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How to Make a Halloween Costume out of Ribbons for your Baby

How to Make a Halloween Costume out of Ribbons for your Baby


It is so easy to get your kids their Halloween costumes put together: princess outfit for the girls and superhero outfits for the boys. But what costume should you get for the baby? If it your infant’s first Halloween, it would be really fun to make their first costume. If you want a costume that can be for girls or boys, a really easy one to make is a lion costume. All you need for this project is a pattern for a top and bottom, fleece, elastic band, scissors,Velcro adhesive, and about 6 yards of ribbon.

craft How to Make a Halloween Costume out of Ribbons for your Baby

To start this project, you will want to purchase about 3 yards of fleece that is golden yellow or tan. With this fabric, you will be making pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a hat. The first thing you will want to do is lay your pattern on top of the fleece. Make sure you fold the fleece in half so you can cut out the front and the back at the same time. Take each piece that you cut, and pin the edges with straight pins. Sew along the sides of each leg, as well as the inseam. Fold the cuffs of each leg up, and hem them in place. For the waist, sew the elastic band in place, and fold the top fabric over the band to cover the elastic from showing. Sew this in place as well. For the tail, cut about a 4” wide and 18” long piece of fleece, and fold it in half lengthwise along the center of the fabric. Unfold it, and take the edges of the fabric and fold into the center. Fold in half once more to cover all the edges. Sew the folds together as well as the top, and then attach the tail to the bottom of the pants.

Use the pattern to create the top, and use the excess of the elastic for the wrists. For the mane, you will want to sew a hat with chin straps from the remaining fleece. Attach the Velcro adhesive to the strap so it can be secured to the other strap. Take your ribbons, and form them into varying sized loops. Use your hot glue gun to secure them in place. You will want to cover the entire hat in these ribbon loops to produce a really full-looking mane. For the end of the tail, you will want to add some loops to complete the tail.

If you want to change this up you can always choose different colors of ribbon to use throughout the mane. Oranges, browns, tans, and yellows look wonderful together. You can also make little mittens out of the remaining fleece for your little lion cub if your Halloween night is going to be a cold one. This is the perfect costume for your little ones to share throughout the years and will be sure to get some roars from other trick-or-treaters.

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