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How to Use the Different Recovery Modes of EaseUS for Recovering Data from Mac

How to Use the Different Recovery Modes of EaseUS for Recovering Data from Mac


Every computer user faces the issue of data loss due to various errors like disk failure, operating system crash or a severe virus attack. Next question that arise once there is a data loss is how to save the data if it is critical or important. Sometimes, it becomes important to save even those pictures or video files which are rare or we don’t have any backup for same. In these situations, there arises a need for data recovery software’s.

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Most of the free data recovery software for Mac are too expensive or too complex to be used by IT professionals only, i.e. it becomes very difficult for a common person to save his critical data in all these cases. This free data recovery software for Mac is magical data recovery software in these hard times, and it provides expert data recovery solutions at no cost whatsoever.


EaseUS data recovery wizard helps your recover your precious data in a 100% safe and secure method. Use of this software is quite easy, and any common person can do recovery following simple instruction in few steps only. EaseUS is capable of performing tough recovery jobs in quick possible time.


The recovery operation by EaseUS recovery software is of three types, and you need to choose the appropriate mode to recover data from your storage device. These recovery modes are described as below -


Deleted File Recovery Mode – This mode allows recovery of data which is lost due to any one of the following actions-

1) Deletion of files due to pressing of DELETE button.

2) Deletion of files due to SHIFT DELETE

3) Deletion of files from Recycle bin


Complete Recovery Mode – The complete recovery mode allows recovery of files deleted accidentally or unintentionally. Most of these scenarios include-

1) Data loss due to unexpected partition or formatting of storage device

2) Loss of data due to hard drive crash or operating system failure

3) Data loss due to raw partition or bad sectors

4) Unexpected power failure, ejecting storage device during data writing process

5) Virus attacks leading to data corruption.


Partition Recovery Mode – This recovery option helps in retrieving of data which is lost by deletion of partition of storage device. It is the toughest type of data recovery and include following scenarios –

1) Unintentional deletion of disk partition

2) Unexpected partition due to system restore, disk damage or boot manager application

3) Partition mistakenly deleted or made hidden

4) Crash of storage device or severe virus infection of hard drive


In an easy manner, you recover all of your important data in a speedy manner. EaseUS provides a preview of all the data available for recovery with its Preview Option. You need to decide about which data is required for recovery and you can select few important files or complete data if required. The free version of EaseUS data recovery software provides up to 2 GB of data recovery. Once recovered, you have the option to save and search the data on the basis of various attributes like file name, time of recovery etc. Based on powerful recovery features and trusted by millions of people, EaseUS is regarded as the best data recovery software available.


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