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Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place

Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place


you should be unable to dress your new place up to the nines — you just need to be a little more shrewd with how you With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of affordable ideas for decorating your place.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Lights

Though it may cost a few more dollars up front, it will save you money in the long run. By investing in lower-wattage bulbs, you’re reducing your electricity bill. Not only that, but eco-friendly lights create a more restful ambiance, rather than the harsh brightness of other lights. You’ll only have to replace them once every six or seven years as well, so you won’t have to shell out more money every few months to replace them.

Lamp Affordable Decoration Ideas for Your New Place

Create a Fake Architectural Look

Using painter’s tape, you can give your room a much improved look. Use the painter’s tape to paint horizontal or vertical lines. These lines visually increase the space of the room. You can also make shapes. If you use molding, you can make it appear like the walls have more depth and dimension than they actually do.

Make Your Own Lamp

Image via Flickr by Dave Kleinschmidt

If you can’t scrape together the cash for as many lamps as you need, there’s another trick that you can do. Take a glass jug, such as a mason jar, and fill it full of string lights or christmas lights. You’ll get the light you need, and it’ll be more stylish than a simple lamp.

Personalize Your Fixtures

Rather than shell out a ton of money for a fancy table, give your table a personalized look by adding your own pictures. Take a normal piece of furniture and secure your pictures to it through whatever method you choose. Get a piece of glass or plexi-cut and place it over the table.

Repurpose Items Around the House

Rather than buying new pillows or blankets, repurpose items that you already have. If you have older towels that have stains or tears, you can recycle them into new items.  You could potentially save hundreds of dollars doing this instead of buying new items.

Customize Your Curtains

Here’s a cool way to give a personal touch to your blinds. Stencil words or names into your curtains, use ribbons to create patterns, or use fabric glue to put items on the curtains, such as stars. Personalizing your curtains can give your room a completely new look.

Create Your Own Art

Instead of paying for an expensive piece of artwork and an elaborate frame, make your own design. If you have a patterned sheet or remnants of older fabric, you can wrap it around a large artist’s canvas. After that, pull it tight and staple it to the back of the frame. This will look great in any room of the house.

Add Ceiling Fans

Rather than shelling out some serious cash for a new air conditioning unit for your place, add ceiling fans to each room. Ceiling fans run about $100 or so, and you can add a lot of different lighting styles to each fan. Even better, if you were to run a fan an entire month, it would still only run about $8. Fans can potentially cool off a room much more quickly than an air conditioning unit can, and it’ll save you a ton up front, as well as on your electric bills.

Hang Your Dishes

It’s not uncommon for someone to have more dishes than they know what to do with. Rather than let them lay in the kitchen unused, why not hang them up? Over a couch or a bed, dishes create a unique look. Lay the largest plates toward the center of where you want to display them at. The easiest way to hang them is to attach wire plate hangers, then hang the plates on pitcher nails.

These cheap and affordable decoration ideas will spruce up your home instantly! What other fun and affordable decoration tricks do you know?


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