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Things you Must Remember When Being Pulled Over

Things you Must Remember When Being Pulled Over


AOE TRAFFIC STOP Things you Must Remember When Being Pulled Over

Things you Must Remember When Being Pulled Over

Most drivers would argue that being pulled over by the police ranks among their top inconveniences while they are out on the road. While people rely on law enforcement to keep the roadways safe for drivers, people also hate being pulled over and questioned by police for any variety of traffic infractions. If you are pulled over by law enforcement, your first reaction might be to grumble about or even fear the policeman approaching your car.

However, police officers typically want to make your traffic stop as quick and friendly as possible. You can make the traffic stop easier and more convenient for you if you remember several important tips before the police officer approaches your car.

Calm Down and Be Polite

Your heart may be racing a mile a minute as you anticipate the officer knocking on your car door window. If you are afraid or angry, it is important that you remember to take a few deep breaths and remember that the police officer does not want to hurt you or cause you any distress. When the officer indicates, you should roll down your window or get out of the car, all the while speaking to him or her in a polite tone of voice. Your politeness and respect will help the stop remains upbeat and positive and avoid it turning into a combative situation.

Have Your License and Registration Handy

The officer will ask for your license and registration so that he or she can run a warrant check on you. You can make the traffic stop more uneventful if you have these items ready to hand over to the policeman. You can keep them in your purse or glove compartment. If you need to reach into either to get these items out, you are encouraged to tell the officer what you are doing so that he or she knows that you are not reaching for a weapon.

Be Honest about Your Level of Intoxication

Police officers are cleverer than the public gives them credit for on most occasions. If you have been drinking, you should just be honest about how many drinks you had prior to driving. If you lie, the officer is going to get irritated and perhaps be a bit harsher as he or she administers a field sobriety test. If you are intoxicated, it is better to submit to the arrest and allow the officer to take you into the police station than it is to lie to the officer’s face.

Hire an Attorney if Necessary

Even if you submit to the arrest, however, you still have every right to retain an attorney. In fact, you will be advised of this right when the officer reads you your Miranda rights. Whether you choose a NJ DWI lawyer or a MA OUI attorney, representation can help you avoid the harshest penalties of a DUI charge or any other charge related to your traffic violation. You may be able to call an attorney directly from the police station after you are booked into jail.

Go to Court or Pay the Fines

Even if you feel that you did not deserve to get pulled over and given a ticket, you should still resolve this infraction in the best legal way possible. You can go to court and contest the matter with a judge or you can simply pay the fine and avoid having your license suspended for non-payment of your ticket. A ticket does not mean you are necessarily guilty of the infraction for which the police officer stopped you. You can always go to court if you want to fight the penalty.

No driver likes to be pulled over and questioned by the police. However, you can take these suggestions into mind if you want to make your traffic stop as easy and quick as possible.

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