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Giving Back This Holiday Season

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Giving Back This Holiday Season – How Dentist’s Are Giving Back

Whether you have a million extra dollars or a simple hug to share with a stranger, everybody has the ability to give back. Of course, like every year the holiday season becomes extremely hectic for everyone. Children and teenagers are turning in their last assignments to school, parents might be working overtime to provide for their families. Everybody else is either traveling, shopping or welcoming guests. It’s easy to forget the real meaning of the holidays and how you can help your community.

giving back this holiday season Giving Back This Holiday Season

In my opinion, the best part of the holidays is being able to give to others. Giving somebody a present or even donating your unused things to those in need, are the things I look forward to the most. If you want to give back to your community, just do it. You don’t even have to have a lot of money or even tons of extra time, just a desire to give back.

Giving Back Through Dental Services

A lot of business’ especially dental offices are using their expertise to provide services to those in need. By doing what they love, they are figuring out ways to give back to those in their community, by providing services to people who may not be able to normally afford it. General, cosmetic and restorative dental services are quite expensive, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. A new set of dentures or repairing a broken tooth might not be plausible for many, especially if they have other financial burdens to worry about.

Although dental services, especially cosmetic dental services may seem like a luxury service, having the ability to smile again, or have teeth to eat with, are things we all deserve. Cosmetic dentistry can provide dental implants to replace important teeth that many have lost. Many older individuals, or individuals who have gone through an illness, experience tooth loss. Having a cosmetic dentist who is willing to give you your smile and teeth back for free is something that will last you a life-time.

These dentists are also able to help children and individuals who have cavities or decayed teeth that need to be replaced with a filling or requires the placement of a bridge or crown. These services can be extremely costly and because of generous dentists, these individuals will have their oral health and smiled improved.

These are just some of the small ways that dentists are giving back to the community. Many dentists are providing free dental exams, teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings. By doing what they do best, they are helping out their community and providing services that are vital to our oral health.

If you have a business, whether it is a dental practice or not, you can provide free services to the members of your community. It doesn’t matter if you provide free meals to the homeless or donate the extra items you have in stock at your retail store. Do what you can and spread joy this holiday season.

Victoria is a blogger for Lakeway Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. She loves volunteering and finding new ways she can give back to her community.

Why We Should Look To The Skies

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Everyone has heard of renewable energy and it yet not many people take notice of it. I appreciate the fact that it is an abstract concept and the components are pretty expensive but we need to start looking towards our natural energy resources as the world’s oil supply reduces.

It is a problem that future generations are going to experience and not so much us however it is very important to be aware of the facts, the damage we are causing is bringing the earths end date sooner and sooner. We are emitting so many greenhouse gases and this is because of two reasons, out personal wastage and energy overuse, and the recklessness of big business and corporations.

Because these companies make billions of pound profit each year they don’t think of the consequences of their actions. I believe focusing on big business is the key to spreading renewable energy and this article will highlight why as well as presenting other reasons too.

why should look skies Why We Should Look To The Skies

Sets an Example

Using renewable energy sets a standard for the rest of the world. We live in a situation where it is becoming progressively “cool” to innovate so why not do it for the benefit of our planet.

Big business is where people look towards, you see their enormous buildings in the city and think immediately about the amount of money they make. Why can we look to their offices and see ETFE panels, this is just one example of renewable energy and is very distinctive looking.

I mean this is just one small example but you get what I mean, all it takes is for one of the major corporations to take a step towards going green and I guarantee others will follow. The world is just one huge competition,

I think it’s time one of these companies ignored their bank balance. Thousands of offices all around the world have employ similar technology onto their buildings in an attempt to raise the profile of renewable energy and conservation.

People Listen

People will listen to governments and big businesses, if the information is practically displayed to the world, it will be noted. Whatever people say, they listen to the government and if there was a purposeful national drive for change then I think it will have the desired positive effect on everyone.

A change of mindset is needed in order for this to be a success, we live in a world filled with competition and therefore fuelling the competition is certainly a positive strategy.

A Drop in the Ocean

To these companies the cost is merely a drop in the ocean and they should be encouraged to invest. If there was a new policy that forced every company to reduce their carbon footprint by 5% over 2 years, they will have to do it. Companies need to do their research and stop being so wasteful, they need to respect the planet that has allowed them to make the millions of pound profit they count up each year.

Andrew is an author with a love for the environment. He graduated from a London university with a degree in geography and this fuelled his care for the planet.

