Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Four Undeniable Reasons Why you Should be Using Make-up

Four Undeniable Reasons Why you Should be Using Make-up



cosmetics 300x225 Four Undeniable Reasons Why you Should be Using Make upYou’re surely more than familiar with common criticism against make up where phrases like “you’re gorgeous, you don’t need any make-up” or “you’ll only destroy your skin by wearing all that make-up” come up almost every other minute. And you’ve often been misled into believing they are actually true, when in fact, more often than not, it’s the other way around. There are a number of reasons why make up is actually good for you and we’re going to review a few of them, in order to take the myths out of our minds once and for all.

1.     Skin Protection

Believe it or not, rather than filling up your pores with harmful substances, make-up actually protects your soft, gentle skin from other real harmful products such as exhaustion gases, lead, UV light and any other sort of environmental pollution. Face cream, cosmetics, moisturizer and even foundation have not only a significant SPF protection factor, but they also cover your skin evenly and don’t allow other substances to reach the surface of your skin.

2.     Pick Me Up

Granted the reason may seem quite frivolous, but even so, when the ultimate goal is feeling good about oneself, everything else is forgivable. Applying make-up creates such a feeling of attractiveness that your mood can shift 180 degrees instantly. Not to mention that feeling good and beautiful inside and out will create a ripple of positive energy that will shift every, and all perception of the coming events towards the positive. I know no faster and more effective way of cheering myself up when everything seems to be going wrong.

3.     Reason for Socializing

As peculiar as it may sound, an afternoon spent in the make-up department with your best friend, trying out every lipstick and foundation conceivable is cheap, fun, and an excellent opportunity for spending some quality time together with those most important to you. Or a pajama party with make-up sessions of extreme experimenting; no matter what the occasion, you will always find something to bring you and your girlfriends together when it’s about applying make-up.

4.     Making the Best of Your Features

If you’re performing on stage, tons of black eye shadow are allowed. Anything shy of that is a definite no-no. Instead, try to enhance your natural beauty by using make up to highlight those parts that you are extremely fond of. Similarly, you can tone down whatever it is that you’re not particularly crazy about. We all have some minor detail that drives us ridiculously crazy, but with some proper brushing, concealer, blush or mascara, everything looks better.

Everything that has to do with you, even your make up, is a reflection of who you are and what your personal style is. This means that you get a chance to express yourself and your style whenever you leave the house and decide to wear a bit of make-up. It has nothing to do with being vain or trying to comply to fashion trends that are being set out for you. It only has to do with how you feel and how you see yourself through your own eyes.


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