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Home Renovation Options to Add to the Security of the Home

Home Renovation Options to Add to the Security of the Home


The home is a sanctuary and a place that we should all feel safe and secure. For our family members to stay safe, we all take certain precautions with our homes. From setting up alarm systems to adding locks and safety guards, we take the proper precautions so that if anyone were to try and enter the home, they would be thwarted. If you are in the process of remodeling your home, you may want to consider adding features that will keep your home secure. Below are a few options to get you started with secure home renovations.

AddFeatRemodelingforSafety Home Renovation Options to Add to the Security of the Home

Entry and Exit Points

One of the most common points of entry for a home intruder is the front door. If you are renovating, a new lock system is a great place to start. You can even put a whole new door in your home. A peephole is a great addition that allows you to keep the door closed and avoid letting anyone in that you do not know. You can choose to replace a normal wooden entry door with stainless steel for added measure. All doors should contain at least locks for an added sense of security.

Windows are a Criminals Best Friend

If you live in an older home, it is essential to check your window locks. Some older homes do not even have locks attached. Be sure to add locks to all existing windows. If you are replacing windows in the home, be sure to purchase double or triple pane windows to ensure the glass is harder to break. Also consider placing the windows higher up on the wall so they still provide light but do not provide an easy viewing point inside your home.

New Home Floor Plan

If you are planning a new build, take the time to consider the floor plan carefully. All bedrooms should be on a second floor if at all possible. This will place you further away if an intruder does enter in your home. If no second story is available, plan the bedrooms to be furthest away from the entry points.


Another great option is with your landscaping. Most do not think of landscaping as a means of security but it is. Keep the home free or debris and greenery, especially near the entry points and windows. Shrubbery gives intruders a hiding spot and easy access to the inside of your home. Keeping the area around your home clear gives intruders nowhere to hide when it comes to your home.

Installing a Security System

And of course the safest route to take when protecting your home and making renovations is with a security system. You can easily install a new system into the home and feel protected. Conceal wiring carefully so any intruder will not be able to disrupt the system and you will remain safe in the home. An installation company will be able to help you get started choosing the best option for your home!

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