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Strangest Traffic Laws in North America

Strangest Traffic Laws in North America


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If you are almost ready for that once in a lifetime cross-country driving marathon, you better start reading up on traffic laws before you cross state lines. Did you know the following are considered illegal driving in the United States?

Proper Attire

Driving down the California Pacific Coast Highway is the experience of a lifetime. The coast is breathtaking, with mountains on the East and the crashing Pacific surf to the West. The Travel Channel describes PCH as one of the country’s most dramatic coastal vistas. If you are a woman, though, don’t get caught driving down the highway in a dressing gown, since it is illegal in California (no regulations against men wearing dressing gowns, though.) If a woman is driving down the highway in a bikini, you will only get a big thumbs-up, since there are no laws against bikini-clad motorists in the Golden State. In Alabama, on the other hand, women aren’t prohibited from wearing a night gown while driving, but it is against the law to wear a blindfold while behind the wheel. Go figure!

Hold Your Horses

If you find yourself on a (literal) “one horse open sleigh” on a highway in Ontario, Canada, be sure to count your bells. Less than two bells on a horse sleigh on the open road could result in a $5 fine.

In Reno, Nev., they take their No Stopping, No Standing laws seriously. Just to cover all their bases, authorities have made it illegal to place a bench or chair in the middle of the road. Be careful where you decide to have a good sit. In California, no vehicle without a driver may break the 60 mph barrier.

Animal Style

In Montana, the law requires sheep in the cab of your truck to be accompanied at all times.

If you are in Tucson, AZ you shouldn’t shoot any ungulates with humps. It is against the law to hunt camels in Arizona. The law goes back to the days of the Civil War, but they must have figured the antiquated law isn’t doing anyone any harm, so it is kept on the books, notes Tucson News Now.

No-No Cars

If you are driving in Denver and happen to have a black classic Caddy, better keep it in the garage on Sundays, since driving a black car in Denver on Sundays is totally illegal. However, in Minneapolis, you won’t have a problem, unless of course you drive a red convertible and have to drive down Lake Street — no problem with the convertible, but red cars on Lake Street can earn you a sizable ticket.

If you are passing through Alabama, black or red cars and convertibles are not a problem, but make sure your windshield wipers are in good order. They are required by law — unless, of course, you don’t have a windshield. There are no regulations against cars without windshields in Alabama, so you shouldn’t have a problem.


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