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The Many Methods of Hair Removal: Waxing, Shaving, and Laser

The Many Methods of Hair Removal: Waxing, Shaving, and Laser


Today, many people, men and women alike, have unwanted hair. Luckily, there are different potential avenues to explore to get rid of this unwanted hair. For instances, methods to pursue for hair removal include: waxing, shaving, and laser. Is there a right way and wrong way? Below you will find information or “tips” regarding each method of hair removal!

laseradvantage The Many Methods of Hair Removal: Waxing, Shaving, and Laser

It’s All About Preference                            

You can actively explore the different ways to get rid of unwanted hair. However, each individual will have his or her own personal preference. Regardless, there are helpful tips or hints to explore that go-along-with each hair removal option. Take a look:


Growing more and more popular (even amongst men), this process is noted for being great for various body parts, such as: legs, underarms, and the bikini area. There are several pros listed with this type of hair removal, such as: hair is temporary removed at the root, meaning that you could potentially be smooth for up to six weeks (depending on your type or skin and hair). However, there are cons that go hand-in-hand with this method too: waxing can be painful and even cause ingrown hairs. Depending on the salon you visit, waxing can be an expensive process.


This process is known for being good with legs, underarms, and those individuals with fine and lighter hair. The Art of Shaving notes many pros for this process, such as: this process is inexpensive, painless, quick and easy, and there are numerous types of creams and lotions that can keep your skin soft. However, remember to use a safety razor, as you don’t want to tear or cut your skin. Common cons of this method include the following: regrowth happens quite quickly and can come in darker, razor burns, and ingrown hairs.


Quite expensive, this new method is said to be perfect for this with extremely dark hair. One of the best pros that is connected with this method is the fact that the hair doesn’t grow back for quite a while. This process is also best for those with sensitive skin issues. However, there are cons, too. For example: this process is known for being very painful. Also, for the best results, you should visit a dermatologist. Though this may seem like a pricey way to remove hair, many believe laser hair removal to be an investment.

Weigh Your Options

As stated above, everyone has different needs and preferences. It’s important to weight your different options, as well as pay attention to your own body type.

For example, what is your pain tolerance? How much money are you willing to spend on hair removal products or methods? What type of hair do you have? All of these questions need to be thoroughly explored before you can make a justified decision. Though all methods are effective and have various benefits as to why they should be choses, it all comes down to preference–which method do you mostly prefer?

Today, hair removal is a very popular topic. Whether you’re a man or woman, it seems almost everyone has unwanted hair issues. The question that then arises is: how do you get rid of said unwanted hair? Before you choose a method, do your research, ask around, and get a general idea of which hair removal process would be most adequate for you, your body, and your specific needs. You may also want to explore and try all three methods of hair removal. After all, how can you form a fair option without having tested all three avenues?


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