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Selling Toys Online? Tips for Selling Toys With an Ecommerce Website

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Selling toys online is a lot different than selling them in person in a store. You’ll have to compete against some of the bigger toy retailers with established brands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. To stay competitive it’s all about having the right technology, flawless layout, and of course the right merchandise.

selling toys online tips for Selling Toys Online? Tips for Selling Toys With an Ecommerce Website

Consider Who You’re Selling To

You need to consider your target audience. While your toys might be for kids, you’re not selling to the children — you’re selling to their parents. However, the tricky part is you still need to market your products to their user, while still attracting parents to buy from your site. You can do this by creating a website and a brand that appeals to the parents.

Pick a Toy Wholesaler

As you start selling toys online, you’ll eventually need to move over to a bulk wholesaler. Whether you purchase items to keep them in your own inventory or you plan to do a drop-shipping model, you need to start pricing out your wholesalers before you pick your own store prices. Go with a wholesaler who specializes in toys, because you’re more likely to get the discounts you need to make a worthy profit margin.

As a toy seller, you need to know what is considered a hot toy item. Some of the toys that are always popular include:

  • Action figures – From classic figures to those following today’s movies.
  • Board games – From classic games like chess and checkers to family-oriented games.
  • Educational or learning-based toys
  • Toy cars
  • Stuffed animals

Use the Right Platform

You need an ecommerce platform to sell toys online. Instead of going through a website developer or developing a website yourself, these platforms allow you to start your online toy store quickly and often supply you with everything you need — including shopping cart features, shipping options, and pre-built website templates.

Ecommerce platforms can help make managing your toy store easier as well. These platforms allow you to integrate with features like Google Shopping, sync with social media, and customize the look and feel of your online store.

Create a Catching Website

You’ll need a website that emphasizes the toys you’re selling. That means using a website template designed specifically for toy sellers. Industry-specific templates don’t require as much customization to suit the toys you’re selling. They often come with flexible banners, sliders on the homepage and galleries that are suited for ecommerce site owners selling toys.

Check Out Other Successful Online Ecommerce Stores

If you want to know where to start with your design or your marketing approach, it’s best to research your competition. You’ll have other ecommerce sites out there selling toys just like you, so you will want to pick the sites that sell similar merchandise. See how they’ve designed their site and what they’re doing that makes them successful. You can often get the information you need by reading the company’s blog or signing up to receive their newsletter.

Tips for Selling Used or Collector’s Items

You can start an ecommerce store that sells used toys or collector’s items, but you will need to take a few additional steps when offering these products. Whenever you’re selling used items, you need to indicate the condition of the toy, such as gently used, good condition, poor, etc. so buyers know what they’re getting. For collector’s items its best to get an appraisal on the product first. Those interested in these types of toys want to see it’s been appraised by a professional or that it has documentation before they buy it.


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There is nothing as beautiful as looking at a framed photograph on your wall. It brings back a flood of memories of the days gone by. Memories of friends and family, incidents that took place all come to life with photographs. Captured and framed, quite literally. There are different ways of framing those precious moments and keeping them for posterity. However, some of the traditional methods of framing could fade away and not retain the freshness of how it was years ago.


So here is something new for you to preserve your photographs. You could utilize this method for old pictures as well as new. Framing them on canvas is the new way to go for photographs. There are different options you can choose from. You could frame them in regular sizes as well as with a panoramic wrap option. This looks great for a picture taken in a panoramic format. You could take a single picture and split them into multiple panels which make for a great wall feature in your home.

Different formats

And now you can have your photos on canvas where you can order online and we will have it delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t that great? So all you need to do is select a format that you like for your framing option of canvas prints. You could also choose from options like sizes, and finish. Do you prefer your pictures on canvas to have a matte or semi glossy finish or would you like a border with another color to enhance the picture? Once you are done with all these options, merely upload your photographs that you want framed on canvas and rest assured the framing will be done and sent to you. Most framing stores prefer TIF, JPG or PSD format files, though you could go ahead and send them in any format. You should also ensure that the resolution is high so that the final product looks great. Most studios prefer a resolution between 72 and 300 dpi.


Environmentally friendly

The canvas prints ensure that all the material they use are environmentally friendly and will not in any way harm your family and pets too. The photos on canvas are first touched up to make sure it looks just perfect and then it is printed on very high quality canvas. Thereafter it is given the finishing touches with matte or semi gloss films and then stretched to the desired size and wrapped around the frame. All you need to do is take it out of the box and hang it on a nail in your room.

