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In the dating world, there is definitely some truth to ‘love at first site’.  Whether you’d like to admit it or not, first impressions are very important.  The first time you see someone depicts a lot about your next reaction in regards to their presence.  Do you approach them and strike conversation?  Do you admire from a distance and play shy? Or do you just walk away and think about what was lost and never was?

smile Smile!

The feeling you get when you meet someone special is unparalleled.  The first time you see that crush, the way you notice their actions and aspects, it’s very exciting.  Upon first encounter it is always important to leave the impression that you are a definite possibility for a second encounter.  Since we are all evolved and civilized we most likely communicate through conversation to introduce ourselves.  One of the biggest parts of this first impression is your physical appearance.

A lot of times you may feel like your clothes are what they’re noticing; do you have style? Do you look wealthy or intelligent?  As much time as people put into their outfits they’re more than likely focusing on the wrong aspect of physical appearance.  Clothes can be changed, but physical attributes relating to hygiene are a bit more impressionable.  This is because hygiene is a strong reflection of self.  Not only does it represent one’s health and concern for their being but it is something we actually have control of.  That significant other is sure to pick up on negligence to one’s well-being.

As mentioned earlier, it’s most likely through striking up conversation that you will begin talking to that long time crush.  How other do we converse than through our mouths?  Not only are you using it to talk to that cute girl at the coffee shop or the boy at the bookstore, but you’re also using it to make a lasting physical impression.  Many people are very conscious of the appearance of teeth and smile when they see someone.  Thus, things that are ignored like bad breath or yellow grimy teeth will be remembered after your brief and possibly sole encounter has come to an end.

Simple oral hygiene can make a big difference in whether or not that quick meet-and-greet turns into a date.  Dating someone with great hygiene habits is always a relief and attractive.  Just as your may have a routine to meeting people while out on a friday night, it is important to have a routine for handling your smile.  Brushing regularly every morning and night will obviously help fight discolored teeth as well as bad breath.  The fluoride in your toothpaste will kill the bacteria that grows on those hard to reach spots which makes you have bad breath.

To take it one step further, as you would like to with someone you are interested in, you should consider coming up with a flossing schedule.  Many dentists have found that flossing just twice a week can dramatically improve the overall health and appearance of a patient’s gums.  By wiping out the rotting food particles that get stuck in between your teeth you can rid yourself of bad breath as well as stop the inflammation to your gums, thus creating a great smile to flash when you hold the door open for that unsuspecting person.

If you’re concerned with bigger issues that can’t necessarily be fixed in your bathroom then you should consider seeking the help of your dentist.  Often times you may think there is no help for that gapped tooth or chipped molar.  However, cosmetic dentistry is becoming an easily attainable service that can help even the most self-conscious smiles find their way to shine.  Simple fillings and crowns will make sure that your not so presentable teeth can have a chance to make an appearance.  It is often a matter of a few visits to fix even the most unorthodox teeth arrangements back to a proud smile where you can shine as bright as your pearly whites.

Dating isn’t all about looks.  In fact many people in true love and that find appreciation for their significant other will be the first to admit that it’s what is on the inside that they want.  Although this is completely true, there is also a human nature aspect to being attracted physically to something that you appreciate which someone else possesses.  Taking pride in your smile and overall hygiene and appearance is a great tip that people should consider when they enter the dating world.  You never know when you’re going to strike up a conversation with that special someone and they eyes will catch a glimpse of the confidence behind your lips.

Zane Schwarzlose writes for Lifetime Smiles, an Austin dentistry practice.

Photo Credit: Moyan_Brenn


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