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7 Innovative Space Dividers For Open Concept Homes

7 Innovative Space Dividers For Open Concept Homes


You finally bought your dream house with an open floor plan which is perfect for entertaining. But because of the open concept, you are left with a large, empty space and you are wondering how you can break it up using stylish and chick design elements. Thankfully, there are ways to break up the space of an open floor plan without defeating its purpose.

To successfully divide the space, you don’t need to build concrete walls in the middle of your room. There are conventional hanging dividers, shoji screens, sliding barn doors, and other innovative space dividers. These innovative dividers blend perfectly with your interior home, as well as enhance the aesthetic value of your property. Here are some of the room divers that can serve as a stylish addition to your open concept home.

innovative space dividers for open 7 Innovative Space Dividers For Open Concept Homes

Indoor Water Walls: These walls are beautiful, stand-alone features that can break up any section of an open space. They are also a wonderful addition to interior design because they are very soothing and gorgeous to look at. These water walls are available in a wide variety of sizes. You don’t have to worry about these walls overpowering your room because you can choose between various backgrounds, including copper, glass, or slate. This space divider is an excellent choice if you are aiming for a modern, minimalistic interior design.

Headboard Space Divider: This design element functions as a space divider and storage space. It can be used in the master bedroom as a space divider between the sleeping area and the bathroom. When used in the bedroom, it can also function as a headboard, saving a lot of space.

Floor-To-Ceiling Barn Doors: According to Basin Custom, a company that specializes in custom design projects in Idaho, barn doors are perfect room dividers because they are a very creative space-saving solution. In fact, you can easily transform the function and ambiance of a room by simply sliding the doors. Using barn doors as dividers can add a rustic design to your home interior.

Illuminated Room Divider: This type of room divider serves more than one purpose. This can also serve as a light source as it provides subtle and dim illumination that creates the perfect mood lighting. If you place this divider behind the seating area, it can be used as a supplementary reading light.

Designer’s Eye Wall: This is a very innovative room divider since it can redefine your space, giving you privacy and isolation whenever you need it. Designer’s eye wall has a flexible screen system and sound-absorbing wadding which is made from felted wool. It also has magnetic ends which makes it easy to connect one Wall to another. If you do not need to use this divider, you can easily roll it up and place it in storage.

Recycled Wooden Pallet: This room divider is an excellent addition to your interior design. It adds a natural look to a space and it is very eco-friendly. Not only does it successfully break up the space, it also provides you with an extra wall space where you can hang your photos and arts. This is especially useful if you are living in an apartment where you are not allowed to nail holes on the wall.

Floor-To-Ceiling Pole Shelving: If you want to re-create the 50′s and 60′s interior design style at home, you can use these free-floating shelves. Adding a few accent pieces will allow this piece to blend in with your modern-inspired home.

Kris Bennette is an interior design student and blogger who offers tips and tricks for breaking up the space of an open concept home.

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