Canvas prints in Canada are a popular method of preserving pictures and you can rest assured that these photos on canvas will last a lifetime. It will not go through fading and will retain the original colors for up to 200 years under normal environmental conditions. So go ahead and get them up on your wall and enjoy the beauty of your memories over time.

Author bio: This article has been written by Lucy Collins about framing your photographs on canvas and its advantages online. Reading this article will help you frame your photos on canvas and keep it for posterity. You can also understand the different options available and how you can frame your pictures.

4 International Travel Myths Disproved

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Depositphotos 12053035 xs 4 International Travel Myths Disproved

While planning an international travel vacation can be an exciting time, worries are usually not far behind. From hoping the weather will cooperate to being concerned about getting lost or running short on money, organising a trip has its stressful moments. With that in mind, the following tips and advice will go a long way in debunking four common myths about international travel:

Don’t drink the water

While the idea of trying local cuisine is appealing, many travelers are so afraid of getting “Montezuma’s Revenge,” they will steer clear of all water and many foods. However, while drinking water straight from the tap might not be a wise idea, most well-traveled tourist areas should have drinkable water available. Many hotels have filtered water, which eliminates the need for lugging bottled water around. When trying street vendors, keep an eye on how the food is being prepared, and if it has a lot of local customers, those tend to be some of the better and safer places to eat.

Never travel alone

While striking out on a solo trip might seem a bit scary at first, it’s often well worth it. Those who set off on an adventure by themselves forge their own path and visit only the places meaningful to them. Solo travelers can often learn a lot from chatting with local vendors and other merchants. Instead of relying on your travel partners for conversation, those who travel alone are often more likely to speak with the locals.

You don’t need insurance

As anyone who has ever dealt with some type of travel emergency knows quite well, emergencies don’t read calendars. This is why getting affordable travel insurance is so vital. Purchasing the insurance doesn’t have to put a damper on the trip’s finances; for example, travel insurance from Budget Direct is friendly on the pocketbook and offers travelers valuable peace of mind. In addition, their website offers helpful information on typically unknown coverage uses for travelers. After all, you want to spend your travels gathering fun and enjoyable memories, not stressful ones involving expensive medical bills.

Driving on the “wrong” side of the road is difficult

Sure, it’s a little strange at first to drive on a side of the road you’re not used to, but it’s nothing that should prevent someone from traveling internationally. As a bonus, most people get used to it pretty quickly. A tip to make it all easier: don’t start off driving in major cities—pick up your car in a suburb if you can, and practise on the local roads. Spending a bit more money for an automatic shift is also a good idea. Drivers don’t need to worry about driving a manual shift in an unfamiliar car on a different side of the road.

Cyber Security and Banking Institutions: Is your Money Safe?

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AOE CYBER BANKING Cyber Security and Banking Institutions: Is your Money Safe?

Cyber Security and Banking Institutions: Is your Money Safe?

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 63 million Americans use online banking. Because of this, it is essential for banks to offer a highly secured environment. After all, the Citibank breach of 2011 highlights how catastrophic it can be if a hacker is able to gain access to a bank’s vital information.

Fortunately, the 210,000 Citibank customers who were affected by the security breach did not have their birth dates, card security codes and social security numbers exposed. It is also important to note that this was one of the first hacking incidents to successfully target a bank.

What Security Steps can a Bank Take?

There are several steps that major financial institutions take to help ensure that their customers will not become the victim of data theft. For example, banks use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, also known as HTTPS, to keep each transmission safe. Due to this, if you do not see HTTPS in your URL bar when you visit your bank’s site, you should not sign in.

Additionally, it is becoming increasingly common for banks such as PNC to provide users with the ability to select a security image and phrase so that they can conclusively determine if they are on the right site before they provide their login information.

It is also necessary for each bank to use the latest Internet security software, and they typically work closely with a professional security company, such as MSA Security, that has experience securing major critical infrastructures for large corporations. Utilizing one of these companies makes it easier for bank officials to feel confident in their ability to provide a safe online banking environment.

After all, working with a company that uses the same type of cutting-edge security technology that government facilities rely on is definitely the best way to keep hackers from finding a flaw in the system that they can exploit.

Tips for Safer Customer Online Banking

If you are interested in signing up for online banking, you should review your bank’s commitment to security. For example, if they do not offer a secured website, it is not a good idea to use their online services. Keep in mind that information can be stolen from your computer if you do not take important security steps on your end.

Therefore, you should always go directly to the website by typing it into your URL bar instead of clicking on links, and you should also take advantage of the opportunity to set up a security image or phrase so that you can be certain you are on the right page. Additionally, you need to keep your virus and malware software up to date, and it is vital to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

Cyber criminals are continuously becoming more tech savvy, so the odds are high that hackers will target online banking again in the future. However, it should still be safe to continue doing most of your banking online as long as your bank takes all the proper steps such as hiring a top-notch security company.

