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Essential Artist Studio Equipment

Essential Artist Studio Equipment


Artists are all individuals and unique and the same can be said for their studios. The studios will be designed and developed to match the personality of the creator and to suit their working styles. However, there are some pieces of essential equipment that all studios require. Not all of the equipment is cheap, especially if you buy on the high street. Some is difficult to get hold of while other pieces can be found in the local art shop. If you’re about to set up your studio, here are some supplies and materials you’re going to need to get hold of.

Untitled Essential Artist Studio Equipment

Suitable Work Space

You’re going to need work surfaces to create your masterpieces on. This will include a drafting table, large table surfaces and an easel or two (or more).  It’s a good idea to have a few options of how to work but the ones you set up initially will depend on the media you prefer to use the most. Many artists like to have a couple of options regarding work space, so if you can stretch to easels in different sizes and some table surfaces to work on you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run.

Lighting Considerations

Natural light is always best but not all studios are blessed with floor to ceiling windows with an abundance of light flowing in throughout the day. You may also prefer to do your work in the evenings or at night when natural light is limited or non-existent.  Therefore you’ll need to improve the artificial light in the space using full spectrum lights if possible.

Storage for Your Artist Supplies

It goes without saying that you will need a good supply of paints, papers, canvases, pencils and any of your favourite media you like to use. However, when you’re buying these pieces you must also consider where and how they’re going to be stored in your studio. Proper storage can protect your art supplies, keeping them in good condition for longer. Good storage will also be beneficial when it comes to keeping your space clean and organised. Visit the art store and discover the various storage options available to you and don’t forget to make the most of the entire wall space.

You will need to protect all your completed pieces of work too. While you may hope that each piece will be sold as soon as it’s completed, in truth you’ll probably have many that remain in your studio for some time. Therefore you must protect your portfolio of work. If they are framed or on canvas make use of the wall space but also consider flat storage options and using portfolio cases for added protection.

Save Money and Buy Online

The cheapest prices are generally always found online. You’re often given much more choice on the different brands that are available when you visit websites too. Unlike brick and mortar stores the stock is less limited, offering you many more options. Click here to find a great supply of quality yet affordable art supplies for your studio.

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