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What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?

What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?


Your courier will visit postcodes all over the country to deliver your items. These costs can get quite high if you’re shipping particularly heavy items. You need to know you’re getting value for money. A lot of businesses have very little idea as to where their money goes as it leaves their bank accounts.

exactly are you paying for What Exactly Are You Paying For When You Pay For A Courier?

Let’s take a look at what your money pays for in each part of the postal process. We’ll also go into what you’ll get if you decide to pay more for some added quality.

The Salary

The salaries of the person picking your package up and the person who delivers the item will all be covered as part of the fee you pay. Most couriers aren’t particularly well-paid, but they get even less as part of a budget service because the smaller fee means less money goes towards their salaries.

If workers have lower salaries they’re less likely to go the extra mile for you if things don’t go according to plan.

Transport Related Costs

Whether your package is going overseas or to the next city over, your fee will pay for the petrol and the repair of any vehicles. These fleets of delivery vehicles are difficult to manage because there are so many of them. If they aren’t taken care of, delays become more common.

Something you need to watch out for is a delivery company which charges exceedingly low prices. The chances are they aren’t using the latest vehicles with superior fuel economies and more durability. You’ll never hear about the reason for the delay of any deliveries or collections. If a vehicle breaks down, you and your customer suffers.

For the Service

Time is money in any line of work. It’s why if you decide to stay at The Savoy you’ll get an army of people waiting on you hand and foot. Stay at a budget motel on the outskirts of Manchester and the service will be practically non-existent.

The amount you pay has to justify the amount of service you receive. Often, the service isn’t included in the actual charge, but it’s reflected in company policy. Pay for a premium postal service and they’ll happily spend more time on dealing with your problems if a package goes missing.


Courier companies will have their own warehouses or storage depots where the vehicles will swap out packages and any items which couldn’t be delivered will be returned to. Property is expensive. It’s why many premium courier companies will charge much higher prices.

You’re charging for the ability to have your item kept safe at all times. If they didn’t have such a place they’d leave the item on the porch where it might be damaged or stolen. Your money goes towards the correct storage of your item and the safekeeping of it at all times.

These are the main categories of what your money pays for. By understanding where your money goes, you can have a better appreciation for the value you’re getting by working with a courier company.

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