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What to Do When Your Baby is Not Happy and Healthy

What to Do When Your Baby is Not Happy and Healthy


BIRTH What to Do When Your Baby is Not Happy and Healthy

What to Do When Your Baby is Not Born Happy and Healthy

Welcoming a baby into your family should be a joyous occasion and an opportunity to look forward to your child’s future. However, when something goes wrong during your labor, your child may suffer a life-altering injury. No parent goes into the hospital expecting to bring home an injured baby. If your child has been injured during the birthing process, you may have legal recourse available to you. Knowing what to do if your baby has been hurt while you were pregnant or in labor can help you protect your child’s future.

Get Your Medical Records

Even if your obstetrician or midwife is hesitant to tell you what exactly went wrong during the delivery, you still have the legal right to have access to your medical records. Having your records on hand can help you find out what should or should not have happened while you were giving birth. These medical facts are vital to have on hand if you plan to file a lawsuit against your doctor or the medical facility where you gave birth.

Seek a Second Opinion

It is fair to expect that no doctor or medical provider associated with your obstetrician or hospital where you gave birth will give you an objective opinion about your infant’s injury. If you want to build a solid case against your doctor, you must seek a second opinion from a doctor who is not associated in any way to your O.B. or midwife. You may even have to go to another town or medical facility, and perhaps even pay out-of-pocket for this opinion. However, having an objective, third-party viewpoint on what caused your infant’s injury can be vital in providing a new light on your case.

Retain a Lawyer Immediately

Before you take any action, however, it is vital that you retain a medical malpractice attorney. Having an attorney working for your case can help you know exactly what steps to take, what questions to answer that may be posed to you, and what information you need to make a solid case in court. Your attorney will know the laws in your state and can advocate for you even if the other parties do not want to cooperate.

Going up against huge medical establishments alone can be intimidating and extremely difficult. Your attorney will not back down or be intimidated by your doctor’s attorneys’ attempts to quiet your case. One group of New York birth injury lawyers also wants you to keep in mind that injuries to the baby can cause complications that last a lifetime. The compensation you deserve should take that into consideration.

Be Persistent

As you build your case, you may be tempted to give up because of how long it may take to get the case to court. Getting justice for your infant may be more of an undertaking than you originally anticipated. You can keep your confidence and commit to the case by following your attorney’s lead and providing every detail of information needed. Your attorney will persist on your case if you can commit to getting it to court.

Bringing home a baby who has been injured in the birthing process can be a heartbreaking moment for your family. You can seek justice and protect your child’s future by knowing what actions to take after your baby has been injured while you were in labor.

A mother of four, Melanie Fleury cannot imagine the pain and devastation that would come with a birth injury. The experienced New York birth injury lawyers at The Perecman Firm know how to fight for your rights and the rights of your newborn child in case of injury, to get the compensation that is deserved and needed.

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