Lisa Coleman shares some safety measures that must be taken in order to help ensure a customer’s personal and financial information stay safe. She recently researched online how a security company such as MSA Security, also found online at, can enable a financial institution with excellent high level security, including online.

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How Social Media Responds to a Crisis

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AOE SOCIAL MEDIA HELP How Social Media Responds to a Crisis

How Social Media Responds to a Crisis

Approximately 500 churches will take advantage of the power of the Internet to bring their Christmas sermon to people worldwide. According to the Social Media Church, the interest in live streaming sermons has increased dramatically during the last six years. Kenny Jahng is the innovation and media pastor for the Liquid Church in New Jersey, and it is his belief that the church needs to embrace today’s digital culture. Due to this, Jahng’s church has hosted a wide variety of different online events, including last year’s virtual choir.

There are some churchgoers who do not believe that people should be able to participate in church events virtually. However, taking this approach is likely to continuously reduce the number of members that each church has, and this could have a very negative impact on donations. In other words, meeting tech lovers halfway by allowing them to watch sermons online is a good way to keep people involved.

How Social Media Responds to a Crisis

In the past, it could take several days for people around the world to find out about a catastrophe such as the typhoon that recently struck the Philippines. However, social media has completely changed the way that people learn and interact with news stories. In fact, anyone who logs into their Facebook or Twitter account at least once a day is likely to be up-to-date on the most important news stories. Additionally, every social media user has the opportunity to spread awareness of disasters and the need for donations and volunteers.

How Social Media Connects Volunteers to Relief Organizations

It is natural that more people feel the desire to help now that it is possible to see horrific photos and videos from a natural disaster shortly after it occurs. Due to this, many people actively seek out volunteering opportunities when a catastrophe happens, and social media makes it much easier for them to connect with the proper organizations. After all, almost every group that accepts volunteers has embraced the importance of having a website and social media presence, and this enables them to make timely posts when they are actively seeking volunteers.

Even individuals who are unable to donate their time can share this information with their entire social media network, and this is likely to encourage someone else to volunteer. Additionally, there are websites devoted solely to helping organizations look for people who want to volunteer their time.

The Impact of Imagery

Social media is filled with photographs and videos, and charitable organizations that need volunteers can use this to their advantage. For example, they can post photographs that show how damaged an area is after a natural disaster, and they can also upload videos that show their current volunteers making a difference. This visual representation of the need for help is much more likely to have an impact on a tech savvy individual than simply reading a plea for help. Therefore, every organization that needs volunteers should utilize social media and volunteer websites to help increase their odds of meeting all of their volunteering needs.

Offering to volunteer after a natural disaster is one of the best ways that you can give back. Keep in mind that every person who bands together during a difficult time has the ability to make a major difference in people’s lives. Due to this, everyone should consider volunteering. However, if you are unable to donate your time, you can still spread the word via your social media profiles. One service of Points of Light is All for Good, a meeting place for volunteer and community service organizations.

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Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

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In today’s modern society, we cannot function without multitasking – things just wouldn’t get done!

So now, we tend to expect the same from our possessions. If your mobile phone can be an alarm clock, a games console, a newspaper and a library in one, why can’t a coffee table do a little bit more than just ’hold’ things? And let’s face it; the majority of us are not living in a mansion, so utilising space is more important than ever.

get more bang for buck Get More Bang For Your Buck With Multifunctional Furniture

This is why designers are focusing more and more on space-saving, multifunctional interior design. The good news is with a bit of effort and a little DIY aptitude you can achieve the same results without the costs of hiring someone.

Practical art

Of course we are all used to the concept of something being both aesthetically pleasing and functional, but what if we would turn it around and think of the practical uses first? This approach could help you create beautiful accessories for your home.

If you need some extra storage space but don’t want to fix yet another cabinet to your wall, why not create your own display/storage unit for pens, letters, jewellery and little souvenirs from used cans. Use old paint or coffee cans, soak off the label and arrange them on the wall in a pattern you like. Why not give the cans a splash of paint to make it even more of a statement piece? And while we are talking about cans, what about a room divider made entirely out of these multifunctional, tin cylinders – lightweight and definitely eye-catching.

Ever thought of radiators as artistic focal points for the home? I think we can agree that traditional radiators are designed for function and can often be an eyesore in an, otherwise well-designed, interior. Luckily there is a huge variety of beautifully designed and energy-efficient radiators on the market. Such a radiator is the ultimate example of practical art.

