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Laser Engraving – Taking A Look Under The Hood

Laser Engraving – Taking A Look Under The Hood


The process which consists of incising marks or designs on a hard surface is known as engraving. Some of the most common materials used in engraving are zinc, copper, steel or plastics. The tools you need to carry out this process are called gravers and they are conic instruments with a sharp and cutting end. The engraving is carried out by pressing these tools onto a hard surface in a repetitive and precise manner.

laser engraving taking look under Laser Engraving   Taking A Look Under The Hood

How Do You Perform Engraving?

Engraving is carried out by using gravers to wisely create the incisions on the material. The more the gravers penetrate, the broader the lines will become. In addition, the inclination angle of the tool has a relation with the incisions characteristics. In order to endow the created marks with the appearance you desire, you need to master the proper engraving techniques. Such particularities of the process are responsible for making engraves become pieces of art. In this regard, silver and gold are the most valuable materials for engraving purposes.

Each engraving tool creates a deliberate appearance on the surface and has its own features. These utensils are available in various shapes, such as flat bottomed graver, angle tint graver, flat graver tools and round graver tools. The most important characteristic of such utensils is the mark they imprint. Engraving tools can be used for wood, plastic or metal as they are highly resilient. You can also customize your designs by using a special engraving machine.

What Do Modern Engraving Techniques Produce?

There are a few types of gravers and every single one of them has a way to be used. A burin is a hardened steel instrument which is used to form the basic design on the working surface. In the past, engravers mostly worker on copper plates but nowadays they can make designs in several metals. Modern engraving techniques allow artists to imprint materials such as silver, steel, nickel, gold, etc.

You can find high-quality engraved pieces of jewelry which reach a resolution as high as 40 lines in a millimeter. In addition, nowadays there are engraving machines which refine handwork in a considerable extent. However, artist finesse is yet valuable in this process. Engraving machines are mostly used to create inscriptions on rings and other pieces of jewelry.

 What Is Laser Engraving?

Today it is possible to perform engraving by using laser machines which imprint marks and designs in high quality. Such machines are able to etch, engrave designs or create marks on a surface. Computer systems are in charge of the entire process when laser machines are involved because of the complexity of the techniques.

In spite of such intricacy, very precise designs can be produced in an efficient way. The result of these developments in engraving techniques is quite outstanding and the final product is spotless.  In addition, laser machines are much sharper because they do not require bit tools to engrave.

There are various types of materials which can be engraved and the proper techniques must be used for each one. This is what makes the engraving process a highly specialized field. Even though laser machines make the process easier, professional engravers have to closely supervise the procedure to ensure a high quality product.


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