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Why Whistleblowing Has Become The ‘New Orange’

Why Whistleblowing Has Become The ‘New Orange’


AOE WHISTLEBLOWER Why Whistleblowing Has Become The New Orange

Why Whistle-blowing Has Become The ‘New Orange’

In recent months, the world has witnessed major whistle-blowing cases bring down powerful government and business leaders. It used to be that it was considered to be a practice reserved for traitors and cowards. However, many today have the full backing of the public. People who wonder why it is becoming more prevalent and accepted may consider some of the most popular reasons given by the public. These reasons and more could make whistle-blowing an accepted practice in mainstream society.

Division Of Power And Classes

With the middle class disappearing, people throughout the world are frustrated as they see the rich and powerful enjoy the spoils of the recent economic downturn. When the real reasons for how the rich and powerful managed to stay on top come to light, people often become infuriated that their own suffering and misfortune provided the very means for this increased division between the rich and the poor.

As reported by an attorney at Goldberg Kohn, “Every day, American taxpayers lose millions of dollars to fraudulent schemes against the government.  But more and more members of the country’s largest and most effective watchdog group – everyday Americans – are coming forward to report and put a stop to these fraudulent schemes.” When a CEO or government figure is taken down a few notches, the public largely cheers and appreciates the whistle-blower who was brave enough to even the playing field for everyone.

Deception And Half-Truths

Most of the public is aware that the government hides some truths from them. Many people can accept this, except when it comes to light that the government actually intends to threaten the public’s safety and way of life. People welcome whistle-blowers who reveal that they are not as safe as they may have believed, particularly at the hands of their own government. When someone brings this evidence to light, the public may accept this person’s revelations and uses this information to take the necessary action to protect themselves.

Reward Money Incentive

With the economic downturn, people are increasingly welcoming whistle-blowing as a chance to make money. Huge rewards are often given in return for providing law enforcement or government agencies with information that can bring down politicians and business leaders and lead to their being punished in the public arena.

When people find out how much they can earn by turning in someone that they know to be engaging in criminal activity, they may seize this opportunity and use the cash for their own family’s benefit. As long as cash rewards are offered, this activity will continue to be more prevalent, particularly as long as the economy struggles to recover.

Force Political Change

The public may also welcome whistle-blowing as an accepted practice because it forces the political change that so many people crave. When government leaders focus more on their own political agendas rather than what is good for the public, people may not be willing to wait until the next election to vote these leaders out of office.

A whistle-blower who has incriminating information on these leaders’ activities could bring about the change that people want to happen now rather than later. The person who brings the hidden information to light in this case may be viewed as a hero rather than someone who is worthy of jail time.

As more people grow weary of the odds being stacked against them, they may view whistle-blowing in a new light. Once an activity that invited the wrath of millions, it is now increasingly viewed as people who are brave enough to educate and help the public protect themselves. It is becoming more prevalent and indeed more widely accepted for these reasons and more.

Applauding the courage of watchdog groups around the world, Nadine Swayne submits this inside look at whistle-blowers. Her research found that Goldberg Kohn, an attorney group who represents people who are the champions of truth, stand behind their clients all the way to the finish line.

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