Saving Space

One of the main purposes of multifunctional furniture is saving or even gaining space. A good and subtle way to save space in your living room is a sofa or chairs with a built-in storage, which is available from most furniture stores.

A new 2-in-1 design classic that we have been seeing a lot this year is the “reading chair,” which is like your very own library, which you can sit on! The chair stores books in the arms, base and back of the chair, creating the perfect reading space where you have your all your favourite titles close by – super stylish and a good solution if you’re living room is running out of space.

If you’d like your coffee table to hold something more than mugs, remotes and the odd pair of feet you can create a coffee table out of four (or more) wooden square frames, with the openings directed to the sides. This way you have a flat surface on top and storage inside the boxes for your DVD’s, magazines and books.  And even better, if you have a party or friends come over you can clear the floor, separate the units and use them as extra seats.


One of the most well-known multifunctional fixtures is the sleeper sofa, but unfortunately almost anyone who has ever slept on an old model knows that waking up with a sore back goes with the territory. Now that the quality of sleeper sofas has improved massively over the years, you can your study room as a guest bedroom again, without the guilt!

And how about combining something you really need with something that will keep your kids busy for hours? If you have kids you know how quickly their toys can take over your living space. To solve this problem you can integrate the toys into the decor with a beautifully built, wooden, two story dolls-house, with a flat roof, that also functions as a coffee table. This way you can keep an eye on the kids whilst socialising with friends.

Although it might feel like radiators are quite static home accessories that really only have the single purpose of heating our houses, there are actually smart, multipurpose, modern options now available.  One of my favourites is the radiator that is decked out with a mirror – ideal for hallways and/or bedrooms. You can even have them equipped with a shelf for your gloves and jewellery – the options are endless!

Get inspired

There is a huge selection of practical yet beautiful multifunctional furniture available for your DIY creations. However, remember to think outside the box. Try to have an open mind when looking at your interior and don’t be afraid to repurpose. Looking at things without the limitations of the initiated use of the object will bring you back to the old days, where a cardboard box could be anything from a spaceship to a home. Have fun!

Laura writes for Jaga Home Heating. When not writing, she can often be found trying to get more bang for her buck throughout the house.

Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

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It is again that time of the year when you need to start getting ready for the spookiest time of the year. Halloween is fast approaching and you want to start planning for a party if you are holding one this year. Here are some of the top tips to help you organise a successful Halloween party.
tips organising great halloween party Tips To Organising A Great Halloween Party

Send A Great Invite

A good party starts with a great invite and thus it is a good idea to have a fun invite sent to your guests. Since it is Halloween you will probably have something spooky as the theme to your party and your invite should reflect this as well.

Make sure you mention if you want your guests to come in a fancy dress and if you want them to bring some snack or drinks to your party. It is also important to send the invitation as soon as possible, preferably around one to two weeks before your party occurs.

Opt For Finger Food

The best foods for Halloween parties are definitely finger foods. This can allow you to be very creative with the food and you can have people come and go in a simple way because you aren’t serving hot food. It will also save you a lot of time since you can prepare for it well in advance.

Look for fun recipes online and you should definitely check out the popcorn recipe at the iVillage website. It is also a good idea to serve a punch bowl with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Atmosphere Comes From Lighting

It is important that your party has a spooky atmosphere and the best way to do this is by using dim lighting around the room. Place candles and for a safer option get some LED candles to place around the room. You should of course also have a few pumpkin heads around the room with some light inside.

Black and orange are usually associated with Halloween so it is a good idea to have lights that create an orange glow around the room.

Powerful Entertainment

It is a nice idea to organise a bit of entertainment to your party and for a Halloween party this should be something powerful and big. A good idea is to organise a fireworks display; this will create just the right atmosphere for your party and make sure your guests are wowed. If you are looking to buy fireworks online then you have a lot of options available, for instance Fireworks Crazy in the UK.

Good Old Decorations

It is a good idea to have some decorations at your party as well. The great thing about Halloween parties is that you can really go with the old trusted options of spider webs and skeletons. You should opt for these to guarantee your venue looks good and that there is the right Halloween atmosphere for people to enjoy their time at the party. Make sure you also add a bit of music to the party to guarantee the right party feeling.

Nicky is a big fan of parties and her absolutely favourite party is Halloween. She loves to find new ways to have a spooky party and is already planning her costume for this year. When she isn’t thinking about hosting parties she loves to spend time with her two cats.

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