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5 Of The Worst U.S. Cities for Drivers

5 Of The Worst U.S. Cities for Drivers


AOE HIGHWAY 5 Of The Worst U.S. Cities for Drivers

5 Of The Worst U.S. Cities for Drivers

CRASH! Car accidents are among the most stressful experiences any of us can have. Most  of us are convinced that we are safe, reliable, and responsible drivers, but insurance industry research shows that the average driver has to file an accident claim once every 17.9 years. Not everyone is a great driver, so those of us who are can still wind up in a wreck because of someone elses negligence. And interestingly enough, where we drive can have a major impact as well–pun intended!

Baltimore, MD
Life in Baltimore can be rough, due in no small part to some of the drivers. Baltimore doesn’t break the top 10 when it comes to fatalities and pedestrian strikes, but the sheer number of collisions in the city still makes it unsafe. The average driver in Baltimore will be in an accident every 5.4 years. Translation: their chances of being in a wreck are over 88 percent higher than average.

Miami, FL
When it comes to bad cities to drive in, Miami may deserve its own reality TV show. Slate Magazine found that Miami has the worst drivers in the country. The Miami-Dade area actually experiences 35 hit-and-run accidents per day. The report also found that, of all American cities, Miami ranked first in pedestrian accidents, vehicular fatalities, and even obscene verbal tirades by drivers. Motorists in this treacherous city should put a few Miami personal injury lawyers on speed dial because they each have more than a 58 percent greater chance of being involved in an automobile accident than anyone else in the country.

Tampa, FL
Tampa, the next Florida city on this list, is no slouch when it comes to auto accidents. It doesn’t rank first in any particular statistic, but it’s generally bad in every category. It ranks fifth when it comes to automobile-related fatalities, and even comes in tenth when looking at pedestrian accidents. An amazingly abysmal showing for such a lovely city.

Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, shows none on the road. Research from Slate Magazine found that Philly was the second most dangerous city in America in which to drive. It has the second highest rate of pedestrian vehicular accidents and overall automobile wrecks. Allstate found that the average driver in the city will be involved in an accident once every six years. The average American, by comparison, only experiences a crash once every decade.

Hialeah, FL
Hialeah, another Florida hamlet, offers their average drivers the chance to be in an accident every 5.6 years. They rank eleventh when it comes to accidents, but they somehow manage to rank third when it comes to vehicular fatalities. Sadly, many of these deaths are related to pedestrian strikes.

Eerie that all of these cities are on the east coast. But the fact is that the Eastern Seaboard doesn’t have the monopoly on road hogs.There are bad drivers in every U.S. city. So be careful and drive defensively. Happy travels.

Writer and proud easterner LaGeris Underwood Bell bids readers a safe journey each day. For those brave souls on the highways and byways of Miami, she’s found that Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, a Miami personal injury lawyersgroup, is at the ready to help deal with any accident they should experience.

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