t you know who that is? You can’t ever do that to Ronnie Kray’.

This was only the beginning for the Teale boys. Though the brothers stand by their word in insisting that they had never been on the payroll of the Kray’s firm they revealed that they were all soon required to humour the twins and run various errands for them. During their time in business with the Kray twins, all three brothers witnessed vicious beatings and the ghastly, violent results of Ronnie Kray’s irrepressible mood swings.

Following his 40 year escape from the hands of many who wished to bring Bobby down, he went on to write a book detailing his gruesome experiences with the twins and the shocking horrors he had to face to bring the twins down.

To find out more about the Kray’s frightening reign, join us on the East End of London’s Kray’s Tour for a full experience of life in the sixties during their criminal supremacy.


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